Blah Blah Blah ~! Part IV (May 2011)

Here is the final BLAH BLAH BLAH~! 8D Yay ~
I’m actually really liking this new “project” – I guess you could call it that :3
I get to show you all the covers of these Sylph titles and at the same time, I can give a brief summary (pending on the series) and I get to blah about them ^w^
These are actually getting a lot more hits than I would have expected so sweetness ~

Oh, and did you know there is a 3DS game where you get 3-D boobage? No lie. It’s called Senran Kagura. Oh Japan, first boys that strip girls to save the world, now bouncing boobs IN YOUR FACE! What surprises will you think of next…

Table of Contents:

[Hiiro no Ouji Last Blood]
[Yamato Kareshi 7th Lost Boy]
[Sylph Anthology]
[Hiso Hiso Silent Voice Voice 3]

Hiiro Ouji/Scarlet Prince Last Blood


This is the final chapter you all ~ And it S-U-C-K-S ~ ♪( ´▽`)

The chapter starts with Mana’s “father”/priest dude saying, welp, because this is the last chapter, we’ve decided that vampires aren’t such bad slices of kiwi pies after all. No point in perving on them anymore ~ Good job Mana. Your job is done ~

Mana flips at his words because that means she has to leave school D:

Me: (ಠ_ಠ) uh….he never said that…*is ignored*

Much drama develops. Her school friends are all wtf to the news (esp Akira/Okamoto, since he pretty much screamed I LOVE YOU in the previous chapter). Mana herself is trying to be a cool cucumber by acting all nonchalant about transferring. Like, yeah, what can you do?  But on the inside, she doesn’t want to leave…even though she doesn’t know the reason for her reluctance ~


Wataru bursts in on the scene and acts all super bitchy to everyone. Like, shit, Wateru, need a tampon for that PMS flood? He’s all, see ya bitches! (the next part is directed at Akira/Okamoto) I WIN! THE CHILDHOOD FRIEND ACTUALLY WON THIS TIME AROUND! *sticks tongue out and crotch yanks* and proceeds to drag Mana out. Akira/Okamoto has a >:X look but takes action when his friends tell him, basically, wtf idiot – DON’T JUST STAND THERE MAKING >:X FACES! GO AFTER HER, YOU POO POO STICK! 

Akira/Okamoto catches up to Wataru and Mana because Mana is having her own PMS fit (you could say, her cucumber act finally pickled…*shot* AHEM, what I meant to say was she’s finally letting out the fear and anxiety she was holding in), scaring Wataru into submission xD After watching Mana lose it, Wataru leaves because he’s a third wheel to the upcoming confession scene. Alone, Akira says, AGAIN, that he loves Mana. That he wants to be with her and hates the idea of parting with her. Mana is all, oh…uh…sorry dude, I’m not sure if I’m in love with you…if anything…I’m glad to have met you?

Akira: ^___ ^ oh…that’s cool…


If that wasn’t enough, Akira/Okamoto’s reward for his hard earned confession is a handshake…yes…you spilled your guts Akira/Okamoto and not only got rejected but you got hand service…but your pants were unmolested…sorry man….

The two part – Mana to do whatever next assignment the church has for her, Akira/Okamoto to go hang himself over being rejected.

The chapter ends with ONE day having passed since the parting xD Everyone is in a depressed funk with Mana gone. Before Mana left, she told Akira/Okamoto if he ever did anything crazy, she’d come running back like a bat out of hell to beat him. The friends joke that he should do something to bring her back ~ Akira/Okamoto is all no…I can’t do that… besides, that hairy bitch can bite me…’all girls want vampire boyfriends‘ huh? MY BALL SAC! to which MANA is all YOU BETTER NOT ACT UP FOO.

MANA!? (ಠ_ಠ)

Turns out Mana misunderstood her father’s/the priest’s words – he said her mission to perv on Akira/Okamoto was over. She still has to attend school – it’s the law.

Akira/Okamoto: Yay ~ I have a chance again to win your love ~ ignore that earlier hairy bitch comment sweetie ( ゚ヮ゚)

Mana: Oh, and Wataru is joining too.

Wataru: ヽ(´ー`)ノCOCKBLOCKING !


