Snippets: Hana Ori Soushi Chapter 4 (May 2011)

(Only 3 more snippets to go 8D)

Hana Ori Soushi Chapter 4

We get a recap of what happened in the last chapter  ~ (please refer to earlier summaries for a more detailed recap :P)

After the recap, the chapter begins with Chiharu in school. She’s thinking about how she can help out in the fight against the Tane (because she actually wants to be useful in battle compared to a certain someone I know *coughCHIZURUcough*) when someone asks if he can borrow her notes. She says sure and hands them to…Yusura!?

Chiharu: Σ(゜д゜;) whut!?

Turns out Yusura mind raped everyone into thinking he’s a student there (totally reminds me of a scene in Angel Diary ~).  His story is he’s Hisaya’s cousin:

Yusura: “Yes, the last we saw one another was when we were very young. But now, fate has conspired to make us reunite ~ !” 8D

Hisaya: “It’s been so long that we’re like TOTAL STRANGERS to one another” niko niko ^___^

Apparently only Chiharu catches on that Hisaya isn’t too close with Yusura. She asks Hisaya where Yusura lives, because it’s pretty obvious that Yusura doesn’t live with Hisaya and Teach (ew, Hisaya lives with Teach? That’s like putting a pantless Justin Beaver in the same room as a serial pedobear…).  Hisaya says Yusura is fine to which Chiharu gives him a (ಠ_ಠ) I DON’T BELIEVE YOU look.

Hisaya: “Why are you staring at me like that? Don’t aim that ugly puss at me. I don’t want to catch your fugly. You got the runs or something, is that it?” [The johns are that away]

Chiharu: FARK YOU!


What Chiharu actually wanted to talk about was the Tane but she gets cut off by a school announcement basically telling the students not to play out late because there’s some crazy shit going down right now yo.

Announcer: One student already down. DO YOU WANT TO BE NEXT!!!!??? HUH you crazy teens!?CAN’T YOU HOLD OFF GETTING PREGNANT UNTIL WE STOP THE MADNESS??? *sobs*

The announcement sparks an idea in Chiharu’s head – they’ll do patrols~! Grasping Hisaya’s hands in excitement, Chiharu explains that up until now, they were the ones who had the battle brought to them. Instead, if they go on patrol, they’ll bring the battle to the Tane!!! Hisaya says yeah, cool whatever, let go of my hand now before I get hot and bothered and end up giving a full salute…in my pants…

Chiharu: D: SORRY!

Hisaya: >////> fark you…

The two arrange to meet andddddd guess who comes a cockblocking? Teach and Yusura ~ Yay!


As in all shojo, when the only good looking bishis in town (who all somehow are friends with the female character) conglomerate together, the XX chromosome members of society instantly take notice and oogle! And glare daggers at the PLAIN UGLY SO NOT FIT TO BE WITHIN A MILE OF THEM [INSERT OTHER CLICHÉ STUFF NORMALLY SAID BY JEALOUS BYSTANDERS] girl that is also with them.  So naturally Chiharu is thinking, damn Y U GOTTA BE SO GOOD LOOKING PEEPS? Can’t you put some swirly lensed glasses on which for some reason DRASTICALLY reduces your good looks in these manga?

Her anxiety is assuaged when she thinks, well hey, 3 ppl are better than none! Yusura is all, yeah we’re here because we want to help you 8D

WE!? Teach balks at Yusura’s words. He continues:  OH HELL NO. I’m just here because I don’t want that bitch’s pussy anywhere near my Hisaya. I’m watching you woman ( ಠ益ಠ)

Chiharu tells us readers about Teach and how hard he is to approach. If you just cut to the heart of her words, what she’s pretty much saying is he’s a dick who’s ghey for Hisaya xD

Teach decides the best thing to do is grab some info. He goes up to the nearest person, a woman, grabs her hand and asks:

“Do you happen to know a place nearby where two people can go to be alone?”

Lady: ( ゚ヮ゚) ohohohoho <3


Teach explains that the Tane normally attack in places that aren’t conspicuous. Thus the reason he asked the young lady if she knew of any places that had low amounts of traffic. Plus I can take Master Hisaya there later on ufufufufufu <3

Hisaya explains this is how Teach is…and to be careful xD (Hisaya: I’m speaking from experience…I was so young…). I have no idea why but Chiharu turns and tells Yusura to look at the sickness that is Teach – HITTING ON WOMAN WHILE THEY’RE TRYING TO SAVE THE WORLD! But it turns out Yusura is doing the same thing.

Chiharu: OTL

Actually, Chiharu does go OTL but she’s actually enjoying herself with these three ^^

The intel search/hitting on women ends when everyone’s stomachs start to grumble. Yusura takes them to a restaurant and says he wants everything on the menu. Naturally the pimply faced teen behind the register is all (ಠ_ಠ) but the other worker screams BOSS!


So yeah, it turns out Yusura owns this restaurant…along with other stuff…I guess when you’re farking hundred something years old, you do something with your life (unlike a certain glittery vampire I’ve heard of…how many years and you’re STILL in HS?). This is what Hisaya meant earlier about Yusura being fine – HE’S LOADED!

