Snippet: Zeele Sacrifice Root #20 FINAL (May 2011 Sylph)

The last snippet for May…yes…hehehhe….almost there…
And of course it had to be Zeele Sacrifice’s fail final chapter…
Alright…I’m ready
Let’s do this fail ~

Zeele Sacrifice Chapter 20 (FINAL!)

So, last we left off, Chikage pulled a light saber from his chest and was about to stab stuff. He catches Shota and BAM ~ shit goes flying, that’s how hard Chikage’s sword enters Shota. Yuiko is in the background going NOOO! DON’T DO IT CHIKAGE! (HE’S ONLY A MINOR!!!). Diamu is behind her with a stupefied expression on his face (*q*)(which REALLY makes the scenario I just made up seem more plausible xD). Why is he stupefied? Well, it’s because it turns out he has the last shard of Yuiko’s soul in him.

Diamu: SAY WHAT!? щ(゚ロ゚щ) THAT MEANS I DIE!!!

Yes, somehow that shard is in him (which pretty much means he’s going to die in the end). Diamu racks his brain trying to figure out how this is possible. That’s when he remembers Maya’s words (from a chapter I don’t remember):

“How long do you think you’ve been sleeping for?” 

Scenes of the well fly by as Diamu STILL wears his stupefied expression (which I’m guessing is his thinking face xD). We FLASHBACK to the past. All the Byakki/White Oni have gathered. Diamu says he’s going to go to the human world first to which everyone is all NAH UH BOY WE CAN’T JUST LAUNCH YOU DOWN THERES. Diamu says I’m breaking this curse on us bitches and we jump into the present day. Now that he’s actually thinking of the past, he remembers that hey! My body was horribly smashed when I went through the barrier between our worlds. Oh man, how did I forget that? :)

“I…was in that well for years…”

[For holders of Yuiko’s soul shards to appear, two conditions are needed. One is the holders need to be at the end of their life span and second…the owner of the soul – in this case Yuiko – needs to harbor some sort of emotional connection to the holders .]

[You’ve got to be shitting me…Her soul is almost a Sphere. Once it retains its perfect shape, the Sohma would then be restored and I could finally eat her…if I devour her…then that would mean the future for us Byakki/White Oni…the future…]

Cue random scene where flowers and shit appear before Diamu who I’m sure is now sporting a (ಠ_ಠ) *wtf, I was monologuing and now there are flowers…uhhh, confusion* face.

Since Diamu is in lala land right now, what with a field of flowers blooming before him and the realization that he’s going to be dead here in 20 pages, we SCENE CHANGE to Master-Oni and Naruto. Apparently both got their asses easily handed to them >__> Someone touches their heads (the ones connected to their shoulders, not the one swinging between their legs). The power of touch heals them and the two wake up to a pounding headache.

“Awaken.  The end is near.”

It’s Maya! Only…not. Master Oni has a O__o expression on his face, probably wondering when puberty came rubbing its hairy balls all over Maya. Oh, and I guess Maya is different because his eye color is different.

Don’t ask.

“It is your duty to watch what unfolds with your own eyes. Now, let us proceed.”

SCENE CHANGE ~ Shota is not only getting stabbed but apparently Chikage turned Pikachu and is now thundershocking the crap out of him. Chikage isn’t in the bestest of shapes BTW. Unsealing his super powers is taking a toll on his body (only natural since he’s supposed to die when he’s done using his juujuu magic).

“Until the seal has been completed by these hands, I cannot die!”

Shota doesn’t give a damn about Chikage’s pep speech to himself. Despite being stabbed and electrocuted at the same time, he is able to do what all villains are able to do when their time has come…talk. He says he ain’t going to die that easily. That the Byakki are sick bastards that engage in cannibalism. Something about a chair (1). Yada Yada.

“I’ll break them! Whatever it takes I’ll break them all!”

Chikage is starting to waver. So much for being super powerful. Despite risking his life to have this spell on him, Chikage can’t even kick one Oni’s ass :/ Lucky for him, Yuiko is there…to uh…put her hand on his…Lucky for HER though, Diamu is there. He can’t touch Chikage but what he can do is transfer the power of the Sohma in her to Chikage (I guess the fact that it’s not yet complete doesn’t mean shit now…it blasted a poop puppet earlier after all). Chikage isn’t too happy but whatever – the THREE combine their powers and summon Captain Planet stab Shota even harder with Chikage’s sword (psft).



