T+RAW: Cafe Cafe Chapter 8

This comedy…omg xD I have no idea which guy I want Kazuno to get with. Ippei tries but…how you beat a psycho? xD Actually, I enjoy the story more when I DON’T ship anyone. I can tell this manga is going to drag out any romance it might have…which is fine with me ~ just make sure it entertains ~ xD

An insane comedy starring an Arab Prince (and some baker kid) ~ chapter 8

Two rivals stare one another down…

Ippei: “Ta-da!”
“I made a cake for you, Kazuno!”

This is AN, a Japanese style café which has more time than customers on its hands…
Today, my childhood friend, Ippei, has stopped by for a visit.

Kazuno: “Amazing! It looks delicious!”

Ippei: “Have a try and taste the fruits of my training.”

Voice: “Don’t mind if I do.”

Prince: “Let’s see what this sucker tastes like.”

Ippei: {AHHHH!} “YOU BASTARD! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY CAKE!?” {More importantly, you’re going to eat it whole!?}

Prince: *munch munch* “This is quite good. But if you think going about this route was going to beat me, you’ve still got a long way to go.”

Kazuno: “MY CAKE!”

Prince: “Oh my. Kazuno, did you want some too?”


Prince: “Relax, I saved you a piece ~”

Kazuno: “Where!? I saw you eat the whole thing!”

Prince: “Right ~ Here~ “
“Dig in and lick it all up~”

Kazuno: “Who…”
“Who in their right mind would agree to something like that!?”

*sounds of carnage and bones breaking in the background*

Cedric: “Your highness!”

Ippei: “Kazuno, chill!”
“Look, I made cookies too!”

Kazuno: “!”

Kazuno: “Delicious!”

Ippei: “You really look like you’re enjoying yourself.”

Really? Because to me, it looks like she just broke her tooth (ಠ_ಠ)

Kazuno: “Oh?”

Cedric: “Your highness, snap out of it!”

Prince: *ahhhhhhhhh*

Ippei: “I remember you wore a face just like that back when I made my first batch of cookies.”

Kazuno: “Really?”

Ippei: “Yeah. See, I only made those cookies because my dad told me to. I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea.

Ippei: “But then you looked so happy eating them…that it made me happy.”
“I decided right then and there I was going to inherit the cake shop.”
“I guess you can say, I’m the person I am today because of you, Kazuno.”

Kazuno: “Ippei-kun.”

Ippei: “That creeper may have eaten my cake but I can always make plenty more.”
“Kazuno, I want you to forever be…”

Prince: “Snipers, ready your position.”

Ippei: “What was that, creeper?”

Prince: “Don’t forget your place, baker boy.”
“You ever say something weird like that to Kazuno again, and I’ll do you in.”

Ippei: “Ha! You don’t scare me! Just try and do whatever it is you’ve got up your sleeve.”

Prince: “My, what pluck you have…however.”

Ippei: “….!!!”

Prince: “Don’t underestimate me. My words aren’t empty threats.”

Prince: “Value your life more, baker boy.”

Kazuno: “What!?”
“What just happened!?”
{The window!!!!}

“You! You’re behind this! I can feel it!”

Prince: “Who me? I have no clue how this happened.”

Kazuno: “Please don’t lie!”

Cedric: {…I feel like I need to apologize for all this..}

Ippei: “You’ve got to be shitting me – this has turned to a life or death situation!”
{This sicko is mental!}

The sudden misfortune that hit the shop sure shocked me but…I wonder what it was Ippei-kun was trying to say?

(ಠ_ಠ) Dear gawd woman…really?

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