Blah Blah Blah ~! Part III (May 2011)

Trying to make magazine scans look less crappy is harder than it looks >___<;
Have no idea how cleaners get the patience to sit at their computers and slowly dink away with levels, exposure, hues, etc.
I originally had a high appreciation for those in the cleaning business but now it just rose even more!
I’m thankful I just stick to summaries and only have to (attempt to) pretty up my few scans…which I have to admit were never pretty in the first place xD
Now that I think about it, the reason I take so long to post Sylph stuff is because it takes me forever to scan stuff and then edit it…
.______. wow…that’s just sad…

Um…on to part III…

Up today are:

[Fujoshissu Chapter 25]
[Kamitsuki Chapter 2]
[Shiro Ari Check 10]

Fujoshissu! Chapter 25

So this went from a manga about girls, who draw yaoi comics, finding love, and all that shit, to now focusing on two dudes…who draw yuri comics…wtf >__>; The reason I say wtf is because the last I read of this series oh so many months ago, the girls were having shojo love troubles. Now…I have no idea what’s going on. The girls had a cat fight apparently but it’s all good. Something about college and revenge is passed around. Kind of hard to get information from two pages >__> and WTF!?  What happened to Tom, Fred, and Hector, those guys that you three were all dating/chasing after???? 8U

(Tom, Fred, and Hector aren’t their real names BTW)

The YURIs (the dudes who draw Yuri – too lazy to memorize their names :P) kind of creep me out. I guess this chapter is dedicated to learning the “Way of the Moe.” All I know is when one dude asked “what age do you think [SOME ANIME CHICK] started to wear bras?” (as part of his Moe training???), I was like D: EW! You disgusting sleaze! WHAT PART OF THAT IS MOE??? What was worse was when Sleazy made a “script” of some sorts to teach Grasshopper about moe. He’s like, so [SOME ANIME CHICK] is in elementary school and she gets into a fight with her friend. Blah blah continue the story. So the two pass the story back and forth. The story ends with the two friends being BFFs again. Then Sleazy had to rub his sleazy (you can think of his sleazy as either his nastiness or his penis, it works both ways in this example) all over that scene by saying “and the two celebrated by going BRA SHOPPING! NOW DRAW IT <3



I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a joke but it didn’t humor me. It sickened me. You’re going to end up on TO CATCH A PREDATOR, dude…

Then it turns yuri and I was all =___=; nice…just what I wanted to read in my shojo magazine dedicated to HAWT (not butt slapping each other) GUYS

I did have a good laugh when Sleazy made another storyline – [SOME ANIME CHICK] is awakening to the emotion called love.

Grasshopper: But…this manga series is full of girls…who in the world is there for her to fall in love with?


Grasshopper: [What could he…OMG! DOES HE MEAN ME!??!?!? SHE’S IN LOVE WITH ME!? //// No that’s stupid…].

Sleazy: You considering yourself?


Sleazy: *pulls out doujinshi* There are stuff out there like that (´∀`).

Grasshopper: OAO; (I didn’t think there were others crazy enough to consider that option…)

Thoughts: =_________________=

Kamitsuki Chapter 2

This manga makes me feel bad for throwing away stuff :___: BUT I’M NOT A HOARDER DUDE! I CAN’T KEEP THAT $0.30 BALL POINT PEN THAT’S RAN OUT OF INK – EVEN IF IT’S ACTUALLY HOUSING AN ADORABLE HEDGEHOG GOD INSIDE! ;____; Forgive me Mr. Hedgehog. May the bacteria and other things breaking you down in the landfill be kind…

Also, Jyanome totally reminds me of Michael Jackson. He’s so creepy! D: Appearing out of the darkness behind Yahiro, sporting a raepface or an “I’m gonna bust out my raepface once I’m done explaining things” expression Dx GO TO JAIL SIR! (along with Sleazy – maybe you both live in the same jail cell and talk about what age do you think Justin Bieber will start wearing bras or something…creepers).

My final “also” for Kamitsuki – wtf to the even creepier long hair thing waving at everyone while chilling upside o___O totally had a GRUDGE moment…

Oh shiz I almost forgot the summary – uh, someone gets possessed again. Yahiro stops them…accidentally. Jyanome shows up and creeps. Happy end…kinda…

Thoughts: An interesting story. Too bad I missed chapter one and have no idea what’s going on ~ But I love the cute spirits that inhabit useless crap ~ they’re so cute x3

Shiro Ari (Snow White and Alice) Check #10

It’s finally out – Alice went S in public. Gotta give the guy a break though – having a stew pot thrown at ones head before being smacked by the thrower of said stew pot can make anyone go a little batty ~But I think being told he needed a personality check was probably what made him lose it though xD

Besides Alice being outed, we also learn a little BG about him. Apparently names in this world are very important. Which sucks for Alice since he had his name stolen a long time ago (I’m talking like 300 years ago…and might I add, that bitch aged well for being 300+ years old, and I want his secret!). Which sucks even more for him because there was this battle for the crown 300 years ago. It was between him and the Red King. However, you can only be the ruler if you have a name. Thus Alice got kicked out of the race and the Red King has been ruling ever since.

(Love how Snow White is all – HE LOST HIS NAME BECAUSE HE’S AN S – IT’S RETRIBUTION! щ(゚ロ゚щ))

Alice acted all 8D niko niko about it even though on the inside, he truly wanted to stab kittens in the eyes. But Alice doesn’t have to worry about keeping his S personality in check anymore ~

BTW I’m totally betting money (air dollars) that Hatter is a bishi, just from his reply to Alice’s remark about both of them being sweet pieces of man meat: “If you look at it, when it comes to beauty, you’re not match for me Alice ~”

Alice: “You keep saying that, you fat narcissist =__=*”

Hatter: ( °٢° ) “Ohoho ~ Hmm? What’s that? Did you say something?”

Alice: “Nothing at all.” ­­>__>

Thoughts: Poor Alice ~ how will things go for him??? ALSO – hey isn’t that Mirror??? (<- didn’t notice before xD)

One more BLAH BLAH BLAH~! to go before I get to my snippets ~

Chao ~

3 thoughts on “Blah Blah Blah ~! Part III (May 2011)

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  2. Such a shame about the first one. It looks like so much fun… sad that it is somewhat creepy… I mean. Elementary girls? Really? I don’t understand the strange fascination >> I don’t see little boys and think “mmmm.” Weird.
    As always, loved reading through this ^^


    • Fujoshissu looked real fun in the beginning. I love romance comedies (as long as it doesn’t get too stupid). Now it’s just…creepy.
      Srsly, what’s up with the fetish for underage kids? Who thinks an elementary kid is sexy? Dx (that reminds me of the horror I stumbled upon when I found Shugo Chara doujinshi…the XXX rated kind D: WHY!?)

      8D glad you liked ~ (thank you for tolerating my blahings ~ :3)


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