Snippets: Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess) Chapter 3 (May 2011)

Boy Princess Chapter 3

Gii, showing off the gluts ~

The chapter starts off with a flash back. The princess is sick and possibly dying. The queen (her mom) comes in and is all, IS HER UTERUS OKAY!? D:

Doctor: ( ̄△ ̄;)

The queen then starts muttering to herself about how if the princess’s uterus is all fugly and can’t bear kids, she herself may have to poop out another kid to be the princess’s replacement.

Man, this woman cares more about uteruses than a gynecologist…

The princess jumps up from her bed and we’re back in the present. Gii is chillin – and honestly, I have no idea what Gii is doing but I suspect he was practicing his posing because really…what man is caught pushing his hair back all fashion model like with one hand while the other is playing with the flames of a candle? But hey, I’m not a guy. Just saying that girls don’t normally light candles and start modeling in a room with a sleeping royal figure nearby…

The dream reminds the princess that her status is a heavy one to bear. As long as she can rocket out those kids from her clown hole, she’ll forever be trapped. To distract herself, she asks Gii if he thinks she and Albert could possibly be of some blood relation. Like, sure it’s said that there are 3 people who look exactly like you in this world but come on…this is a manga. You know we’re totally going to end up being related in the end. Gii jokes the question off  – the world is ending if that were true!

(plus I’m sure Gii is thinking, I refuse to believe the guy who shoved his penis in my nose back in chapter 1 is in anyway related to my princess – my fantasies of the princess are already scarred by the appearance of a penis halfway in (≧ロ≦)).

“Even if we were related, as long as he’s a male, his existence has no meaning…there’s no sharing this burden…”

Outside, things are bustling ~ men are running around cleaning and decorating under the supervision of the women (because heaven forbid if they pull up their sleeves and help). The defenses around and in the castle are being heightened (I’m surprised to see guys are employed as soldiers but I see a woman is their supervisor so I guess being a grunt is a dude’s duty?). Albert is watching everything from the safety of a window, thinking wtf is going on. Gii explains everyone is getting ready for the Queen’s B-day party foo (which makes me think – hey, in chapter #1 didn’t they cancel that shiz? But I guess the Queen is feeling better and up to partying the night away pantless).  Albert doesn’t like being called a foo by Gii. He’s been trapped all this time indoors, forced to study boring crap with Gii the lolicon. Other than going outside to get shot by Trigger Finger Sis, Albert has no sense of time. So excuse ~~~ me for not knowing…foo.

The princess comes in to find the two tearing into each other ~ She looks out the window and notices a carriage bearing the king of Mevin – a country located to the north. Seems he brought his prized court…singing person that everyone wants to hump…think Justin Beaver I guess…to sing for the queen (I bring this up not because I like the feel of punching in letters with my fingers, but because this detail is important in later chapters).

[So I’m guessing other countries have dudes for rulers? Wonder if the MAN SUCK rule applies there are well…would be kind of awkward if it did…]

Albert: “And yet, in spite of her throwing her weight around us poor people, she’s loved by other countries…”

Wow, way to keep the mood dark you all…

Gii changes the subject: while the princess is at the Queen’s B-Day bash, Albert will get more training. Albert naturally goes boo to the plan – he wanted to at least see the party. The two nearly start throwing effeminate slaps at one another when the princess surprises the both of them.

“No. Albert…will attend the party in my stead.”

Albert and Gii : ( ・Д・)ノbonk ( ・Д・)

Both aren’t real too peachy with the idea (Albert: I wanted to see the party, not attend it D:). The princess says everything will be good – it’s a unique opportunity. She herself would rather favor the idea of going to a festival like the common people have (lol random). Gii: BITCH YOU BETTER NOT! D:

The princess decides now is a good time to go emo and talk about how her mom sucks. Normally I’d say typical teenager, but after seeing that opening scene, I agree with her: that mom blows, and I don’t mean with the mail man.

Princess: “That woman is a queen before she is a mother. At this rate…I’ll probably be the same as her.”

Albert: “That’s not true. You treasure that horse of yours. So you’re capable of loving your children when they come ~” ( ゚ヮ゚)

Princess: (゚⊿゚) dur!?

Gii: DON’T BRING UP THAT HORSE! (damn cockblocking bastard) put the future royal children and a horse on the same level! *smack*

Princess: “That has no basis xD” *laugh*

Albert and Gii : ( ・Д・)ノbonk ( ・Д・) *stunned at seeing her smiling face*

(lol total Scarlet Prince Last Blood moment xD)

The scene changes real quick to some peeps going, oh damn, the Queen isn’t going to go out on the balcony and flash her guns like she usually does on her B-Day. What up with dat – it’s doesn’t feel real without seeing her boobs up there…

Scene Change!!!

Albert…in gender bent attire…is at the party…and he looks like he needs to change his pants, he’s that nervous. The nerves aren’t only due to parading around in a dress among the Richie riches but also because the princess said she’d cut his head off if he was found out :D (I put the smiley not because I advocate beheadings, but because that’s the expression the princess wore as she beheaded a paper doll with some scissors. I personally think the message would have better been transmitted had she stabbed the doll repeatedly in the crotch. A beheading is quick. Being stabbed with scissors in the balls isn’t. Just saying in case you all are in a position to demonstrate pain via a paper doll. Always go for the balls. That’s hooker rule #3 ;D)

Random scene of the princess seeing her horsey ~

Okay >__>

Back to Albert. Everyone is going OH SHIT MAN! IT’S THE QUEEN!


Am I the only one who thinks, damn, that bitch glares any harder, she'll be blasting out some laser beams :U


Nothing much related to thoughts on my end ~

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