May 2011 Comic Sylph Furoku

This is going to be strange since I’m posting from my phone (and ho snap did this app change. You can check your stats now? Whut???). Here are pictures of the freebies which came w the May 2012 Sylph.


Here we have a poster featuring Hakuouki’s Saitou & Okita (thus the reason its on my wall ;D). It’s really bright & colorful but my phone toned down its awesome hard :x



Some fan making kit to show your love for Dear Girl Stories’ 4LoversOnly event ~ One side has Hiro C stickers (shown) while the other has Ono D stickers (not shown bc I’m too lazy to open the packaging xD)

And w this, I’m done w May 2011 Sylph. Now to get ready w June 2011 ~

3 thoughts on “May 2011 Comic Sylph Furoku

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  2. wordpress hates my mobile. can never download the wp app.
    nice freebies!
    saksay hakuoki poster xDDD and DGS goodies, thanks for the freebie post love!
    really appreciate them <3


    • The WP app always scares me bc it crashes a lot. It crashed for this post and I was like aifhiehrfbiusaiuwqhtiuhgihwea if I have to restart so help me aljosdfjasoijfoiajfeoiwje
      But thank goodness for the nerd who thought of auto save D: bless you sir!

      The freebies get sweet starting with the July Issue of Sylph. Keychain x BROTHERS CONFLICT freebie combo (June’s sucks though ^^; ) ~
      Not a problem ;D Thank you for all your hard work too ma’dam !


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