Blah Blah Blah ~! Part I (May 2011)

I’m FINALLY getting to May’s stuff.
OMG, here I thought this was going to be cake
Sorry to the 5 of you that read this blog xD


I’m trying something new ~ since I’ve reduced the number of summaries I’m doing, I decided to compensate this by creating BLAH BLAH BLAH~! What is BLAH BLAH BLAH ~!? Well, it’s pretty much the title pages of those series I don’t do snippets for with the addition of a quick summary + me blahing about said series ~

Basically…it’s just something to keep this blog active xD (and I get to advertise Sylph stuff at the same time 8D yay ~)

BLAH BLAH BLAH ~! will (usually) consist of 4 parts because I blah blah blah too much and I don’t want to bore you all by having 15 series in one post ( ̄∇ ̄〃)

And again, it let’s me keep this blog active with multiple posts ♪( ´▽`)

Up first are:

[Cafe Cafe Chapter 7]
[Hoshikuzuchou no Pan no Mimi Chapter 15]
[Kuranoa 16th Bullet]


Café Café Chapter 7

It's so easy to photoshop that pointer finger away so it looks like he's flipping the two chibis off xD

We all knew this moment was coming. What is a shojo without…the childhood friend love interest OTL Yup, fall on your knees and cry, we have love triangle, people. The person in question is some baker Kazuno knew as a kid. The prince nearly shits himself when the baker comes in and is all huggle ~ Kazuno -3- suki yo ~ When the Prince and the baker get into it over Kazuno, the baker tells the Prince that Kazuno agreed to marry him (which was when they were like 5 and it turns out she was all, whatever to his proposal). Though momentarily distraught that the woman he has his eyes on to hump like a Chihuahua has been claimed by another, the Prince, in his usually fashion, says F it – IMMA STEALING HER FROM YOU, DOUGH BOY ~ GO TICKLE YOURSELF!

The Prince tells Kazuno he lub lubs her and the scene would be so romantic if it weren’t for the fact she elbow jabs him in the head OTL

Kazuno says she’s ain’t promised to the baker (which makes the Prince skip around the café in joy) nor is she interested in the Prince (which causes the Prince to skip around the café looking for a rope to hang himself with).

The chapter ends with the two love interests crying over their situations. Kazuno tells the two to GTFO because their aura of depression is scaring away customers to which Cedric snarkly says, bitch, this place ain’t getting nothing as long as you’re running the place xD

End ~

Ah Café Café is so fun ~ as long as you don’t look at the characters as if they were real people and just take this series as a comedy, you’d probably enjoy it a lot more (or at least that’s what I’ve been doing ~ otherwise I’d quit xD)

Hoshikuzuchou no Pan no Mimi Chapter 15

)$*(%*&(*&@(*&#(* Dx OF ALL THE THINGS!!!! WHY???

Have not been following this series ^^; Hoshikuzuchou no Pan no Mimi had been running (irregularly at times) in Sylph for a while – by the time I started buying Sylph, the story was already well on its way. That saying, not too sure why there’s an erojiji on the cover, butt naked in the tub, but I’m sure that’s enough to make people think twice about picking up this series xDDDDD (if it weren’t for the fact Chizuru’s dad was scarier looking, I’d be screaming in fear at this pantless gramps myself…).

I’m thinking this is somewhat like Otome Youkai Zakuro, in that it’s set in the old times and there are ghosts and stuff. However, instead of the main girl having animal ears and running around beating the crap out of baddies with tree branches, she’s just a normal girl doing…normal stuff. I think the guy she’s crushing on is a demon or something. I know I LIKE STRUTTING IN MY BIRTHDAY SUIT pops is an exorcist/demon thing o__O; (the thought of this nekkid grandpa fighting evil with everything hanging lose is terrifying in itself…).

