Snippet: DADADADAN! Ch-Ch-Ch-Chp 2 (May 2011)

DADADADAN! Ch-Ch-Ch-Chapter 2!

Yay ~ DADADADAN! finally gets a color page 8D

A girl stands on top of a roof overlooking the city.

“Someone…help me.”

OMG, is she going to jump!?

Well, this manga doesn’t care! It changes venue instead xD

We see our 3 fail males enjoying a stroll through Akiharaba. Well, Doc is anyway. He’s shopping like a teen with her first credit card (only on figurines, not make-up and bras…I think). Grumpy is curious as to how Doc has any cash to burn. The guy doesn’t even have a job.

Doc: … >3> *looks away*

Grumpy: “What the!? What’s with that reaction!? Seriously, how you getting the dough??? Mina (Doc) – look your father in the eye when spoken to! Mother (addressed to Bashful)! You say something about your son’s behavior too!”


Grumpy: D:< “Really, that’s the best mom impression you can do?” (Your acing sucks Shiro/Bashful!)

Bashful: “But tonight we’re having steak!”

Grumpy: “Even your made up meals fail to impress!” (dear gawd let’s stop – I can’t watch do this anymore)

Before his martial conversation with Grumpy can turn ugly (I see marriage counseling in their future), someone bumps into Bashful – a GIRL! (thus the reason Grumpy hides behind a telephone pole while Doc turns around and looks away xD Poor Bashful!). The girl apologizes and leaves, tears streaming down her face. Bashful is too frozen to react at that moment (omg it’s a girl. Omg omg omg omg). However, once her presence has been eliminated in both the visual and auditory fields, Bashful can function again and wonders why the girl was crying – did she get hurt when they collided?

Grumpy: “Forget about it – 95% of the time, a girl’s tears are made using eye drops ~”

xD well, I never knew that! You learn something knew everyday! (you cunning bitches you… xD)

Doc notices something on the ground – it’s a hat! It must be the girl’s! Doc must secretly want to be a hat model because he dons the object, much to Grumpy’s aversion (that belongs to a GIRL, dude! They have things like cooties and herpes!). While debating on what to do next (Doc wants to parade around Akiharaba to show off his new hat, Bashful wants to give the hat back, and Grumpy doesn’t care either way, only he just wants to say the hat makes it look like a cat is nomming on Doc’s skull), a shadow envelopes over the three.

“Hey, little boys ~”


Nope…it’s some maid with cat ears! And…she looks like she’s about to beat the 3 into pudding O__O;

“Whacha doing with that cat hat, meow? Why don’cha…come back with me, meow?” (╬ ಠ益ಠ)

Everyone: (ఠ_ゝఠ) oh…here hell come…for us…

The maid (somehow) takes the boys back to a maid café. She explains their trademark cat hats disappeared earlier this morning. In fact, the cat hat is exactly like the one Doc is modeling on his head. Thus…THE BOYS ARE THE CULPRITS! Because of them, the girls had to wear cardboard cat ear cutouts and glue them onto head bands xDDDD While interrogating Bashful, the maid takes a good look at Bashful’s frightened face before slamming her cat ear headband whatsit on his head xD


Grumpy comes to the rescue of his wife xD “The hell you think you’re doing, bitch? Apologize – to Shiro/Bashful, and to all the cats in the world that you’ve disgraced with your sacrilegious acts.”

Despite feeling the underside of Grumpy’s shoe, Cat Maid still has some spunk in her – she throws an upper cut at Grumpy, which of course misses. However, the action causes his baseball hat to fly off, exposing his bishi-tastic face ~ Cat Maid is convinced that because the three have the hat in their possession, they are the culprits (she does this while taking pictures of Grumpy with her phone xD Love the hearts coming off her on the side xDDDD). Grumpy yells at Doc to remedy the situation.

“Cat ears are a part of the Akiharaba look.” ( ̄△ ̄)


Grumpy can only take so much. He says F this and tries to force his way out, telling Cat Maid to get her piggy face out of his way before he throws her into a farmer’s pickup truck. Cat Maid takes offense, saying she’s no pig – she’s an adorable kitty cat, to which Grumpy questions what cats she’s been looking at all her life xD The door opens and…the girl from earlier appears! She takes one look at the hat on Doc’s head before freezing up.

