T+RAW: Kuranoa Final Bullet Part I

Rather than make a BLAH BLAH BLAH post on Kuranoa’s final chapter, I decided instead to create a T+RAW edition.  The reason? I actually liked the way the series ended and I think a T+RAW edition would best encompass the essence of the ending. I know I’ve teased the series in the past but heck, at least in the final chapter, God didn’t appear and go, hey broskis ~ ala Zeele Sacrifice or the whole motivation behind an evil tyrant’s stupid as hell plan was explained no it wasn’t in a flashback of said individual crying over some chick we’ve never seen before who only appeared in those two pages in that final chapter and never shown again (Stray Love Hearts) or the evil mastermind – the RAMEN MASTER omfg why name yourself that? – did all sorts of nefarious deeds so he could get his 30 something year old brother elected as the king of the high school because that’s just what your brother wants – to be registered as a sex offender because of this (Yamashi Kareshi).


As you can see, the bar wasn’t set that high…

Ahem, tangent aside, please enjoy ~

I love you, and the world you live in

Kuranoa/Cry No More: Last Bullet

[I feel wind…]

[Where am I?]

Shiori: “Minori-chan, so you came after all?”

Minori: “Shiori!”

Minori: “I’ve come to stop your crazy plan! You can’t destroy reality!”

Shiori: “You’re too late. I’ve already made my mind up.”
“I’m sorry, Minori-chan.”
“I just wanted to keep you all to myself. I didn’t care who I had to crush to achieve that goal.”

Minori: “Is that why you did all those horrible things to Shou!?”

Minori: “And dated Yuichi, who you didn’t even like in the first place!”

Shiori: “That’s right.”
“You were so furious when you found out.”
“That was just before the accident.”

Minori: [Oh yeah. We were fighting…]
[That’s why we weren’t sitting with each other on the bus that morning…]

Shiori: “However, it was thanks to our fight that you lived.”

Minori: [What?]

Shiroi: “The explosion occurred at the back of the bus…it was probably right behind where I was sitting.”

Minori: “Shiori…are you saying that body is…”

Shiori: “This body is yours, Minori-chan.”

Oh gawd I thought she was about to grope Minori’s body’s boobs D:

Minori: “It’s…mine?”
(ಠ_ಠ) Then stop molesting it woman

Shiori: *giggle* “I already knew but I ended up playing dumb about it. I’m a pretty sick person, huh?”

Shiori: “But this is the end of the road.”

Minori: “Kya!”

Shiori: “Together…”

Minori: [This is!]

Shiori: “We’ll say goodbye to this world.”

Minori: [We’re on top of a roof!]


Ichi: “Like hell you will!”

Shiori: “What?”

Ichi: “I ain’t letting go.”
“This body belongs to my beloved Minori!”

(ಠ_ಠ) wait, so you knew the whole time Ichi? Way to keep up the suspense you jerk!

Shiori: “Tsk!”

Ichi: “Minori, you’re in there, right?”

Minori: [Huh?]

Ichi: “Remember the things that connect you with the real world!”

Minori: [The things that connect me with the real world?]
[That would be…]

Explained in Part II ~
But it’s bed time :3 So I’ll post that later ~

[EDIT: Here’s the link to Part II]

8 thoughts on “T+RAW: Kuranoa Final Bullet Part I

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    • I know identical twins tend to have the same fingerprints (not exact but really similar). However, I’m not sure if in Japan, kids are finger printed (like here in the US, you’re only fingerprinted when you’re arrested / held in suspect of something. Privacy and all that), so I’m not sure if they could test that way.
      I can see Shiori maybe having her prints on record because she’s kind of nuts o__O;

      Oh man that reminds me of something I saw in the news awhile ago. A girl and her friend went off on a road trip but got into an accident. It was pretty bad. The friend died while the girl survived. While recuperating in the hospital, the girl’s fiancee and family arrived for when she woke up. When she did regain consciousness, the family and fiancee were all relieved. However, when the girl was able to speak coherently, they discovered that the girl was actually the friend! So that means the girl died and the friend lived. Turns out the two looked really similar to one another (guess they had the same blood type too?) and due to how bad the accident was (totally messed up the friend’s face), no one knew the one who survived was the friend.
      Guess what I’m trying to say, is there are instances where people can’t tell who is who. But this is an example that happened in the US. Not sure how Japan does things over there :O


        • Not at all 8D

          I saw the article randomly on Yahoo. It was one of those, “wtf I need to read this because it sounds so bizarre” articles ~

          That’s a little hard to use as well…. o3o
          A DNA test would be useful only if Minori and Shiori are fraternal twins. If they’re fraternal, a DNA test would be able to tell the difference between the two. Identical twins on the other hand would prove difficult. Identical twins have identical DNA because they come from the same zygote/fertilized egg. Fraternal twins come from two different eggs who were fertilized at the same time, thus they would share around 50% between each other (basically, they’d be like any other sibling).
          Of course environmental factors can alter DNA but usually it’s minute and our current DNA tests aren’t sensitive enough to pick up the differences (also, the test may only look at certain alleles on the DNA for economic reasons).
          I’m not trying to be a smartass or anything, mind you. The reason I know this is because of my majors :) I want to be a DNA analyst when I graduate *fingers crossed* so we have learned about this in class. There have been cases we learned of where DNA found matched one person who couldn’t have done the crime only to find out that this individual had a twin who did it!
          Forensics has some great stories 8D

          Meh, this is manga land so anything is possible!


      • Not at all, I like learning new things. I always appreciate knowing more about things especially from a person who’s familiar about this~~ You really make me want to dig such interesting incidents *laughs*

        It’s pretty good that the plot of Kuranoa isn’t full of BS XD


        • xD haha glad my nerd science side has sparked interest with you ~
          Exchanging information is the coolest thing ever I think ~ I love learning crazy weird stuff 8D It’s great to surprise others with the information!!!


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