>__> yahhhhhhh, basically I don’t know anything of this series xD

In this chapter, I know the girl is talking about her love problems with some rich chick. Then all of a sudden the girl is talking with her friend’s mom about her own mom. I guess there’s this ghost that is going I HAVES YOUR RIBBON AND I WANTZ TO RETURN IT TO YOUS but the YOUS is the girl’s mom who is dead (of course…). So it looks like the girl is thinking, IMMA GOING TO DRESS AS MAH MOMMIES AND GET THAT GHOST TO GTFO ~

<__< yeah…did I mention I hate this manga-ka’s handwriting? She’s got some unique way of writing…that is disgusting and should not be allowed. Makes it seem like Natsu no Kakera’s manga-ka has shit awesome handwriting…

Kuranoa 16th Bullet

I always feel bad for Kuranoa...this time around, it had only ONE page more than the mini series Cafe Cafe (which had 8 pages in case you were wondering).

In case you forgot, Ichi got shot in the face by Birdman. Shiori tells a frantic Minori that Ichi isn’t dead. He’s been blasted to the real world for a while because if he were here, he could ruin her plans by popping Minori in the coco and sending HER to the real world to stop Shiori.

Bird man aims his gun at Shiori to which Minori is all wtf sis – what you plan on doing now???

“I told you – I’m going to destroy reality ~”

BAM ~!

Birdman picks up Ichi’s gun as he tells Minori – hey ~ look on the bright side ~ you’ll be here in Kuranoa where things don’t suck like in the real world. Weeee ~ Minori does shojo speech and tells Birdman that running from your problems isn’t how it goes…yo!

Birdman is influenced by Minori’s shojo speech and shows this by aiming Ichi’s gun at Minori’s face. He tells her to go after Shiori and stop her (as a Guardian Spirit, if he shoots her in the face, it’ll have the same effect as if Ichi had shot her in the face ~ well isn’t THAT lovely!). Touko comes in because hey, what else is there to do in Kuranoa? She warns that shooting Minori will cause both souls to inhabit the body, which can fark things up.  Birdman shrugs and says there’s nothing else to be done – the next chapter is the last one.  Also, while he said he wouldn’t stop/betray Minori, he never said nothing about using her sister to stop her :)

After saying, let’s do this bitch, Minori gets shot to the real world and the final showdown starts…



It’s a light novel and Sylphalchemist isn’t at a lvl where she can read this shiz yo so…enjoy the cover page 8D It features “creeper serial killer in the making” brother and “I’m wearing a thong and fishnet stockings dawg” brother ~

Yes…there are TWO guys on the title page…

That’s it for part I ~

Look forward to part II ~

Or not xD

6 thoughts on “Blah Blah Blah ~! Part I (May 2011)

    • Kuranoa has been getting the Zeele Sacrifice Treatment in Sylph – basically, getting barely 2 digit pages a chapter – which makes it harder to develop the story :< However, the ending was actually pretty good IMHO (as long as you weren't rooting for Minori to get with anyone…which I wasn't because I knew better xD)

      THAT GRANDPA! HE LOVES WALKING AROUND PANTSLESS! EVEN THE CHARACTERS IN THE MANGA ARE ALL OMG CRAZY OLD MAN, PUT SOME PANTS ON! xD He's a dirty old man too because he walked in on the girl taking a bath, looked at her boobs, and told her they'd grow out soon before causally walking about in the bathroom.
      Me: OAo
      Her: OAo


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  2. Lololol. when i saw the title of the post i thought that was a new series since there were already titles like DADADADAN xDDD
    i was like is this some sort of trend? xDDD

    cafe cafe is getting me intrigued now…though that baker dude looks like he’s on drugs


    • xD haha, I didn’t know what else to name these posts. BLAH BLAH BLAH~! pretty much catches the essence of these posts: me blahing about Sylph stuff xD
      (I would be very amused if there was a manga called BLAH BLAH BLAH – I wonder what genre it would be in o3o)

      xD lol! Baker boy be a stoner ~ psssft, I’ll never be able to look at him in the same light again xD


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