Mass Opinion: +Anime #5, Beyond the Beyond #4, Natsu no Kakera, My Girlfriend’s a Geek

Lolololol ~

OMG, did you know there is a video game, just recently released in Japan, where the main purpose of the game is to fight evil chicks…by stripping them…

This is probably one of the only times outside of hentai that stripping a woman’s clothes off could lead to saving the world.

The game is called Akiba’Strip. And apparently it’s doing quite well in Japan (thus how I found out about it via my nerd video game news app). But that’s not the reason I write about this in my introduction. There’s something even better about this. So you know those clothes you rip off in order to defeat your enemies? YOU CAN TOTALLY WEAR THEM.

Your DUDE main character can wear their GIRL clothes…


You play as a dude…who strips girls of their clothing…and promptly struts around in them if so desired…


Ah, amusement aside, here we have another installment of Mass Opinion ~ I had a bunch others but by the time I sat down and got to sorting through my DRAFTS, I decided to just chuck them and start anew ~

Series to look at:

  • +Anima #5
  • Beyond the Beyond #4
  • Natsu no Kakera
  • My Girlfriend’s a Geek LN #2

ANNDDDDDDDD, we can’t forget this:

Disclaimer: What you are about to read are my thoughts about a manga/anime/light novel I have read/watched. These posts are not intended to act as professional reviews or any of that jazz. It’s just me saying what I liked or didn’t like. Sometimes, I even troll on a series. Doesn’t mean it sucks. It just means I didn’t like it so I’m going to bitch about it ;D (because I spent money on it that I wished I hadn’t). If you liked the series that I didn’t like, that’s cool. Just ignore my post and leave it be. Same with if you hated a series I’m loving on. I’m just putting this warning so you all don’t get pissed at me (and you understand what you’re getting into if you continue to read any further) :3 So I shouldn’t see any crazy comments telling me I suck – because I put a warning here ;D K?

Let’s get started ~

[Edit: Man, I really like using the words, ENJOY, LIKE, CUTE, ADORABLE, AND PENIS…]


Title: +Anima #5
Manga-ka: MUKAI Natsumi

Summary on the back:

Husky, Senri, Nana and Cooro happen upon an apple orchard owned by a lonely woman named Emma, who invites them all to stay with her. But while the others feel her offer to be a little unsettling and would rather leave, Cooro couldn’t be happier to have finally found a mother. Cooro’s long journey of acceptance may finally be over… but are the others prepared to leave him behind?

Later, in an act of uncharacteristic generosity, Husky saves a young man from drowning. But when the boy mistakes him for a mermaid, Husky finds himself in yet another gender crisis…


8D a used book store find leads me back to the world of +Anima. It’s been a while since I last picked up a volume in this series but I must say, this manga is still adorable. A bit dark, but adorable none the less.

In this volume, we continue to follow the many adventures Cooro and his band of friends encounter. In one chapter he helps a girl who ultimately becomes his new stalker (okay, technically she’s following him to study more about the +Anima…but it’s still stalking none the less xD) while in another, we see Cooro bonding with a motherly figure ~ And there’s more Husky gender confusion…lol (Husky: don’t lol! My masculinity is being threatened!). Now that I’m back in the game, I’m REALLY looking forward to the next volume because it’s hinting at some Senri backstory! I love me some backstory, especially when it comes from my favorite eye patch wearing teddy bear x3 (if you’re cute now, Senri, I can’t imagine the bishi-ness coming off you when you’re older <3).

PS. I seriously love the art in +Anima. It’s so adorable ;____; I want to hug Cooro <3 He’s such a cutie too <3 (lol I sound like a pedo xD).

PSS. With Tokyopop deader than a possum belly up with its organs scattered around on the side of a highway, if you’re interested in the series, best to grab now before the volumes go OOP.

If you like this, you may be interested in this: Beyond the Beyond, Pick of the Litter, Heart no Kuni no Alice, Pandora Hearts, Angel Diary

Title: Beyond the Beyond #4
Manga-ka: WATANABE Yoshitomo

Summary on the back:

As Futaba, Belbel, Kiara, and Virid continue their journey to find Kiara’s master, Kiara hears her master’s voice calling out to her! He is trapped somewhere in Jipusamu, the White Country, and instructs Kiara to look for the bird. Later, the group crosses paths with a servant of Virid’s older brother, who has come to take Virid to his brother is so that they can settle once and for all who is going to succeed to the throne. The magical journey continues–stretching to far reaches of one’s imagination…and beyond!


