I’m back ~

Hello all ~ 8D I am back from my summer vacation! Actually, I got back earlier but the minute I got settled in, I was bombarded with summer school classes (yes, that plural is intentional – I’m taking TWO summer classes Dx), paperwork/training for my new job (MUNNIES!), and helping out at a conference I volunteered for (as my doodle comic shows xD). This will be strange to hear but remember those stories our parents told us about there being a 5:45 AM? The ones we laughed at because it sounded so absurd? Well, it DOES exist. It’s disgusting D:

BTW I want to hug the person who established the “weekend.” I did SHIT today and loved it (okay, I did some translations and wrote up a snippet for DADADADAN but otherwise I was an unproductive slob. And I got to sleep in. OMG <3 it was great ^^).

Lol, I just realized all I have been talking about thus far is about my return to life! My summer vacation was awesome – I got to do so much 8D Like drive a rental car (without having to pay that stupid extra fee for drivers under 26 :/), gamble, watch drunken grown adults do circuits around kiosk stands (among other things), sleep in a hotel room with a haunted tv that had an affinity for turning on at 3 o’clock in the morning to announce it just ordered Meaty Milfs 2 (<-porn) for the 148th time, beat the Simpsons arcade game again (I was told when I was younger, I would say playing video games were my form of “gambling” xD), actually won something from one of those crane games (the one where you have to pick up prizes using this grabber hook), had my childhood dreams of Vegas smashed, found a cute Japanese store with actual Japanese stuff in it (omg!), ate the best strawberry short cake EVER!, regretted eating the best strawberry short cake EVER! later, looked at dog pounds (my dad is interested in getting a dog 8D), among other NUMEROUS things (it was a VERY productive vacation). I’m shocked by how quickly the time passed by D: <- wants summer vacation to come back.

Now that I’m back, I’ll get started on my Comic Sylph snippets. Lol, look at this! I have 3 issues to go through! xS DOH!

If you look close enough, you can see my suitcase in the background xD

Also, thank you so much for the comments you all. It warmed my heart cockles to see them ;_____; <- tears of happiness. I’ll get to replying to them here soon <3

BTW – I just found out someone is planning on scanlating the Brothers Conflict LNs! You can click here for more info~!

14 thoughts on “I’m back ~

  1. We missed you so much~ (well not as much because of twitter, but still~)

    Haha you know what’s more unheard of, 4:00. Which is the time I have to get up every day….. Thank god summer is in 3 more days <3

    Dang! Those books are thick! (good luck~~~)


    • Thank you Meni *hugs*
      (Twitter is SO much easier to keep in touch with xD)

      Oh Meni, you’re crazy. There’s no such thing as 4:00 am. They shot that foo in the back before taking its wallet. What are they teaching you children in school now and days? :P

      “That’s what she said…”
      The one sandwiched in between the other two is super skinny – it’s like Sylph lost 100 pounds or something that month but put it all back in the next time! xD

      Thank you again Meni ~


      • (lol I know right?! xD)

        buhaha! prostitutes get murdered?! That’s a scary thought!
        That would be gross if you envied my getting up at 4! Let me tell you something the sun doesn’t even come up at 4! it’s still basically night time out! Dx

        pfft! lol really?! xD
        the 7th one looks so huge thought 0-0


      • You better be careful out there girl! Bring some mace and porno with you at all time – you throw the porno to the side as a distraction and you mace the skin cells off the fool while he’s not looking. Make sure to have a (╬ ಠ益ಠ) face when performing your mace attack ;D
        Oh yeah, 7 is obese as heck. When I got it I was like, wtf so heavy! Guess they replaced the titles that finished back in 5 and 6 xD (<-hasn't looked yet)


  2. Lol.. welcome back… (I hope that doesn’t sound too weird considering I’ve never actually commented on your posts or made the fact that I follow your blog known)..

    Btw, I really like the background image for you blog..and I was wondering if it would be possible for me to have the link to the image for my wallpaper ? ^_^


    • Lol, there’s nothing weird about it ;D Had you commented that you’re not wearing any pants, then I would be a little freaked .xD

      Ah, my background is from the series Bungaku Shojo. You can find the link here: http://www.zerochan.net/342441
      I’ve didn’t realize this BG was going to be so popular. I think 5 other people have asked about it as well 8D
      It really is quite a nice picture (it’d be better if the dude came out more but that’s just me wanting good man eye candy xD)

      Thanks for your comment ^^


  3. HAHA. awesome doodle! i especially love the personification of volunteering, it looks like a pervert xD

    glad your summer holidays went well!!!

    3 sylph issues! woman! u r behind ! xDDD

    look forward to your snippets once again :DDD
    lots of love! xDDD


    • Doesn’t help that the dagger in his hand looks like a dildo…oops…dagger fail…xD

      The summer vacation (despite how short it was) was awesome! The summer school part starting now…sucks D:

      I know! Forgive me! I’m working through May’s right now. Work and school have been eating my free time :O

      Yay ~ I won’t forget the furoku like usually this time xD


  4. Woo Hoo~ you’re back!
    I’m glad the summer vacation went well for you. It sounds like some fun!
    Hope to be fangirling with you again soon >///<


    • 8D I’m back and black baby!
      Wait…though that sounds catchy…once you say it and think it over, it sounds weird.
      And racist xD
      Err, randomness of that behind us (really, I think I’ve been answering too many back log comments that my brain’s getting a bit weird), thank you for your warm wishes ~ Summer vacation was awesome 8D So much crazy shiz happened and I loved it!!!

      Heck yeah! 8D Fangirls all the way!


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