Preview for June 2011 Sylph ~

Almost…done! Just need this and the furoku post and the MAY 2011 SYLPH stuff is DONE! (despite it now being July…almost August…like a boss!)

The return of Hakase ga is here, er next month (which was technically 2 months ago due to how slow I am but that’s not the point!) !!! Not only is it getting a colored page but it’s also going to be posing on the front cover ~

The freebie for next month’s issue is a Dear Girl Digest Book Part II ~ Yay, it gets to collect dust with Part I that I got a year ago since I don’t follow Dear Girl ~ 

Hakuouki gets a colored page along with Brothers Conflict. Is Brothers Conflict REALLY an otome game? Because these brothers seem to hug each other more than they do the female protagonists… (ಠ_ಠ)Final chapter of Kuranoa coming next month. More advertisement for Sylph‘s other series…nothing new coming…YET! (they have to have new stuff to replace the now 4 titles that have just ended ^^;)

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