Another used book store find (there was a Memorial sale going down at the bookstore I like to frequent when I’m back home ~ <3 Discounts on already discounted books? Um, yes please <3). I remember holding off on collecting this series until Tokyopop committed to releasing the rest of the volumes (Beyond the Beyond was one of many series TP put on hiatus ;____;).

And now they’re dead…

Sooooooooo…so much for that xD Man, I don’t know why Tokyopop stopped releasing Beyond the Beyond! Especially since it was only 2 volumes from completion D:

(I guess no one really liked this series…or even knew of its existence – honestly, if it weren’t for the fact I like obscure manga, I’d have never found this title)

Anyway ~ last we left off, Kiara got stabbed by angry trees and Futaba was in the background going NOOOOOOOO!!!! Well, turns out she’s okay folks :) She’s a plant after all! However, Futaba gets angry at her for not caring about getting hurt (totally had a Silver Diamond moment there xD except no man slaps were issued) but then cries at his own inability to do anything (this really shows that Futaba is still a kid x3).

After Futaba has his “let it all out” session (he cried himself to sleep ~ awww, poor guy *wants to hug* D:), more shit hits the fan. Everyone is getting some dose of depression – Belbel with her assistant (I was like, wtf!? Can you really do that in this kid’s manga <- turns out Beyond the Beyond isn’t a kid’s manga ^^;), Virid with his brother/royalty issues (that is just not going to end well…), Kiara with the whole Amaranthine thing, etc.. I feel Beyond the Beyond is going to have me crying at the end ;____; my bones are telling me: make sure to have tissue on hand when reading the end.

But when will we ever get to read the end? I was hoping to supplement the rest of the volumes by importing them but…the last volume is OOP! WTF!? Of all the volumes, that’s the one I WANT in print D:

So now I’ll never get to know what happens to everyone in Beyond the Beyond, unless someone rescues the title, the volumes get rereleased, or a scan group picks up the title. Sad days man…I really enjoyed this little fantasy adventure title. It’s not too crazy yet it’s not too light. I like the RPG/adventure feeling Beyond the Beyond has x3 (I love stories like that <3 I don’t care if they always beat the bad guy in the end – WHY WOULD YOU WANT THE BAD GUY TO WIN???? HE’S TRYING TO DESTROY THE WORLD BECAUSE HIS FIANCEE/WIFE/FRIEND/DOG WAS KILLED//HE’S CRAZY//HE HATES THE PEOPLE LIVING ON IT//HE JUST WANTS TO//IT SMELLS//ETC.)

PS. My favorite scene in this manga was when Virid finds Kiara and Futaba shortly after Futaba’s cryfest. Futaba is passed out in Kiara’s lap, having cried himself to sleep. After some talking, Virid asks Kiara if she could grant his wish – after all this is done, he wants to go live in Futaba’s world. He wants to go to school with Futaba and live a happy life. I was all, omg ;________; how sweet! He wants to be with his friend!

…you’re totally going to die now aren’t you Virid?

If you like this title, you might like: +Anima, Silver Diamond, Pandora Hearts, Magical x Miracle

Title: Natsu no Kakera
Manga-ka: AMANO Shinobu

I was introduced to this collection of one-shots by a blogging buddy, chungky. She has a scan group (Weekend Betsuender <- go check them out! ;D) who are working on various titles, Natsu no Karera being one of them. After seeing the RAWs for one of the one-shots, it intrigued me enough to add the volume into my shopping cart 8D

Natsu no Kakera

Miyuki and her family travel to the countryside to visit her grandpa, who was recently admitted into the hospital for an acute problem. Entering the wrong hosptial room by mistake, Miyuki ends up bear hugging not her grandpa but some boy! Adapting to the situation, the boy spreads his arms wide and invites his “granddaughter” to a hug – to which Miyuki responds by whacking him on the head. This encounter marks the point where these two lives intersect. What will happen become of these two?

