Sweet Alchemy (June 27 – July 6) Entries

Lol, random FFX icon xD
Yuna distracted me from making an icon of Lightning ~
(on zerochan, the next picture I got to was a Snow x Hope one and…I just couldn’t do it man. I said I would go in order but HELL NO! I hate Snow enough by himself but when he’s creeping on Hope…that’s when I draw the line! So I skipped to the next picture in the list…a cross over picture 8D Thus Yuna)
Ah got distracted ~~

Here are the entries I wrote for Sweet Alchemy for the weeks…ish…of June 27 – July 6th ~
(I post this just to have something to post about :P – also for those who don’t have Twitter and so aren’t spammed by my blog updates xD)

Enjoy ~

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