T+RAW: Kuranoa Final Bullet Part 2

Part II of Kuranoa‘s Final Bullet ~
Was pleasantly surprised by the resolution to Shiori and Minori’s body conflict

(oh who am I kidding. The reappearance of ****** was the reason I got all happy. I may not have liked ****** much but I liked *****’s ears xD)

Who do you think won this battle? (click to find out ~)

Minori: [My memories]
[My memories and the many people who’ve been with me….]
[Together they gave me the will to live!]

Ichi: “Minori! You love this world, right?”

Shiori: “SHUT UP!”

Minori: [Yes. Ichi…]
[Love this world, with all my heart]

Shiori: “Ngh…”

(ಠ_ಠ) Geezus woman, dramatic enough?

Minori: “Ichi!”

Ichi: “Minori!”
“Are you okay?”

Minori: “I’m fine. Thanks to you.”

Minori: “Shiori, listen.”
“You’re fucking crazy…”
“Thank you, for watching over Kuranoa all this time, even when I forgot about it.”

Shiori: “…”

Minori: “I’ve lost count of how many times Kuranoa has sheltered me. And because Ichi was there, I was able to do my best.”

Ichi: “Minori…”

Minori: “The same was for you, right Shiori?”

Minori: “You had Nana by your side.”

Shiori: {…yeah. Nana was always there for me, and only me.}
{Whether I was sad or suffering…}
{He would always shoulder half of my pain.}

Minori: “Nana is someone precious to you, Shiori.”

Shiori: {…yes. But I was too late to realize that…}

*chuckle* *chuckle*

{Silly girl}

Minori: [This voice!]

Nana: {Did you think I’d really just leave you?}

Minori: “Nana!”

Nana: {I am your guardian spirit/Shugorei, Shiori-chan}
{I’ll follow you where ever you go.}
{If the road is filled with sadness and pain, it doesn’t matter to me…}
{As long as I’m with you…}

Ichi: “Minori…”

Minori: “Ichi….no, these are…”
“Shiori’s tears.”

Nana: {Let’s go, Shiori-chan. Come.}

Shiori: {Nana…}

Minori: “Oh!”

Lol, what's with that =___= face Shiori!? xD

Shiori: {I love you so much, Minori-chan.}

Shiori: {Bye-bye}

Minori: “Shiori…”

Minori: “Shiori!”
[Those…were Shiori’s final words.]

[Edit: Here’s the link to Part III]

4 thoughts on “T+RAW: Kuranoa Final Bullet Part 2

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    • Well, I think…technically…Shiori is now dead? And so is Nana…since he’s her guardian spirit. I could be wrong though ^^;

      (you want dying, look forward to future snippets of Boy Princess. Someone important dies in the September 2011 chp. Totally didn’t see it coming D: )


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