OMG, the range of emotions I went through with this one shot! In the beginning I’m all 8D because I love the banter being thrown between Miyuki and the boy, Madoka (grandpa crying while yanking on his hanky (a literal hanky, not a metaphor for penis) was also win <3). Then I was all x3 at how cute the two were. At a certain point I went D: before the end which made me :___________:

I’m such a wuss when it comes to bittersweet stuff.

Yuki no Kakera

Aya is a girl who prefers books over people. One day, while going to the library, she (literally) bumps into a class mate – Yayoi. Yayoi is looking for something very important that she has been working on but ended up misplacing. Aya agrees to help and the two split up to find the elusive item. Deciding to check their classroom, Aya spots the item Yayoi is looking for. However, someone is in the room…kissing it!? Before Aya can back out quietly, she drops her pencil, alerting her presence to the boy inside. He whirls on her, embarrassed that he was caught in the act.


Hardly the most romantic of words exchanged but whatever xD

The boy is Naoto and he’s been friends with Yayoi since they were in middle school. Seems he has a one-sided love for her, because Yayoi herself is in love with another.  The item in question she was looking for is a muffler she’s making for her crush.

At first Aya doesn’t care about the drama but slowly she starts to focus on him rather than her books…

This one shot was cute. Not my favorite but that doesn’t mean it sucks. Think it’s because I’m tired of love-triangle losers that I didn’t really care much for this title xD (I always feel bad for the guy that ends up losing…unless he was a turd, then I fart in his face >3>). However, I’m surprised by how supportive Naoto was in the end. Definitely hope you get your own fragment of happiness my boy!

My favorite scene in this one-shot is towards the end:

Say, you want to be my #2?” ;#3

EAT FIST!” *pissed* >:U

Koi no Kakera

Kandou (male) is the president of the home economics club. His blunt words and straightforward thinking have scared away any potential members though – thus the club only consists of himself and his friend Okada (who joined the club because he thought there would be chicks aplenty to hit on xD). That is until one day, a girl by the name of Yayoi decides she wants to join the club. To be blunt, she sucks balls when it comes to home economics stuff. However, after seeing Kandou’s works (which apparently have won prizes) she burns with the desire to make such awesome things as him. Her fiery enthusiasm sparks interest in Kandou and the two get to work on making Yayoi a home ec master!

Too bad she REALLY does suck. However, Kandou doesn’t give up on her – she joined the club to get better right? Keep trying then! It is at this point that Yayoi falls in love with Kandou.

But where Yayoi sucks at home ec, Kandou sucks at understanding the feelings others have for him. Will this blockhead be able to read the signals Yayoi is sending him, or will this love end up doomed?

I LOVED THIS ONE-SHOT <3 OMG IT’S SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!! AND FLUFFY <3 AND AND AND I LOVE KANDOU <3 He’s such a doofus xD Who mistakes jealousy for the “feelings a father has when his daughter is about to leave the house to get married”???? xD So slow Kandou!

Okada was another win 8D For a side-character, he entertained! For some reason though, I thought for a long time that he was Naoto from Fuyu no Kakera xD I have no idea why! (even though the one-shot clearly said Okada’s name several times xD).

Naoto does make an appearance though since this one-shot is connected to Fuyu no Kakera, only told from another perspective :3

To reiterate – LOVE THIS ONE-SHOT! X3

Haru-Michi Soushi

After a family visit to her father’s grave, Hinata is told to go into her father’s study by her mom. Apparently there is something interesting in there. Hinata had a bad falling out with her father, who was an author of children’s books. He spent more time with stories stories than her, often breaking promises the two had to work. That’s why when Hinata finds a manuscript written by her father long ago in his study, rather than read it, she chucks it out the window and promptly goes to take a nap on the floor.

However, her nap is ruined by voices. She awakens to find a group of people partying – a boy, a woman with a cat in her hair, an old man, and a … scarecrow??? These are characters from her father’s books! What’s going on here!?

They’re here to beat you Hinata. For chucking your DEAD father’s manuscript out the window.

This was my least favorite one-shot in Natsu no Kakera. I didn’t like the girl :/ She was such a brat. Especially when she chucked her DEAD father’s manuscript out the window. Her DEAD father’s. Then she talked smack about him throughout the beginning part. UGH!

(maybe I’m biased because I liked the dad?)