Team Maya appear just in time to see the thundershock. As the three are walking to where Team Yuiko is, Naruto gets the feeling something is up with Maya *facepalms* Especially now that his eyes are purple.

Master Oni: [There is no rank of Oni whom possesses purple eyes…rather, something like this would be held by one of even higher rank than us Oni….Maya, who in the world are you!?]

Good question? But let’s SCENE CHANGE instead :)

Yuiko wakes up. Diamu is nearby and pulls the back of her shirt down to examine her wounds – much to Yuiko’s embarrassmen ^^. Thanks to the Sohma, she’s recovering. Which we cannot say the same for Shota, who is chained and pinned to a rock via Chikage’s sword (PSFTT need to stop thinking sword = man junk XD). Yuiko looks at Shota’s prone body (probably thinking, hell yeah bitch – we totally kicked your evil ass. Now where’s my money and experience points???). While staring, Diamu takes her hand and places something in it.

No, not his penis…please people, serious moment here.

“It’s the last one.”

Whatever it is that’s in her hand explodes (pssft, so many penis jokes in this chapter xD) knocking Yuiko out (プッ(థэథ)∵.*.).

“Wh-whose? Whose body was this fragment housed in?”

The scene changes from white and we see…CHIBI DIAMU! OMG HE LOOKS SO CUTE XD Chibi Diamu is talking with Master-Oni, questioning why it sucks here in Oni World. Master-Oni tells the younger boy it’s because the Oni eat each other – DUH! No one can take care of the lawn if the lawnmower guy keeps getting nommed on.

Master-Oni: “When your “meal time” has come, then you’ll understand (why I ate Pedro the new gardener :9 yum).

TIME SKIP – basically, a scene where Diamu’s dad ate his mom ~ Diamu stares out a window (because that’s what people do when they learn their father has eaten their mother  >__>).

[Doing this over and over, what is the purpose of our existence?]

Flashback Yuiko: “In the human world, there are so many beautiful flowers!”

Dur!?(・εof all the memorable flashbacks…that one Diamu? Really?

“Let’s see them together.”
“Let’s keep living on together.”

[Okay, that’s more like it]

Yuiko: [My words…they reached him…]

[I don’t want to accept this shard. I don’t want to! But…]

Flashback Diamu: “If you don’t accept these into your soul, they (the holders of Yuiko’s soul shards) will never be able to reincarnate. They’ll die. You’d be their murderer!”

Left with no choice, Yuiko accepts her soul shard…

[So cruel…so cruel…]

Yuiko wakes up, tears in her eyes. Supporting her is Diamu.

Diamu: [I just…wanted a bit more time…to see those things…she was talking about…in this world…]

“I didn’t think…we’d run out of time…”

Diamu falls over like his butt was suddenly removed. Team Maya makes it up to Team Yuiko just in time to see Diamu fall. They go ASEOIFJA;LFDJAEJTQOWEITUOIREHOIARWHGO!!! Master-Oni and Naruto tell Diamu to eat Yuiko – if he does that, he’ll have survived his “meal time” and live!

Maya: “It’s useless. You all know that. It’s already too late. He’s dead.”

Yuiko hears his words and falls into the ground in shock. For some reason, she projects out flowers. Don’t question this. Some people express their sadness with tears. Others with flowers bursting from themselves…

Oh, and Chikage. Yay, so I guess he was dead but now he’s not…not sure what’s that all about.

[Ugh man, is this chapter over yet???]

Maya looks to the sky:

“Dear Brother, He has made his choice. He withheld his meal. By doing so he gained the sympathy of his companions.”

Naruto, slow as ever, realizes that hey, something really is off about Maya.

The heavens answer, saying all of this must have sucked balls yo.

I’m too lazy to translate Maya’s part but basically he says, hey dawgs, my name is actually Miya. I live up in heaven with my bro – Enmaten. We’ve been perving on you guys to try and find a way to redeem your sins (you know…eating each other?). And we thought, hey! If you’re sinning because you’re eating one another, then to redeem your sins, you…DON’T eat each other! How cool is that, dawg?