Before anything can happen, another maid busts in. She says the company president’s son is here and he’s calling for Mike-tan (lol! Looking at her name in English makes me think it’s the boy’s name Mike! Not Mee-Kay xDDDDD). Mike-tan heads out – however, Bashful notices the other maids have a FAIR THEE WELL BRAVE SOLDIER look on their faces.


(…dirty thoughts… >__> ahem)

Cat Maid says she’s going to check on the situation, making Grumpy happy because that means while everyone is preoccupied, they can escape and end the chapter 8D However, that plan died prematurely when Cat Maid grabs Bashful as a hostage so the others won’t run xD (which Grumpy stops real quick – stop messing with my wife!).

Condensing 5 pages into one paragraph, the son is basically being a prick and yells at Mike-tan. Turns out Mike-tan was supposed to go around Akiharaba (since she’s the #1 maid at this establishment), and distribute the hats to attract customers. However, it turns out Mike-tan took the hats and ran off with them. Y U GO DO DAT MIKE-TAN!?

Not that Grumpy cares! With their names cleared, Grumpy believes it’s time for them to just mosey along and leave this drama behind…however, Bashful doesn’t get the message Grumpy was sending and instead asks about who the guy yelling at everyone is.


The guy is Ugagami Takuo. He’s the son of the man who basically owns the establishment in some manner.  The guy came to the maid café a few days back, said they suck and he’ll make it so they don’t suck. Once the paper work was done, things went south. Takuo turned into the bitchy prick penis you see before you. Because he’s the son of the company president, no one can back hand that boy into submission.

Not caring about the back story and just wanting to go home, Grumpy tries to get Doc onboard to leaving.

“I think…I’ve seen that man somewhere before…”

Grumpy: =__= yeah, we’re not leaving ANY time soon…

Life must have a bad case of diarrhea because more shit hits the fan – Takuo’s prick penis-ness is scaring off the customers and making everyone uncomfortable.

Doc for some reason decides to use the following conversation starter: “This place lacks moe.”


The maids suddenly gang up on the boys (Grumpy: WHY ME TOO!?) because apparently in Japan, dissing moe is like dissing someone’s mama in the US. You don’t do dat. That shit sacred yo.

Takuo doesn’t care about the lack of moe. He’s more interested in playing WORDS WITH FRIENDS on his cellphone – he tells the girls to just kick the boys out.

Mike-tan decides now is a good time to have a shojo speech which I have condensed into this sentence: we like the old way of running this place – GTFO.

However, Takuo does not like abbreviations – he goes bat shit crazy and starts breaking things, causing widespread fear in the girls (love love love how Grumpy is calmly pouring himself a drink, not caring a damn bit about the situation in front of him xD). Doc sneaks off behind the counter and starts fiddling with a laptop (not sure if it’s the store’s or if he pulled it from his pants…but just wanted to let you know, it’s there). He yoinks Bashful over to his hiding spot. On his laptop are the names of all the employees from the U-J-N Group (the group that Takuo’s father is president of), complete with photo ID and other personal information (which was garnered through less than legal means. Doc: …. >3>). Doc needs Bashful to use his Super Eyes to search for someone via his photo – Takuo’s photo to be precise. After some convincing, Bashful says let’s do this and the magic begins ~ (when I say, the magic begins, I means as in looking for the photo, not butt bumping behind the counter <- in case you got the wrong idea xD). I’m not sure what happens (I didn’t think laptops could explode magically confetti out of their screens but then again, I’ve only owned American laptops. I’m not sure how it works in Japan) but Bashful finds Takuo’s photo.

“…But…Mina-kun (Doc)…this is…”

Doc: *rapeface*

Bashful: I don’t like that you’re wearing a rapeface while we’re back here… ಡ_ಡ scared….

Back to the man-tantrum Takuo is having. The girls are flipping out while Grumpy watches. He tries once again to convince his male brethren it’s time to GTFO only to find them missing!