The story book characters saved this one-shot 8D Especially grandpa! I really like the old peeps in Natsu no Kakera xD The potty mouth cat was great too xD

Aki-iro, Kimi-iro

Kanoko is a young girl looking for love, just like in her favorite manga series! A chance encounter with a boy sparks her heart – THIS IS THE GUY! However, Haruka isn’t interested in love. In fact, he’s not interested in ANYTHING dealing with Kanako.

Kanako: D:

Will she give up or will she continue to fight – IN THE NAME OF THE MOON LOVE!

Originally I thought I was going to not like this one-shot. A girl pursuing an ass hat to make him fall for her?

*pained expression*

However, I was proved wrong! (Good to see I can be proven wrong every once in a while <- a quote from a book I’m reading, Iron Queen xD). Both were amusing – love Kanako’s obsession with manga – it was cute x3 – and Haruka’s =__= I’m calling the cops on you, Stalker! personality.

Aki-iro, Kimi-iro’s ending is the one I wanted to happen in Natsu no Kakera, so I saw it as a compromise for making me :____________: back with Natsu no Kakera. That’s probably why this is my next favorite after Koi no Kakera :3

Ashita no Kakera

A bonus omake – basically ties all the one-shots together (except for Haru-Michi Soushi – I don’t remember seeing anyone from that one shot in Ashita no Kakera). ANNNNDDDD Okada gets some screen time (and a hint that there may be a girl out there waiting for him ;D)

Overall, I enjoyed Natsu no Kakera. My only real complaint is this manga-ka REALLY needs to work on her handwriting. There were quite the few times where I had to bust out the ol’ Kanji dictionary to figure out what she wrote only to go REALLY!? REALLY!? D: (I’d put an example but I found out that some computers can’t read Japanese characters (like my dad’s computer) so it’d come out all aoigfuqoprhqdhvfowarh :<)

Thanks again @chungky for exposing me to this collection 8D (and I just noticed this but this marks the first Hana to Yume/Lala title I’ve read and completed entirely in Japanese :U Progress!)

If you like this title, you may like this: …I’m kind of out of the shojo loops so I’m not sure what to put here >__>;;; I’ll leave this blank unless someone gives me some suggestions…


Title: My Girlfriend’s a Geek #2
Author: Pentabu

Summary on the back:

It was two years ago that I met Y-ko.
She was my boss at the job I was working at the time.
I was a student, and I had no idea what I was doing.
After a time, we ended up becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.
It turned out she was a “fujoshi.”
Not only that, but a “hidden fujoshi,” one who didn’t show any inkling of the sort around other people…
But as a general rule, she never hides it around me.
In fact…
It seems more like she’s intent on dragging me down that path with her.
…And I’ll be honest.
It’s slowly but surely seeping into me.


At long last, we get the conclusion to the My Girlfriend’s a Geek LN series 8D I must say I enjoyed this volume as much as I did the first. Volume #2 is still packed with laughs and crazy comedy from our two protagonists, Pentabu and Y-ko. Pentabu is more accepting of Y-ko’s crazy behavior this time around (he actually has good comebacks!) but he still has his freak out moments ~ My favorite parts involved Pentabu’s parents. OMG xD (Pentabu’s reaction to what his mom does to him in one scene -> “Mom…have I done something to make you hate me?” xDDDD).

Anime and manga references are still aplenty ~ I was proud I could recognize the more recent titles, such as Death Note, Big Wind Up/Ookiku Furikabatte, Sumomomo Momomo (!), and Honey and Clover. The old school ones I had no clue about though ^^; (Star of the Giants, A Dog of Flanders, Heidi – Girl of the Alps, etc.).

On a side topic, it was interesting to see the reactions the author and his girlfriend had to not only the publication of his first book but also the manga based off this LN (totally want to get the LN series when Yen Press finishes releasing it all 8D). It was like fourth wall…only not xD

Overall, I had much joy reading from this LN! It was a quick read (barely 4 hours, but with multiple breaks during that time) that had me smiling the whole way through. The ending was sweet and I’m sorry to see the series go. Thanks Yen Press for bringing over a mighty fine series to the states 8D (and hey, congrats on this being your first completed light novel series!). Looking forward to the manga when I (one day) get it.

