Stuff I’ve read ~ #1

I suck at reviews so I’m just going to do a few sentences about stuff I’ve been reading when school, work, and translating haven’t eaten up ALL my free time lol

(though really, I love my work. Because I’m able to read my LNs while I wait for the computer to do its thing ~ that’s how I got through Book Girl and Spice and Wolf so fast. Lol to my boss thinking they were trashy novels! Double LOL when he said this just as I got to the part where a dude was digging up a corpse xD Because that’s totally slutty material yo)


Tengu-Jin #1

The cutie on the cover was the reason I tried this series out (and the fact the volume was on sale ^^)

Eastern and Western Japan have split apart and formed two separate warring nations. In this “idiot adult’s world,” many issues press on society. Gods of the world, especially the tengu, influenced the start and end of the events that lead to the split and war. Because of that, tengu Mozuku wants to end this idiotic war that the adults started. With his older twin brother, Shinonome, he meets with the God of the West, Sai.

Also included in this volume is a second story, Zanouka, about the former incarnations of Mozuku and Shinonome.

Interesting but confusing. Sad that the company releasing this in English is dead and also the series in Japan has been on hiatus for a while :<

Blue Exorcist/Ao no Exorcist #1

Made the mistake of reading this while in a bookstore. Bought it there instead of buying off rightstuf lol ~ (but future volumes will be bought off righstuf where discounts are wonderful and no tax <3)

Raised by Father Fujimoto, a famous exorcist, Rin Okumura never knew his real father. One day a fateful argument with Father Fujimoto forces Rin to face a terrible truth: the blood of the demon lord Satan runs in Rin’s veins! Rin swears to defeat Satan, but doing that means entering the mysterious True Cross Academy and becoming an exorcist himself. Can Rin fight demons and keep his infernal bloodline a secret? It won’t be easy, especially when drawing his father’s sword releases the demonic power within him!

DO LIKE! Maybe it was because the first time I read this series, it was via scanalations and I couldn’t tell wtf was going on in chapter 1 so I gave up (didn’t help the picture quality was low and the translations were hard to understand ^^; – but it all worked out in the end because I bought the volume lol). Rin is adorable ~ looking forward to buying #2 :3

Record of a Fallen Vampire #1

Yay for used book store sales ~

Thousands of years ago, Vampire King Akabara Rosered Strauss lost both his kingdom and his queen. Since humans were unable to kill the queen, they sealed her away, erecting thousands of fake seals so that the king would never find her true location. Despite being pursued by relentless vampires, Akabara continues to search for his queen to this day…

Akabara’s quest takes a sinister turn when an entity called the Black Swan appears. The Black Swan inhabits the body of a young human girl every 50 years, giving her the power to destroy the Vampire King and his queen. With each incarnation the Black Swan grows stronger – will the 49th Black Swan mean the end of Akabara?

Bit confusing but after reading some reviews, I’m going to stick with this series because it’s around volume #3 or #4 that the story really picks up and gets addicting :3

Pick of the Litter #2

The cover quality is horrible as shit (all blurry and nasty) - you can tell TP didn't put much effort into this title ^^;

Satsuki pays an unexpected visit to Riku at his school. His mission: deliver a family picture to Riku and investigate what rival store Echigoya is doing in Japan. Meanwhile, for Riku’s birthday, Ichiya shows Riku his old room, before he disappeared. But is it really his room? And if not, what is Ichiya trying to hide? A trip down memory lane promises to bring Riku closer to the truth about his long-lost family!

Cute art but that’s all this manga has going for it xD Is it sad that I liked the one shot at the end better than the series thus far? :P


Book Girl and the Famished Spirit (#2)

Seriously confused as hell as to why my boss would think this a slutty novel xD

Life in the literary club has settled into a predictable – if unusual – routine. Junior member Konoha Inoue dutifully writes short stories for his club president, Tohko Amano, who subsequently shreds them and devours each morsel like the book-eating goblin she is. When the club begins receiving cryptic messages, though, routine goes out the window as Tohko sets out to find the culprit with Konoha in tow!