The Sohma was supposed to replace your desire for food…er, humans. But you Byakki were all nooooooo we wanna eat something…*looks at one another* *pulls sporks and knives out* >:3

And up in heaven, we were all dawg, wtf!? You eating each other??? So you all got booted because that shit is weird. But we didn’t kick you there so you could be weird out here. We kicked you out so you guys would be all, broski, omg sorry for eating you man. Let’s not do that. And my bro tried to help you all by entrusting your Sohma to the Ono family.

We put the Sohma into a human because HEY, can’t eat humans or else we’ll spank ya ;D

Master-Oni: “You were testing us.”

Maya/Miya: Totally. And you all failed for like years. I mean shiz yo. How long does it take for you guys to stop eating one another? You must taste like Orange Chicken at Panda Express – emmm, good eats. But then, Diamu came and was all, not going to eat that, broski. 

Yuiko doesn’t like Maya’s bro’s plan –  because hey hey, Diamu is dead and that’s not cool yo. God/Maya’s bro is all, yo yo, he saved his people with his life dudette. BTW, we don’t need you anymore ~ You’ve served your purpose. Much love – kiss kiss. Oh, and I’ll be taking Shota here <3 Hohoho ~ oh and I’ll be taking that Sohma from you Yuiko…YOINK! Now…GTFO.

But Yuiko won’t have it – she wants to know what happened to her love interest.

“Wait! Please answer me! I won’t accept this – I CAN’T ACCEPT THIS! Please don’t throw me out! I want to see Diamu!”

God makes an appearance. He pats Yuiko on the head (>___> uhhhh…)

Yuiko: “I wanted to see him more…I wanted him to talk about himself…that man…I didn’t know much about him…”

God: [I won’t forget my gratitude for all this. You won’t be able to meet with us all again but…if you hold on to that desire with all your might…]

With that cryptic message, Yuiko gets bumped out and we go SCENE CHANGE to where the Oni council is. Shota’s brother is now the head of the Yellow Oni. We see the other Oni. And Master-Oni and Naruto!  Looks like the Byakki are back with everyone else – no more eating one another yay!

Master-Oni: “…though this is the first we’ve seen of each other, until our next head has been decided, you’ll have the displeasure of our company.”

Okay, so they’re not exactly on the best of terms ^^:

Master-Oni wonders about Diamu. Not sure why, but we’re given a shot of his hand and it looks like he has a marriage ring on!? O_o; Did he and Naruto get married or something!? Is that Diamu’s way of saying, hey bitch, you’re the next head??? WHUT???

We flip over to god and Maya/Miya – they’re talking to a bowl which houses Diamu’s soul. God/Maya’s bro asks Diamu what he wishes for.

“…to be with her. Walking down the path of life might not be so bad…I want to try living…together with her…”

Maya/Miya smiles at his friend’s request.

God: “I see…you didn’t lose your wish…my cute little Byakki…”

Uh…did God just sound like a pedo???? O__O;;;;

We SCENE CHANGE AND TIME SKP to a graveyard. Yuiko is visiting her grandfather’s grave along with Chikage. Chikage tells us that the legends about the Oni were a bit messed up in terms of meaning but hey, he’s alive and Diamu is not so who cares :) Oh, and somehow he’s alive because of Diamu but it’s not explained o__O;

Chikage asks if Yuiko is still hurting from the incident X years ago. She says nah, as long as I got hope, my wish can come true ~ Chikage is probably thinking, yeah, see how long hoping goes for you. I’m how old and I STILL haven’t banged you yet??? :/

While walking a boy smacks into Yuiko. The boy yells at her to which Chikage yells at him. Yuiko gets a good look at his face and realizes it’s Diamu…only Japanese xD The chapter ends with Yuiko crying and her remembering god’s words:

[…if you hold on to that desire with all your might…]


OMG IT’S OVER!!!! *collapses to the ground* What a long ass chapter! OMG, and it’s so boring too! Nothing crazy-and-wtf- happening like in SLH Dx AND THAT ENDING SUCKED (to a certain extent. At least she got with someone)! Really? Diamu gets reincarnated into a 5 year old boy??? She’s like what, 19 now? Yeah, no. I have a limit on my shipping…Hell, I wouldn’t have minded had she gotten with Chikage but damn, even that penis wasn’t touched. Poor boy will forever be an angry virgin :/

So that’s the end and yeah…thanks for sticking with me this far. Sorry the series kind of died in the end…but I wanted to finish this since it was my FIRST series ever to practice translating with so it had lots of nostalgia going on with me.

