T+RAW: Engage Knights Preview (June 2011)

Included at the end of the June 2011 issue is a preview for a new Sylph title, tentatively (well not anymore since it’s already released xD) Engage Knights. The art may be familiar to some because this is drawn by the same person who wrote Omamori Kamisama. Now before you flip your computer desk over in rage, let me tell you: she’s not the one doing the story. The story is written by someone else. So there is a chance the ending won’t fail like Omamori Kamisama. I have no proof it won’t suck because I don’t know who this person is doing the story but hey, the bar is set pretty low so she’ll have to put hard core effort into failing.

I won’t be making a snippet of this title. Mainly because there’s another new title coming up that I want to focus on instead (it’s short and IT HAS ANIMALS…AND BISHIES THAT COME OUT OF SAID ANIMALS….YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! I MUST SHARE THE WEIRDNESS!!!!) ~ I’ll of course BBB about Engage Knights :3 But don’t expect much right now. The first two chapters are pretty meh ^^;

And gravity defying xD

PS. F you characters and your gibberish names. YOU WANT GIBBERISH, I’LL GIVE YOU ENGRISH TRANSLATIONS THEN >:D

Tia: “Please! Duran!”

Pret with me ~ (trololol Pretear reference)

“Believe in me!”


It is a sacred bond between master and knight

Duran: “Knock it off.”
“If we were to do that, you’ll…”

GET PREGANT *do the baby dance*

This is a tale of those who have made such bonds

Hailing from the remote region of Flairborne, after much traveling, a young girl arrives in the Imperial Capital.

Her name is Tia.

Tia: “Hello. My name is Tialice Flairborne. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

This small event

Will ultimately

Sophine: “Please call me Sophine.”

Duran: “I’m not going to Engage with anyone.”

“How many times do I have to keep telling you this?”

Create a giant ripple that will shake a school to its core.

Some Tsundere who looks like he’s trying to be thug and failing because he’s Asian: “A-as I’ve said before, the only thing I care about…”
“Is your family lineage!”

Dude that needs a better hair style: “It’s not like you and I don’t know each other after all.”

Possible Yandere: “That’s why I want us to try being friends ~”

Hidden beneath a peaceful school life,

A scheme slithers into action…

And will slowly change this girl’s destiny

Obviously evil (and will possibly do some ghey stuff to the harem guys (most likely Duran) just because he’s evil) guy: “…how foolish.”
“Knights are nothing more than tools for the nobles to use.”

Duran: “I told you, don’t bother with me.”
“…Please, just leave me alone.”

Ghey Evil Dude: “Whether you can help him or not, depends upon your attitude.”

Token Megane Bishi: “Are you alright?”

Sophine: “In the midst of hundreds and thousands of lies, the truth will always be found.”
“That is what I believe.”

Possible Yandere Ace wannabe: “She’s my girl. Just warning you.”

Tia: “…why is it…I feel like I’m forgetting something very important to me.”

Hand in a dramatic pose: “In short, you are the KEY!”

(ಠ_ಠ) Oh, we better not be doing another SLH, bitch. Hand, do you belong to Koutetsu?? Is this where he skipped off to?


That was something special we promised long ago.

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