If you like this, you may like: Gintama

Man, if you people actually read this all the way through…then slap my hiney and call my Chuck Norris <- please don’t

4 thoughts on “Mass Opinion: +Anime #5, Beyond the Beyond #4, Natsu no Kakera, My Girlfriend’s a Geek

  1. About the game… saving the world by undressing the baddies… bwahahahah xD epic!

    Seconding +Anime being adorable~

    Beyond the Beyond is Silver Diamond-ish? I often see that title in a discount bookstore here. Maybe I’ll check it out then.

    I LOVE NATSU NO KAKERA!!! Made me cry ;_; But as for the other oneshots, I think I might like Haru-Michi Soushi based on your summaries. Hmmm

    About the novel… a story of a fujoshi but you likened it to Gintama (in a form of a recommendation)? That’s the part that intrigued me w/ it, haha!


    • YES! I was like wtf!? And the fact that you’re a dude stealing girl’s clothes and wearing it yourself is just priceless xDDDD

      8D Isn’t it? I got into +Anima due to the cover and haven’t regretted that decision yet x3
      Cooro is just so adorable ~ he makes the story fun for me with his lovable-ness ~
      Senri too, but it’s because I like his cuddly big bear personality x3

      I put the two as related because they involve plants and magical adventure ~ Beyond the Beyond would be the G rated version of Silver Diamond though (okay, not really G since people have died in Beyond the Beyond but still ~) – think of the characters in Silver Diamond as kids instead of teens and you got Beyond the Beyond 8D ~
      (but instead of a talking snake, you have a talking ferret thing with awesome bling)

      You cried too? I’m not the only one then ;____; It was beautiful and though I know not everything ends with happiness and rainbow unicorns…I still love those kinds of endings. Sad endings make me a sad panda…
      The book characters are really what saved Haru-Michi Soushi for me. Especially grandpa and the dirty mouthed cat xD

      I think I put the two because they make parody jokes (or so I’ve heard – I haven’t personally read/watched Gintama…been meaning to but…lazy xD)
      I wonder if I should put Zetsubou Sensei in there? Just for the anime parody jokes…hmmmm -___-; but it’s kind of manly…


  2. i’ve seen all those tokyopop titles before but i’ve never really had the urge to read them. i just developed this ‘meh’ mentality towards TP titles . i think we had this discussion before but i think it was along the lines of TP having a lot of WTH titles xD i more or less felt as if TP was out to license everything out there lololol

    glad to read your opinions on the natsu no kakera anthology! <3
    i made the same mistake in identifying characters in koi no kakera. they're identical really lol
    i liked tat slightly distant feel about natsu no kakera & akiiro kimiiro…
    HAHAHA. ditto about the handwriting xD last round of editing and those floating squiggly text are being a bit of a task.

    i didnt know my girlfriend's a geek started from a light novel xDDD i read some of vol 1 in the bookshop the other day and really liked it! my LN reading list expands! i havent even gotten the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya! crime crime!


    • Yes – TP has had some WTF titles that truly make you think – what audience are you planning on targeting with this series!?
      I have random obscure tastes (which explains why I like Sylph bc no one really knows about it xD) so if I find a title that interests me, I’m there 8D
      (that’s how I got into Beyond the Beyond and +Anima – BECAUSE THEY LOOKED SO DAMN CUTE XD and it had adventure stuff which I love ~)

      You’re going to get so much love for your Natsu no Kakera project :3 It was a good pick ~ Was totally worth the painful dollar to yen conversation price ~
      OMG RIGHT???? But I love the guy in Koi no Kakera more ~ esp happy how in Ashita no Kakera it hints that there might be a girl for him x3 Yay ~
      I’m happy I got the ending I wanted after getting the ending I didn’t want :_____: tears they do fall~
      I pity your translator – esp when you do Koi no Kakera. All those crochet terms were maddening @___@ Doesn’t help that I have no crochet experience to fall on xD

      I need to get the manga. My friend told me there is stuff in the manga that didn’t happen in the book. Like I think it was touched on, but in the manga, the GF is more focused on pairing her BF with his BFF xD Lol what!???
      Haha, jk – I’ve only read the first two books. I’m trying to slowly catch up on my LN backlog xD Reading Book Girl and the Famished Spirit right now. For something that sounds simple and slice of life, it’s farking scary!!!


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