Didn’t think the ending would fail so hard though.

Was totally pushing for a cliché Diamu x Yuiko ending

Sad peanuts

1.)    I think the chair mentioned by Shota is something of importance because it was shown in an early chapter. The random council of Oni mentioned someone not coming to join their chair party. I’m thinking the one whose butt is supposed to be in that chair is “god?”

Here’s the low down:

  • God made Sohmas for each Oni race to act as their food/nutrient source
  • And tells the Oni don’t eat humans
  • Byakki instead ate each other to compensate for not having humans to eat
  • God: (llಠ ,ಠ ) *boots Byakki out of heaven in hopes they’ll turn a new leaf and stop eating each other*
  • They don’t
  • God tries to help them out. He puts their Sohma into a human (Yuiko’s family) to see if the Byakki can withstand eating the human and each other. The Fujiwara family get their papers messed up and think they have to kill all Oni to protect the Ono family, but in reality, it’s more like they just need to protect the Ono family from being eaten (no species extermination is needed).
  • No one takes the challenge – the Byakki go eat each other for a while.
  • God: *facepalm*
  • He sends Maya, his brother, down to guide them.
  • After all this time, the Byakki are weakening. They remember the Sohma and think, hey that’ll help us 8D (not sure why they think this because had they just done that in the beginning, we wouldn’t be in this mess – OR HAVE THIS FAIL ENDING!!!!)
  • Diamu says he’ll go get it yo, since he’s the next head I guess.
  • He goes, gets messed up coming here, but doesn’t die – he gets injected with a shard of Yuiko’s soul which keeps him alive, though he’s knocked out for a while.
  • He meets up with Yuiko and they go collect shards of her soul (which was smashed to pieces and flung all over the place in an automobile accident when she was younger)
  • The two get close and have lots of doki doki scenes
  • This makes it harder for Diamu to stick to his guns and eat Yuiko when the series ends
  • Chikage is here for bromance tension, to be the sad angle in a love triangle that never really went anywhere, and to be angry and stab stuff (well his official title was as Yuiko’s protector but really, was he ever? He just stabbed stuff)
  • Shota makes his appearance because…I guess he has a grudge against the Byakki? And he’s a God fanboy? And this series needed an antagonist? I skipped a couple chapters so who knows.
  • He and the Byakki gang fight a bit
  • The manga-ka was told, hey end your shit so she pushed for the final conclusion where everyone is getting pwned by Shota.  Chikage uses a kamikaze attack with the aid of Yuiko and Diamu
  • Yay they win!
  • Oh shit Diamu dies because he didn’t eat Yuiko (which was supposed to give him energy or whatever to continue living)
  • But his sacrifice was good because now the Byakki get to live!
  • Yay?
  • Flash to the future
  • Chikage is alive and still spanking his monkey alone at night
  • We see reincarnated Diamu as a 5 year old
  • Yuiko cries (probably because she can’t tap that for the next 13 years)
  • And that’s Zeele Sacrifice in a nutshell

[EDIT: I got the manga (just to complete the series) and the ending is sort of modified to where instead of Yuiko having a shocked face and crying, she has a happy face while crying. >___> would rather have something else instead of that but whatever.  There is also a bonus 2 page comic where we see Yuiko is Diamu’s teacher. He tells her about remembering everything much to Yuiko’s delight but it turns out he’s teasing her. The end. :( okkayyyy….)]

Here’s an advertisement for her next work…if you’re interested…:

3 thoughts on “Snippet: Zeele Sacrifice Root #20 FINAL (May 2011 Sylph)

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  3. One thing I was really really thinking about and which I’m sure the author didn’t. There was a certain Master-Oni who had his shard taken out and LIVED. If all had been as it should be, Diamu losing his shard shouldn’t have been a problem. Also… I would have been, like you, much much happier with a cliche ending. This one made me think the exact same thing you did ‘Yuiko cries (probably because she can’t tap that for the next 13 years)’
    Did they really say he was 5?


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