T+RAW: Kuranoa Final Bullet Part 3

Lolololol, so much for dividing the pages equally xD I forgot to scan some pages so Part II ended up fatter than it was supposed to be and now Part III is pathetic! Oh well, I have to admit that Part II ended in a nice spot so meh ~

Well, time to say good-bye to Kuranoa with Part III. Will the ending be what you thought it was?

Minori: “Thank you so much for everything, Ichi.”

Ichi: “No need to thank me. You’re gonna make me blush!”

Minori: “Fufu”

Ichi: “Ah…looks like it’s my turn next. I’m almost out of time.”

Minori: “…”
“I won’t be able to go back to Kuranoa, will I?”

Ichi: “Not really.”
“It’s okay to stop by if you’ve got some hardcore troubles but otherwise, no.”

Minori: “So we can’t see each other anymore…”

Ichi: “What are you blabbering about?”
“I’ll always be with you!”

Minori: “I-I know that but it’s not….”
“It’s not…”

Ichi: “I’ll make sure to bust out every now and then.”
“So we can do things like this again.”

Minori: “Wha!?”

Ichi: “I love you with all my heart, Minori!!!”

Minori: “Yes. I love you too, Ichi.”

Wow, burn. He says Aishiteru (which pretty much means, I’ll catch a friggin grenade for you and lob it at your enemies so your problems will go away because that’s how much I love you – enough to be charged with capital murder baby <3) and she replies with Suki (I love you – not as strong as Aishiteru. Like, on the love scale, it’s sort of near the bottom. She may push you out of the way of the grenade but she ain’t going to catch it and lob it at no one).

Ichi: “Well duh you love me!”
“Bye bye, Minori!”

Minori: “Bye-bye!”

[I know he’s not really gone. Because Kuranoa continues to exist inside me.]
[Now…and forever…]

Minori: [Since then]

“Dad, Mom. Listen.”
“I’m actually Minori.”
“Thing is, my memory was all jumbled up so that’s why I thought I was Shiori…”

[Little by little, my life has been returning to normal]

Minori: “Chi-chan, do you believe me?”

Chiharu: “Yes, though it’s quite startling to hear.”

Chiharu: “However, when I hear you talk, I think of when you were younger, Minori.”

Shou: “Senpai. What kind of kid was Minori when she was younger?”

Chiharu: “Actually, she hasn’t changed much since then.”

Minori: “Ehhh!?”

Yuiichi: “Ah, sorry. I meant, Minori.”

Minori: “No worries. It’s cool, Yuiichi.”

Minori: [I won’t forget.]

Minori: “We need to treasure Shiori’s memory…”

[This time, I’ll protect them]
[And this gem of a world]


Man, it was hard translating all the “suki” “daisuki” “aishiteru” stuff. Shit guys, you all gotta top one another in love? xD

So how was it? Did you like the ending:

13 thoughts on “T+RAW: Kuranoa Final Bullet Part 3

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  2. Thank you for the summary!

    After reading this, I could say the drama CD is way better than the manga. The other men played a role in the end, but of course the main part would be Ichi. But still, the people around her were there until the end.


    • 8D Glad you liked ~ But now I’m more interested in hearing how the drama CD ends! Especially since the other guys pretty much just went to secondary character land for most of the ending xD
      Ichi was my favorite character in the series so I was definitely happy to see him in the end (that’s why I threw a shit fit when he got shot by…Bird Dude Dx)


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    • As long as you don’t ship anyone, the series isn’t too bad. However, it leaves out a lot of detail that was covered in the drama CDs and the game.
      A blogger friend of mine might start translating the drama CDs but I don’t know for sure if she will. It all depends on how RL goes and what not ~


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