Flipping out about being left behind alerts the girls of his presence – HELP US! Grumpy yells at them that he doesn’t have time for their problems. He’s got problems of his own – his bros left him with the hoes! Call us whatever, just help us! they respond. The girls push Grumpy towards Takuo, despite his protesting. Takuo thinks the girls have offered him a beating body and gets ready to smack Grumpy’s clock with a chair. However, Grumpy is still preoccupied with his buds leaving him and man punches Takuo to shut him up.


Realizing what he’s done, Grumpy spins on his heel and yells at the girls that he didn’t just man punch a guy for their sake – alright!? However, the girls are thinking one thing: TSUNDERE!!!!! They pull their cameras out to take pictures of Grumpy – A REAL LIFE TSUNDERE!!!! XDDDDD

Bashful appears on the scene to check on Grumpy, much to Grumpy’s relief. My wife ~ <3 xDDDD

Takuo may have a crater where his left cheek used to be but he’s not out.


Doc: “Tachibana Shinsuke.”

Shinsuke worked in the planning department of the U-J-N Group. However, it seems he had problem with the female workers – not sexually. He just hated them. Many complaints had been issued against him over the past years. He got fired after his project was rejected and he took his anger out on a new girl – only this time, someone was around to witness the event.

Shinsuke/Takuo continues to insist that he is the president’s son.

“Even though the president has no sons by the name of “Takuo?”
“Being the son of a president who owns such a big company can be troublesome when trying to live a normal life, wouldn’t you agree? That’s why the president decided to create “Takuo” as an alias to his real son’s identity. However, the president had a divorce and the son took on his mother’s maiden name.  Let me tell you his real name. It’s Ayashiro Mina, formally known as Ugagami Mina.”
*peace sign*

On Doc’s laptop (okay, so it’s actually his…where the f did it come from then…?), is a picture of the president. On the area where the mouse is located is of those picture sticker things. On this picture sticker thing is Doc with his dad…the president! (lol the dad is just as weird as Doc xD)


With the identity of Shinsuke/Takuo busted, it’s time for some revenge – CAT MAID STYLE! (basically involves trying the guy up, putting cat accessories on him, and parading him around town like a Danjiri (festival float)). Doc also takes some photos to commemorate the moment xD

Now there’s only one thing to do. It’s time to return the hat. Doc turns his attention to Mike-tan, who was oogling him from a distance. He’s about to give it back when she tells him he doesn’t have to. Face red, she farts around until she manages to say he can give it to her the next time he comes back.


Doc says nah and gives her the hat – too much of a hassle.


Cat Maid overhears Doc’s reply and sees Mike-tan’s reaction (which is ;____;). She grabs Doc and chucks him – GTFO! As Doc is flying, he looks at Mike-tan all shojo like and says “Make the shop moe, and I’ll be back.” xD

The maids chase the boys off while Mike-tan smiles dreamily from Doc’s words xD

Grumpy: “Shit! No meowing way am I ever coming back to Akiharaba!”

Bashful: “Ryoda-kun (Grumpy), seems you’ve picked up on their way of talking!”

Doc: “Meow ~”

Grumpy: “STFU MINA/DOC!”

Chapter 2 END!


Holy crap. 44 pgs of pain done D: Over 2000 words. Bitches be amazed yo. Or else I’ll diss your moe mama foo (taking two countries down at once xD). Grumpy took the spotlight once more in this chapter ~ I seriously love this series just for him. I have no idea if he’s tsundere or not but I do know he’s awesome!

Lols wise I think the first chapter was better – probably because Mr Prickly Penis wasn’t in it :/ They totally should have stripped the guy and put a collar on him – DEGRADE THAT BITCH SO HE’LL THINK TWICE ABOUT BEING A DICK!!!! >;D

Until next time ~

3 thoughts on “Snippet: DADADADAN! Ch-Ch-Ch-Chp 2 (May 2011)

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  2. finally caught up with this snippet and im LOVING it. fav of comic sylph atm, very entertaining and i love the trio!!! they’re so gah! the story itself is refreshing since its like, concentrating on the trio as oppose to…i dnt know xD
    thanks love <3!


    • xD Glad you like the series. If it interests you, the first volume is due to be released here in Aug 8D (that makes me realize just how far behind I am ^^;)
      The three are indeed amusing. You always need a random series to follow to balance out all the romance and butt kicking series haha ~
      Grumpy is my favorite ~ love his potty mouth <3


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