Sweet Alchemy

Totally doing a snipe post here. Just wanted to say that if you’re in Sylphalchemist withdrawals because I don’t update this blog as much as I used to (I’ve got stuff people – thing is I need time to sit down and scan the pictures to go with it xD) or because you want to see Sylphalchemist when she’s not dry humping her love for Sylph, you can check out my side blog – Sweet Alchemy ~(I forget that there are those who visit this blog but either don’t have Twitter or don’t follow me on Twitter (ಠ_ಠ) so you all wouldn’t know about my side blog ~)

It’s just filled with random mundane stuff – manga, life, Sylph (>___> I’m addicted…), etc. Nothing too hardcore personal because I’m still under the impression that everyone on the internet it out to rape and murder me if they find even the SLIGHTEST RL information about me (Serial Crimes class does stuff to your thinking… o__o)  ~ You might even find my blahings…interesting! *gasp!*

Okay, that’s all, just wanted to let you know :3

Now off to bed for me ~

PS – Thank you for the comments x3 I’ll get to them soon <3

4 thoughts on “Sweet Alchemy

  1. Hi thar!

    I happened to stumble upon your blog a few days ago, and since it was overflowing with fangirling and things I generally love, I decided to spam your blog with comments in the future. This shall be the first one.

    Anyway, now I get to spam two blogs of yours, so even better! >:D


    • Well Howdy there 8D

      I’m glad you stumbled in ~
      Hohoho, spam my blog with comments? Do love ~
      But do expect me to be spamming your blog as well ;D

      xD I’m not sure if you’ll find my side blog fun because I just talking about mundane stuff but please, have a look :3 (


      • Ahaha, sorry, but as the queen of spamming (though I have yet to prove that), I’m certainly not afraid of you spamming my blog. >:D

        Also, mundane stuff are awesome, especially if they include fangirling, so why underestimate them? :D


        • Oh dear, looks like we’re going to have a competition then >:D bring it on!

          xD Just checking – because this blog is all about manga stuff (mainly Sylph) so I wasn’t sure if a blog about my RL stuff x fangirling would have the same impact x3


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