The end ~

And…yup… >___> sorry if you were shipping, ANYONE, in this series. Because NO ONE got together, though Akira/Okamoto’s brother did get some action. See Akira/Okamoto – your brother was on to something. Drinking from a girl’s neck does make them horny…

Akira’s bro: ;D bitches won’t let me put my pants on ~ that’s how much action I’m getting *junk thrust*

Opinion: ヽ(`Д´ ; )ノシ☆ イライラ

Alt ending page:

Yamato Kareshi – 7th Last Boy


Yamato Kareshi has come to an end.  It’s not a series I have been following (in fact, the only chapter I’ve read besides this final one is the one before it xD) so I really don’t have any opinions on this. Also, because of this, I have no idea what’s going on. Something about kings, students beating the crap out of one another, juicy gossiping leading to drama, and lots of depressed bishies. I think this last chapter was supposed to be all drama and dark but the minute the evil bad guy started his introduction by stating he was THE RAMEN MASTER!!!! that ambience died quickly. ( ´_⊃`)

Seems RAMEN MASTER caused all this shit (students beating the crap out of one another, juicy gossiping leading to drama, and making all the bishies depressed) so he could get his brother, who is a teacher, to look all cool and crap so he’ll get voted to be the next king.

Uh dude, your brother is fucking 30. Only students can be kings. And I think your brother has better things to do than rule over high schoolers…just saying.

But the RAMEN MASTER doesn’t care about this fact! The RAMEN MASTER wants what the RAMEN MASTER wants! BECAUSE HE’S THE KING!!!! ( ̄∇ ̄〃)





Now before you go wtf this is stupid, we see in the end of the chapter that the main bishi (forgot his name) is actually telling this story (of his first year in whateverthenameofthisschoolis) to the main girl/you. Basically this whole manga is the prequel to the game ~ that’s why there is no resolution or, for that matter, the main girl! (I guess she wasn’t there in the first year???). You want answers or justice against the RAMEN MASTER, then you gotta buy the game ~

I honestly don’t care so I’m fine with the idea of the RAMEN MASTER still at large, trying to get his brother to be leader of a school filled with hormonal horny teenagers.

Man, the villains in Sylph suck balls D: Thanks to this manga, SLH’s Koutetsu got bumped UP in terms of villainy (and that’s just sad).

Opinion:  (・ε・)何も。。。

Sylph Anthology

I have no idea what this is. It’s just a bunch of pretty pictures combined with random short comics. Since there really is no pattern or connection between the themes in each issue, I’m just…going to skip this ^^

Opinion: ◉ε◉ ええええっと。。。

 Hiso Hiso – Silent Voice Whisper 3

D: this series is so adorable! OMG, I must catch up with the series when the tankoubon is released!!! From what I can gather at this point, the main guy (the one in the picture) used to have the power to read minds/thoughts left behind via people, animal, items, etc. However, something happened and he lost that ability. One day, for some reason, his path crosses with a little boy. This boy also has the same powers as him. However, the one exception to his powers is the little boy can’t read the main guy’s thoughts (they kind of negate each other, like Hiyoki and Cain did in SLH – I really got to stop with the SLH stuff…). The main guy sees himself in the boy and slowly starts to become close to the boy and his family (because the main character’s family kept their distance from him due to his powers in the past :____: poor baby).

In this chapter, we meet the boy’s – Daichi’s – father. Lol, he thinks Kouji (the main guy) is trying to shack up with his wife xDDDD

Kouji: =___O; uh…


Mom: *comes flying in and whacks her husband over the head with a paper fan xD*

Dad: :A: why!!!!! I love you!!!! Don’t cheat on me sweetie!!!

However, dad’s presence sparks a question in Kouji’s mind – why does he spend time with Daichi and his family? Is it because he’s the same as Kouji so Kouji doesn’t have to hide his secrets (not sure what) like he does with his friends? (who Kouji is currently having a falling out with because he doesn’t like having to hide himself ~)

The chapter ends with Kouji hearing Daichi’s dog’s thoughts!


Opinion: CUTE <3 ヽ(´ー`)ノ キュ~ン

3 thoughts on “Blah Blah Blah ~! Part IV (May 2011)

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    • That ending! Dx Hiiro Ouji was going so RIGHT it was almost impossible to ruin. But somehow the manga-ka managed to do just that :<

      (I think I'm just bitter about the whole thing because that last chapter destroyed my ship ;___; )

      Glad you liked the summary – made with bitter feelings and boiling rage haha xD


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