Fine as Frog’s Hair

Well, howdy ya’all. Certainly has been awhile. I’ve been away from the computer due to many reasons: family visiting, recovering from a cold (yay juice x tea x booze! <- don’t judge my friend’s family’s secret remedy), shooting stuff, socializing, celebrating an early birthday (me and my dad’s), working, etc.

Anyway, I do have that Zeele Sacrifice snippet here on my computer. Will pop that out (eventually) and I’ll be all done with May’s Sylph stuff 8D Yay ~ Next will be June’s stuff but June’s edition is going to have a surprise (courtesy of one chungky from Weekend Betsuender). I can’t make no announcements yet but you’ll see (BTW sorry I’m taking forever on my side, chungky Dx This is why I’m only cut out to do summaries. I work at such a slow pace *bows head in forgiveness*)

Ahem, that not so clandestine conversation aside, I’m just posting something random to show I’m alive and not dying on the side of a freeway. To make this post more manga related, I’m going to comment quickly about the manga licenses that caught my eye from Comic-Con.

**I’m kind of sad that such a small # were announced. Maybe I got it wrong in my head but I thought Comic-Con was where huge big shot stuff was announced. Maybe that’s another con? *tilts head in thought***


The Devil and Her Love Song (Viz)

Heard good things about this title ~ Definitely want to give the first few volumes a try to see if it’s something I like ~ (I tend to avoid long shojos because lots of times, I feel like the story is just getting milked for more volumes >__< May that not be the case here!)

Olimpos (Yen Press)

Really, the only reason I want this series is because of the shiny cover xD I love me some pretty art haha

Sengaku Basara(Udon)

Hawt guys. Nuff said xD


  • Sengaku Basara Artbook
  • Valkyria Chronicles 2
  • Persona
  • Pixiv Almanac

I am an artbook whore. I LOVE artbooks <3 Only reason I don’t have a shit ton right here and now is because of how crappy the American dollar is right now to everything the yen. I have two Udon artbooks – the Shining Wind series one & the Atelier Series one – and I must say, they are wonderful <3 Looking forward to getting more visually delicious artbooks from Udon (my only complaint is I would have preferred the artbooks in hardback, but hell, I’m so happy to have them that I’m not that picky:3)


Durarara (Yen Press)

Was I the only fool who saw this announcement on ANN & went TOJFDNAOFHQWRHIUGHA YEN PRESS IS RELEASING THE LIGHT NOVEL!?!?!?!?! 8D

*reads closely*

Oh…the manga version….


*Dreams smashed*

I will give the manga version a try though. I’m probably the only person who likes anime/manga and HASN’T seen this series in any shape or form xD Maybe if the manga interests me enough, I’ll get off my butt and watch the anime.

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? (Yen Press)

Another title I nearly started dancing for because I thought it was the light novel version ^^; Not sure if I’ll get this manga though. I might try a volume because I heard it was funny but if this is just loli porn, I’m jumping out. The fact I garnered several panty shot hits when typing this series’s name in google images isn’t a good sign *pained expression*

Sorry…I don’t mind reading about panties ala light novel…but having it IN MY EYES is just…no…

Earl and the Fairy (Viz)

Might read….maybeeeeeeeeeee…heard the main character is really tsundere. You know me and my “love” for tsundere *pained expression* If anything, if I do get the manga, it was for the hawt looking guy I saw (not the one in the picture here (not hatin’ here, dude). There was another good looking cutie that caught my eye <3)

ANNNNNDDDDDD, that’s about it ya’ll ~ Keep it tucked in and not hanging out for all to kick (or however the saying goes ~)

Sylphalchemist out ~ (PS. Thank you for the comments :3 I’ll be getting to them soon <3)

4 thoughts on “Fine as Frog’s Hair

  1. Normally Comic-Con would have have a lot of license announcements… Someone on twitter said they were told by some insiders that the tsunami pushed back a lot of negotiations though, so that’s probably the issue. :[

    I’m definitely getting Akuma to Love Song~ And maybe Hakushaku to Yosei…I was fairly amused by the anime, but I’m just not sure about the manga. And DRRR and KoreZom are just things that I can’t imagine in manga format. They were both awesome anime and I would love to read them in novel format, but for some reason, manga just doesn’t seem right, so I don’t think I’ll get either (though if they sell well, I bet chances of the novel would go up…).


    • Ahhhh, that makes sense (you always know everything going on in the manga world – swear, you really do have that underground network of spies ;D)

      I’ve been (slowly) watching DRRR and I have to say, I would love to read the novel :3 But since the manga is the closest thing we are getting for now, my chances of getting it have increased (I feel if I have the manga, I’ll be able to remember characters better. I totally lost track of who was who in the introduction episode xD So many ppl!).

      Ahhh, I forgot to mention the 3 – 1 stuff! Totally getting Hana-Kimi ~ Just because everyone keeps talking about it and I liked the first 2 volumes I borrowed from the lib :3 Skip-Beat I want to get too ~ I left off on volume #12 so it’s perfect ~ (if I can hold off on buying more until next year when the 3-1 get released xD). Are you planning on getting any of the 3-1’s? :3


  2. i have no clue about the manga being licensed here except for sengoku basara xDDD
    oh. and Earl and the Fairy. i watched the anime, it was really…erm…let the silence do the talking lololol
    totally got fooled by the blonde dude.


    • Sengoku Basara~! Cute guys yes please! xD

      Oh dear, I keep hearing mixed reviews about the series. Some say the girl is the problem while others the dude. The guy who makes me want to read this is some hottie with black hair ~ I’m like, yes please ~ add him to the bishi list with the Sengoku Basara boys xD


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