Blah Blah Blah ~! Part II (May 2011)

Next up ~ Part II of BLAH BLAH BLAH ~!
Was hoping to put links from my other blog, Sweet Alchemy, in this introduction part but unfortunately fc2 be down as of this post
:A: dang
Oh well ~
So, we’re on to BBB PART II ~
There was only one chapter I could confidently summarize and blah about. The other two…I just yammered away xD In this version, I decided to add both the title cover page and the last page ~, just to give more visual candy ~
Up in this post are:

[Shinigami Doggy Chapter 8]
[Himegoto wa Hanazono Chapter 22]
[Hakuouki Chapter 10]

Shinigami Doggy 8

We get a quick end to the fujoshi-arc. Ana’s wish is to retrieve her notebook full of her yaoi-tastic stories and destroy it. The reason? Because of it, her friendship was ruined when her BFF found the notebook and read its contents ~ ;A;

However, why does the ex-friend (the chick wanting to look at textbooks in the previous chapter) have her notebook then!?

Meh details ( ̄ー ̄)

The S Gang steal back the notebook but Ana stops Ken from destroying it – it means too much to her. She just wants to be friends with her tomodachi.

Aha! So there’s her real wish.

Using Ken’s body (lol), Ana possess it (I’m sure she does ;D) and tries to give her soul sister a letter saying yo dawg, sorry about dat man x man shit – hope we cool in the hood and can smack some hoes when you get hit in a drive by and cyber dump it up here yo (or whatever kids say now and days – their jargon just gets weirder and weirder with every year…). However, Ana’s gal pal grabs Ken instead and uses self-defense moves to pin him to the ground. She’s all, dawg, Y Ana friends with U and not some hot shit like me yo!?

Turns out when Ana found her amigo reading her notebook, she was all OMG BITCH GET YOUR BIG PIMPLE CRUSTY HONKER OUT OF MY BUSINESS which really hurt the camaraderie the two had going (so it wasn’t the yaoi that broke them up – it was the GTFO comment that did it).

Ana/Ken is all, oops! My bad! She gives her подруга her yaoi-tastic notebook (which from the picture, looks like she’s pulling it out from her crotch xD) as a sign of their friendship before melting off into the distance ~ (BTW the cobber was holding on to Ana’s notebook because she wanted something to remember her friend by – oh shiz, I never mentioned how Ana bit it. Pretty much like EVERYONE who dies in manga – car accident. You Japanese REALLY need to learn how to drive better. How many manga have people who are dead because of car accidents?)

The chapter ends with Spanky getting pawned by a cat (who reminds me of the King Cat in THE CAT RETURNS) and some freaky dude going ohohoho and posing…yeah, I don’t get it either.

Oh and Ken gets bro-yo with a classmate because they both like their moms!? >__> oh kay…

Thoughts: Nothing much on my end. Really hope Spanky is okay. He makes me laugh, esp when he torments poor Ken xD

Himegoto wa Hanazono Chapter 22

Color page for Himegoto wa Hanazono. WTF to the little kids though o__O;

This was on the back of the colored title page so I thought I'd include it ~

Can’t say much here on this series. I haven’t been keeping up with Himegoto wa Hanazono so I have no effin’ idea what’s going on. Any hoo, the chapter is a continuation of last month’s chapter which I guess is a continuation of the chapter before that. All I know is Ai is at Sakurai’s place, taking care of him because he’s sick (and also because Ai kinda ran away from home).

From this chapter we learn two things 1.) Ai is an idiot (;¯‿¯) (apparently it was something since birth. S/he had the tendency to get in so much trouble as a kid – getting stuck in drainage ditches, following creepy old men in hopes of getting candy, etc. Thus the reason why everyone is freaking out about Ai running away and why mom/now I guess “dad” is searching down in man holes and in tree holes to find Ai xD) and 2.) Sakurai lives alone because his parents are overseas all the time and…yeah…just thought you’d like to know.

The chapter ends happy – Ai makes up with her/his older brother Byakko (?) (I have no idea how the family structure works; especially when everyone is changing genders Dx),  Sakurai is invited to stay over at Ai’s place so he can recover (because of his sob story), and mom is still out trying to find Ai, though she’s stopped to eat friggin 10 hot potatoes because she was hungry (wtf so random) xD

Thoughts: I really would like to get the first volume in this series to figure out what the f is going on but just found out it’s OOP :A:

Hakuouki Chapter 10

Yeah, have not been following this one at all. Period. xD At least with Himegoto wa Hanazono I made an attempt. I’m not interested in a manga that kills off everyone one by one…

Flipping through the pictures, we see animosity between Bandanna guy and Kondou. Carlos shows up and shows how fail gangster he is by missing EVERYTHING with his gun >__>; We see Chizuru’s dad real quick. Think he’s being all thug but I don’t care what he’s saying. He’s fugly and his face scares me.

Kaoru finds Chizuru and is all join me ~ Chizuru says suck it which makes Kaoru angrier than a hornet who got on a plane next to a screaming baby. He goes, IMMA GOING TO STAB YOU(ノಠ Д ಠ)ノ  but is stopped when Okita shows up…but Okita might as well have stayed home since he’s too busy coughing up blood vessels to be useful. Patrick shows up as well and is all, HEY THINK QUICK! *STABS KAORU* TEE HEE ~ YOU WEREN’T QUICK ~( ^∀^) *skips away* As Kaoru falls to the floor, Chizuru I guess remembers, oh shit that’s my twin brother! Totally forgot about that *taps herself on the head* ┐(‘~`;)┌

Blah blah Harada and Bandanna dude leave and that’s the end ~

Thoughts: Meh (  ̄0 ̄)ノ

Yay ~ half way down with the BLAH BLAH BLAH~! posts

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