Snippets: Miyako Chp #2 (May2011)


Miyako Chapter 2

Izumi: “To supervise the inhabitants of Outo, the grand palace has many offices pertaining to myriad services. However, there are instances where a needed job has no designated office it can be carried out and the individual has no idea where to turn to. To remedy this, our office was established strictly for the purpose of performing these tasks. Within each Miyako/capital, a standard box is erected. Anyone can petition for aid via a letter left in the box.”

“One example of the jobs we do is marriage counseling. Other times we may be requested to fashion love letters.”

“In other words, we’re your one stop shop for everything including convenience ~”

Translation: We’re this city’s bitches…8D

Grandpa, I mean, Genji…no, I’m sticking with Grandpa. This is my summary after all >D adds that they only deal with problems in the city. Them country folk can suck it I guess.  Abe throws his two cents into the change jar as well: he doesn’t like how Izumi just grabs any job off the street like a horny whore to which Pookie Bear (Raikou) takes offense.  Izumi isn’t a horny whore he explains – he’s doing this to show the palace if full of goodness, to which Abe replies they’re going to end up with STDs problems in the end if they don’t watch out. With a smile on his face, Izumi tells the two to STFU. Abe and Pookie Bear are going to end up unfriending one another on FB if this continues to which both men are like, wtf we hate each other (ಠ_ಠ) WE’D DENY ONE ANOTHER’S FRIEND REQUEST FIRST!

Pookie Bear recovers when Izumi asks him about the job they received. Seems Abe is needed to do some rain dancing over in a place called Shinsenen. This area has been suffering from a drought and is in desperate need of rain. Happy that he not only got singled out for this job but also because he’s Abe no fucking Seimei which all the bitches love, Abe’s nose grows 3 feet into the air as he goes FARK YEAH ~ *fist pump*(also, middle finger boner to Pookie Bear).  He sets off with his entourage (Ichigou,  Nigou, and the reluctant Sangou).

Abe: Everyone loves Abe ~ :^D OMG, that's a face you totally want to slap off his shoulders xD

Izumi: “Shikigami-san. This may prove difficult but don’t lose faith in yourself. Do your best. ”

Dude, we only have 11 pages left. Think she’ll be okay ^^:

SCENE CHANGE to Shinsenen (not sure how they got to this remote area so quickly. Maybe Abe used the company car or whatever). It’s faceless inhabitants are all OMG HEY THERE ABE ~ YOU SEXY BEAST ~ THANKS FOR COMING, TIGER <3 HERE’S YOUR STUFF ~ SHOW IT ALL OFF BIG BOY <3 ( °٢° ) Abe hands Sangou some stick with bells on it (I’m sure there is a proper term for this item but meh). He instructs her to dance while swinging said stick around. Sangou doesn’t like the idea of going Happy Feet in front of these faceless goofs – especially since she can’t remember ever dancing before. Abe tells her she’ll be alright – she’s Asian. It’s only white people who can’t dance xD His words spark some Asian pride in Sangou – let’s do this!

Abe says it’s go time! He does some unnatural posing/dancing which all the faceless villagers gush over ~ OMG, SO TWEETING ABOUT THIS BOYS ( °٢° ) (THOUGH I’D RATHER BE TWEETING ABE-KYUN HOHOHOHO <3 <( °٢°<)). Ichigou and Nigou are playing instruments – somehow, despite being a bird, Nigou is able to play bass to Ichigou’s flute…and hover in the air at the same time o__O;

Sangou: “The sounds of flutes overlapped with the chanting prayers~ Elegant yet powerful ~ Prayers devoted to the heavenly gods ~”

[Amazing…my eyes can’t stop watching him…and yet, I can’t follow him…]

Sangou takes a step forward to join in. She nearly chest bumps Abe though it looks way more shojo than how I’m describing it.

Abe: “You can dance. It’s in you.”


Hearing Abe quote Jennifer Lopez’s Papiwords, Sangou feels her inner black wake up and she starts kicking it on the dance floor ヽ(´ー`)ノ

[It’s strange. Seimei-sama’s voice. The pulses…are a sign..that he’s so near…my anxiety…disappear…]OMG, one of the faceless villagers has a face! He’s all, OMFG I HAVE A FACE… (゚Д゚) DURRRR, rain! Everyone starts jumping in join at the rain – because they have no faces to display their happiness emotionally ~ Sangou looks over at Abe, probably to tell him that when it’s raining, it’s said angels are peeing ~ However, the sight of his sexy wet face stops her cold ~

Abe no Seimei ~ he's bring sexy back

Abe: “…huh, so that was your first time performing something you’ve never done before. Though it’s not without its fault.”

Sangou: [Could he be…praising me?]
[Before I knew it, my body was moving on its own. I wonder why…does this mean I’m really this man’s Shikigami?]
[Regardless, I’m happy. Everyone looks so happy]
( ^∀^)


Noticing Sangou’s smile, Abe asks what’s up. Sangou says it’s nothing to which Abe remarks she stop smiling then. The chapter ends with Ichigou and Nigou rushing up to Sangou to congratulate her on her performance. Love how Ichigou is blushing x3

[But…for just a second…I thought…my “master” is an amazing man…]

Chapter 2 END

This was a nice easy chapter ~ yay 8D No historical terms! Double yay! You can bite me Hakuouki! Go kill off your bishies while I enjoy this nice light series ~

Included at the end were two pages about Abe no Seimei. Love how the bullets above his head said “He’s an S…but at times he’s a sweetie….and he’s nice on the eyes ;D” xDDDDD

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