Chiharu: :U

Teach tells Chiharu to shut her mouth before flies start buzzing in it. He then turns to Hisaya all girly and give him tea (hohohoho <3 Hisaya *glittershojoeyes*).

Chiharu: [I knew it…he does act differently to me…]


Now for my favorite part in this chapter! Chiharu decides to start a conversation with the following: hey how do we know who is possessed by the Tane? To which Hisaya pretty much goes, (ಠ_ಠ) uh bitch, when they look like they’ve tattooed the shit out of their faces. Did you NOT notice that from the XX amount of baddies we’ve fought thus far?

Chiharu: dur hur my bad :B


To give this conversation a point, Hisaya continues and explains Tane are attracted to negative feelings. That’s why a lot of times they’d be at hospitals or at battlegrounds where negative emotions run rampant. However, now and days, since everyone is farking angry and shit, the Tane can be anywhere. Thus the best way to find them is to SENSE them…which you can’t do right now Chiharu because you suck and you’re useless :)

Chiharu: =A= thanks…

Hisaya: “However, you’ve decided to fight with us, so that’ll change. Back then, you said “I’m not going to run.” So try and back up what you’ve said.”

Not exactly the kindest way to say you don’t suck hard but hey, this is Hisaya we’re talking about. He’s total tsundere (more tsun than dere at this point).

The scene changes to Chiharu walking home all niko niko. Hisaya, in his tsundere fashion, steals her phone before she leaves and gives her his number in case anything happens ~ Chiharu is happy because this means she’s gotten closer to them all ~

A random dude approaches her and asks if she’s seen two twin girls anywhere. They were off to visit a sick relative at a hospital but…

Upon hearing the word hospital, Chiharu remembers Hisaya’s earlier story about hospitals and battle fields being places where Tane gather. She gets a bad feeling and tells the dude she’ll come with him which surprises him.

“If anything has happened to them, you’ll need all the man power you can get!”

Guy: =A=; uh…is this city that dangerous!?


The two go to the hospital and decide to split up. But there’s no need to because the chapter is almost over so the bad guy just comes to them xD It’s a Tane because of his tattoo (*sylphalchemist stares at Chiharu* Chiharu: SHUT UP! DX). Behind him, two girls are tied up, unconscious. Hmmm, I wonder who they could be (hint end of chapter 3 hint!).

The dream team of Hisaya, Teach, and Yusura come and kick some good butt. Chiharu helps and purifies the Tane under Hisaya’s tutelage. Teach and Yusura go over to check on the girls. They have a o___O expression on their face when they get a close look at the girls and slowly back away. Naturally this makes Hisaya confused. WTF guys? Never seen little girls before?

He leans down to check the girls out. He gets a o_____O face when he gets a close look at the girls and smacks them over the head.


The girls recover and yell at Hisaya for being a butt sniffer who smacks girls and thinks he’s the shit because he’s taller than them xD Hisaya ignores them and calls out for a guy name Horyuu to appear.

Dude from earlier appears but not before changing his clothes…because he can. Turns out the girls were interested in Chiharu and were investigating her ~ and it was a success ~

Horyuu: Even though you were easily captured?

Girls: D: et tu!?

After chastising the girls, Horyuu introduces himself. He is the Sekko no Ko of May. The girls, Nao and Kenji, are the Sekko no Ko of July (wtf Kenji!? That’s a boy’s name…*realizes one of the girls is wearing pants* OMG ONE OF THOSE GIRLS IS A BOY!!!! o____o )

Chiharu has a (ಠ_ಠ) the hell you talking about look on her face.

Yusura adds that he’s the Sekko no Ko of March. Teach is the Sekko no Ko of January. And I’m not sure how Chiharu knows this (maybe it was said in chp 1) but Hisaya is the Sekko no Ko of September. So you know what that means ~ INCREASED CHANCES OF MEETING MORE BISHIES! FARK YEAH!

After a group pose, the girls go over to Chiharu and thank her for helping them. They originally thought the person who the Kashiki/whoever Chiharu was in the past reincarnated into was going to be a turd but it turns out Chiharu is actually a cool duck.

The happy camaraderie is ruined by a snide comment from Hisaya. As the girls turn their ire on him, Horyuu remarks how different Hisaya is. Before he was lonewolfing it but now, here he is, hanging with the person he used to hate.

Teach has a fark you look on his face.


That boy is MINE! <3


Oh gawd…I turned Teach into SLH’s Uryuu xDDDD But they’re so alike. So ghey for their masters xD So EASY to tease プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵


I’m really liking Hana Ori Soushi. The pacing is nice. I love the main girl so far. She may not be strong but she’s not weak. Her attitude is the glue that’s holding everyone together, even if Teach is being a sore pimple about her joining the crew and cutting into his Hisaya time xD Hisaya himself is a little turd sometimes but it’s cute to see him blushy ~ Plus he really is warming up to Chiharu, slowly with each chapter (it’s hard to become BFFs with the person you’ve spent years hating after all ~).


TEACH IS ANNOYING – STOP BEING A GRUMPY OLD MAN! (which he does in the most recent chapter ~ the one I haven’t even gotten to yet 8D)

Really looking forward to meeting those other Sekko no Ko *wipes drool off her face* More bishies are always welcomed ;D

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