May 2011 Sylph – Color Scans

Finally! Some sort of progress :D
Sorry this is taking so long ~ time constraints and all that jazz ~
Any hoo, here are the color pages for Sylph May 2011
There are quite a lot this time around :U
(or maybe there has always been a lot and I’m just noticing now?)
Do watch out if you plan to look further – IMAGE HEAVY WARNING!

Advertisement for Alice Cross ~ This time it’s Otome Youkai Zakuro ~ I personally haven’t seen much of the series – only 1 episode – but I liked what I saw (or to be more precise, I liked the blond guy featured here xD You pansy ~)

More BROTHERS CONFLICT whoring ~ Seriously think that white haired brother and the blacked haired brother with glasses have something going on between them. They are WAY too touchy feely >___>

And while I appreciate the fact that almost EVERY brother is older than me, it’s a little creepy when you look at how old the girl is… a good 88.2% of your brothers are pedobears (one is a pedobear in drag…). But when you look at the youngest brother – 11 years old – the title of pedo bear gets transferred to your girl instead xD wtf…11??


These are pictures of the furoku that will be featured with future Sylph issues :3 (well, one of the furoku anyway – a later Sylph issue mentions  you’ll not only get these cute key-chains but you’ll also get BROTHERS CONFLICT stuff ~ Sorry Hakuouki, you’re flaunting days are over ^^;)

[I know this is probably just me, but if you look at Ono D’s keychain (the one in the lower left corner), the sleeves of his jacket look like ball sacs…or like his ball sacs are trying to pop out of his pants xD Ah, I need more sleep…]

Ah, spoke too soon ^^; Just in case you forgot from the coverage featured in the last few issues about the Hakuouki OVA…here it is again…and don’t forget to buy the manga…and the drama cd…do’z it!!!! Sylph commands it xD Or it’ll never stop reminding you!!!!


HOW ADORABLE! Why is this stuff only available in Japan??? (இ(ェ)இ)  So not fair…

Miyako stuff ~

Also: FARK YOU DUDE IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT HAND CORNER – FLAUNTING  YOUR PLUSHIE OF NIGOU WHICH IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE IN JAPAN! ಥ﹏ಥ *wants bad* Well, you know what? Your shirt looks like it’s advertising for VIAGRA (ノಠ Д ಠ)! (Girl Viagra = pink pill = random pink oval on his shirt) >___>; *lame insult but it makes Sylphalchemist feel better…*

Advertising for the new Sylph manga volumes that came out – Sylph Anthology (the person who did the cover art is the person who also drew Okita’s craptastic arc in the Hakuouki Jurenka series…thought I’d mention that), Vitamin Z #2 (FINAL), and Himigoto wa Hanazono #4

Random advertisement (not sure why I included it (・ε・) …I was zoned out when I was scanning all this xD)

Well this came out really fugly o__O;

Love that bag in the bottom left corner. Not so much the key chain of the bald guy, but to each his/her own (no seriously – who the fark would put that on their bag? (ఠ_ゝఠ) Especially when you have all those cute DGS key-chains we saw earlier! Bishies > bald creepy samurai guy-bots).

Miyako advertisement

Lol, it’s the exact same picture from earlier xD Abe totally looks like he’s proud of himself…or he’s like, you want my fan Sangou? You want it? Can’t have it? Muhahaha ~ You could always play with my other fan I keep in my pants…hohohoho ~  (˘⌣˘)

Back page…Hakuouki…don’t forget about that OVA ;D

7 thoughts on “May 2011 Sylph – Color Scans

  1. MeeeMeeoow~~ Bishie overload! Loves it!
    Dude. wft with that DGS Experience Heart Strength & horses shirt? Totally confused…

    Woo Hoo @ Brothers Conflict!
    How old is the girl?

    • x3 yay for bishi overload 3>

      According to the BROTHERS CONFLICT starter book I have here, she’s 17. Of your 13 brothers, 3 are younger than you (11, 15, and 17). You’re oldest brother is 32 o__O; Go to jail sir…

        • At least it’s not as bad as this one otome game I read about. Ero-jiji…we’re talking BOTH feet in the grave, that’s how old he is old. No idea how that geezer is still moving but please, don’t make grandpa a love interest. No girl wants that… >___<

  2. awesome awesome scans! got my eye on Otome Youkai Zakuro!!! i heard of the name somewhere but i know nothing else! particularly drawn to it because of the taisho period vibe im getting from it! military uniforms, westernisation but with kimonos!

    AHAHAH. I see the drag queen dude in Bro conflict! latest fetish indeeed. if the leading lady were to choose one guy its probably that young silver hair dude. he’s got tat ‘im gonna get the girl’ vibe. Lololol.


    oh my…those DGS keychains has caught my inner freebie self. i’d really like that for PLEASE.

    thanks always for the prettified sylph news ! lots of hugsss!!!

    • 8D I’ve watched an episode and I liked what I saw – the boy is awesome ~ The girl is your typically tsundere and Sylphalchemist isn’t really much of a fan with the tsundere girls ^^;

      Crosser dresser old dude? xD So random!
      I’m thinking it’s either him or the dude he’s always huggling
      I totally thought one of the brothers was the dad xDDDDD I was like EW! WTF!? WHO DOES THAT??? But it turns out the brother is just an old dude who I’m totally betting is a serial killer.

      Right? Like I said to @emysan83, Engrish is just weird. I’m sure the Japanese are proudly sporting that shirt.
      With the decline in intelligence going on (or so people joke about), I wonder how long it would take someone to notice the wtf-ness on that shirt were I to strut around in it xD

      A year ago, when Sylph turned monthly, it gave out keychains similar to these. Very nice quality. And damn cute to boot :3
      Sweet that there is a BROTHERS CONFLICT thing going on too ~ more freebies ~ do want ~

      x3 not a problem ~ thank you my friend for your comment *hugs back mucho much :3*

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