T+RAW: Cafe Cafe Chapter 7

Howdy all ~

In case you’re curious as to what this T+RAW post is, then you’re in luck. Pull up a chair and sit your kisters down ~

*lol what a strange way to begin this post ^^;*

As you know, I’ve been working on my translating via Sylph. I make snippets and now BLAH BLAH BLAH~!’s of the titles currently serialized within the magazine. While I’m getting better at reading something and garnering the meaning, I’m still a bit newbie when it comes to directly translating the Japanese into English. Back when I first started all this, I tried my hand at direct translations which took forever and I promptly ended that with a rage quit. Now that a year and a half has gone by, I’m interested in seeing if I’ve improved or not.

That said, I’ve decided to use the series, Cafe Cafe, to test myself ~ It’s really short – like 10 pages max per chapter – and it’s pretty easy in terms of words (no magical prophesies or complex strategy here). Plus, the Prince is just farked up hilarious ~

I’m hoping to give Cafe Cafe more exposure by doing these T+RAW posts ~ (if you like Cafe Cafe, then please buy the manga when it’s released ~ <3)

T+RAW, BTW, is shorthand for TRANSLATIONS and RAWs. Yes, included with these posts will be RAWs, but they will be of crap quality, because 1) it takes forever for me to play with PS and 2.) because I’d feel horrible if someone stole the scans I worked so hard on to make pretty. The RAWs are just to add picture to the translations :)

And that is the end of my explanation ~

You can continue to read the rest of this post or shut your computer down and roll in the grass ~ Which ever makes your day ~

Chao ~

Café Café Chapter 7 Translations

A formidable foe has appeared before Prince Ashura!

This is AN, a Japanese style café which has more time than customers on its hands…

Today is another day, just like all the others…or so I thought…

Ashura: “Kazuno, marry me!”

Kazuno: “No!”


Kazuno: “Ippei-kun!”

(Me: Ippei!? (ಠ_ಠ))

“You’re back!? Welcome home!”

Ippei: “Ah, it’s good to be back!”

Ashura: “GYAAAA!”

“Kazuno! Who is this!? Who is this man!?”

Kazuno: “This is Oosaka Ippei-kun, he’s the son of the cake shop owner. Their shop is located in the same shopping district as us.”

Ippei: “And who the hell are you, jerkoff!? Get your mitts off her!”

Ashura: “Hmph. Childhood friend is it? Fine, let me introduce myself”

“I am the prince of Al = Jarad. And might I add…”

“Kazuno’s (still in the working stages) fiancée, Ashurafu-Ali-Marek!!!”

**I’m on another level compared to you~**

Kazuno: “Again with your fantasies!?”

Ippei: “You mean to tell me while I was gone training for a year, you replaced me with this disgusting maggot!? Didn’t I tell you to be wary of all men before I left!?”

**Plus, there’s something NOT right about him – I can feel it!**

Kazuno: “You’ve got it all wrong. This guy just says whatever he wants.”

Ippei: *phew* “I see.  That’s a relief. After all –“

Ippei: “I’m the one you promised to marry ~”

Flashback Ippei: “Kazuno, you’re going to be my wife!”

Flashback Kazuno: “Huh? Whatever, I guess I don’t mind…”

Ashura: “WHA??????”

“Kazuno! Is this true!?”

Kazuno: “Yeah, I think I remember saying something like that…”

Ashura: “I-I can’t believe this is happening…”

Cedric: “Your highness, please get a hold of yourself!”

Cedric: “These two are commoners – they’re made for each other. Now let’s get that crazy notion of marrying her out of your head and…”

Ashura: “…Fufufufu”


“Like hell I’m giving up!”

Someone (most likely Cedric): “Prince Ashurafu!”

Ippei: “What are you doing with Kazuno! Put her down!”

Kazuno: “Listen to the man! Please put me down!”

Ashura: “You are something that can be taken from me. But before any man can steal you away, I’ll steal you first.”

Kazuno: “Prince…”


**My goodness** “Ippei-kun is just a friend! No one is stealing anyone here!”

Ippei: “Just…a friend…”

Ashura: “I SEE! I SEE!”

Kazuno: “And let me repeat:”

Kazuno: “You, Prince, are just a customer.”


“You two are hurting today’s sales…”

**That dark aura you’re emitting is scaring away the customers**

Cedric: “Leave them be – not like this place gets any business.”

Kazuno: “CEDRIC-SAN!”

I’m happy Ippei-kun is back but now my ordinary days are twice as exhausting!


Yay ~ that was fun 8D Maybe if I ever get time I’ll go back and work on the earlier chapters ^^

5 thoughts on “T+RAW: Cafe Cafe Chapter 7

    was intrigued by cafe cafe and now ur introduced it in your new & AWESOME T+RAW POST!
    what an entertaining chapter xDDD! 10 pages of great fun xD

    a follow up from my last comment! now i think both guys are on drugs HAHA.

    LOTS OF LURVE. <3!!!

    p.s i couldnt reply to your comment on betsuender since wp wouldnt let me reply ,_, so i'll reply here xD

    no worries!!! no stress & rush at all :D lets work at our own pace and enjoy the process :D comic sylph love!


    • xD Glad you liked it ~ I’m happy Sylph has some nice (short) titles a neophyte translator like myself can practice with :3 Plus, you gotta admit, the Prince is quite the weirdo xD He’ll only get crazier, mark my words!!!

      Don’t they? Well, the Prince definitely has to be smoking something to make him that wacky. Or maybe his mom did and he got messed up mentally because of it? >___>;
      If he and the girl do get together, I pray for their children…

      PS – almost done (omg how long ago was this post xD). I’ll send an example of my attempt to make the scans look…decent but your ninja methods are probably better than mine! xD


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