When their investigation suggests that a tormented spirit might be stalking the school halls, matters quickly take an ominous turn. Is it possible that ghosts really exist, or is there something even more disturbing at play?

Another good volume in the series. I always think SWEET I FIGURED OUT THE END but then when the end does come, I’m like, DAMN DID NOT SEE THAT COMING D:

Side rant but I really want to know more about Miu! Quit teasing us book!

Kieli #3: Prisoners Bound For Another Planet

Harvey Angst ~ now more tolerable in volume #3 :P

Kieli and Harvey have settled into a normal life in a small town… at least, as normal as life gets for a girl who can see ghosts and an immortal soldier. But when a face from Harvey’s past surfaces, just how long can they hold on to the comfortable existence that they have carved out for themselves? Does Harvey even want to hold on to it?

The shocking conclusion to this third installment of the Kieli series will change everything for this pair of unlikely companions!

Harvey Angst wasn’t that bad this time around! Volume #3 was actually really good and restored my interest in the series again ヽ(´ー`)ノ

(I was originally turned off the series when I read #2 which was just painful for me – damn Harvey Angst)

Cliffhanger at the end makes me happy I got #4 (I may have been turned off the series but I wanted to support Yen Press’s light novel line ^^ – thus the reason I have #4)

Spice and Wolf #3

Lawrence <3

Having narrowly escaped financial ruin, Lawrence turns his attention to helping Holo find her ancient homeland in the North. But how long can a traveling merchant afford to wander the countryside looking for a village that he suspects may have ceased to exist long ago? When a rival merchant sets his sights on Lawrence’s beautiful companion, though, can Lawrence truly be confident that Holo will remain by his side? Has the time come when Lawrence must ask himself whether his relationship with the Wisewolf is business or pleasure?

LOVE LOVE LOVED! Each volume just gets better and better <3 Liked how #3 was like a shojo drama with economy mixed in xD Need to order #4 here soon!

And this is it ~

4 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve read ~ #1

  1. *panics at new layout* Ahhh!
    Haha, no it looks great! Love the header! Is it handmade? aka.photoshopped by you?

    Interesting post! It’s always fun to just give minireviews of stuff. Always makes me feel accomplished ^^
    Definitely some interesting novels/manga here. None of which i’ve read. Shame on me >///<


    • xD haha, I waned to try something new ~ (I have a habit of trying new themes just because they’re new and shiny looking 8D)
      I got the picture off zerochan and messed around with PS to get that weird texture look…don’t ask me how because I seriously just pushed buttons and panicked xP

      Mini reviews are a lot more fun than regular length ones ~ They’re quick and easy too 8D (you’re a genius for coming up with them!)

      If you have to read only one thing on this list, make it Ao no Exorcist. Loving it. Rin is so cute it’ll give you high blood pressure ~
      I need to get the next volume though ~ xD


  2. aaah! the only one i’ve read from this list is record of the fallen vampire and i really adored it! didnt read like shounen manga :P

    book girl and the famished spirit sounds eerie from your sypnosis xD but it got my attention and it sounds pretty cool. i like my mystery stories :P

    was spice and wolf originally a game or sumthing. i see it everywhere…must be be a sign to start reading it + u hav lots of love for it! xD


    • That’s what baka_girl said too :D It’s pretty slow right now but it’s supposed to get butt kicking awesome here soon (but I’m in no rush to collect it xD When I find it at a good price, I’ll get it ~)

      I really like the Book Girl series 8D (heck I love most of the Light Novels brought over thus far ~). I’d recommend it ~ but not before recommending Spice and Wolf first. Very addicting, especially when there isn’t much butt kicking in the first place ~ The first volume was kind of meh for me but the others…oh man they were GOOD! I need to get #4 here soon (along with other stuff) ~
      ***try to avoid the manga version though. My friend told me it’s pretty much porn o___O;****


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