Snippet: Zeele Sacrifice Root #19 (April 2011)

Zeele Sacrifice Root 19

We’re almost to the end – yes, you read that right. One more chapter and Zeele Sacrifice is over.

Yeah, I’m like, wtf it’s ending????

Also, I tried a new thing with photoshop annnnnndddddd, I hate how the pictures came out. Thus I’ll go back to my old method – blindly bright! 8D


I have testicles


Light Saber

Points of Interest

  • From his memories, we see that Chikage underwent some ceremony that allows him to do some super attack but at the cost of his life


If you remember from Root #18, the chapter ended with Yuiko taking a nap. Well, she’s napping because she’s going into Chikage’s memories (since his shard was returned to her). Chikage must have not done a lot with his life because we only get like 3 memories. One is when he was a kid and protected Yuiko from some little shits (I must say that Chikage was ADORABLE as a child. Wonder what horrors happened to him that made him an angry basket case? Probably walked in on a relative doing the peanut butter trick with the family dog >___>;;;;). The scene vooms to Chikage saying “I don’t see Yuiko as my little sister anymore. I l…” and of course he gets cut off before he can finish with I WANT TO HUMP YOU ON THE DANCE FLOOR YUIKO!!!!!

The scene jumps one last time – to a discussion Chikage is having with Shunran and Kikuichi. I guess he has some sort of special spell cast on him that is like a last resort deal. If he unleashes the spell, he’ll melt or something. Yeah, wtf.

Chikage: If it’s for Yuiko, I’ll let her have my balls

Me: (ಠ_ಠ) TMI dude…

Yuiko wakes up. She’s all, omg, Chikage, Y U GO MAKE YOURSELF SELF-DESTRUCT FOR ME?

Bunch of scene changes to illustrate everyone is fighting against Shota and his poop clones. Blah blah, what we care about is Diamu. The Shota fighting him questions why Diamu is so weak. Is it because he hasn’t fed yet? Like all villains, Shota starts laughing and blabbering out vital information: if he doesn’t feed, Diamu is going to die! To think, Diamu is so close to obtaining the Sohma and be well again.

Chikage has an epiphany (he’s been getting a lot of these recently). He finally understands that the Sohma has the power to grant its owner escape from death. That’s why the Oni want it!

Everyone: NO SHIT!

Also, the Oni are from heaven.

Everyone: Wait, what?

Now he’s conflicted – should he let the Oni kill each other, which ends their existence here but poses a problem for Yuiko, or should he help out so Diamu can fuse the remaining piece of Yuiko’s soul together?

[Now this was confusing as hell for me because I’m like, wtf are you holding your chest Chikage for? You already gave your shard to her in the previous chapter! Yet why is your chest sparkling as if there was still a shard there! I had to read the last chapter to figure out what was going on here. Turns out that yes, there is one last shard left (you’ll find out who has it in the last chapter). I’m not sure if this was mentioned in previous chapters or what but yeah, there’s one left. And the reason Chikage is holding his sparkling chest is not because he’s a vampire who sparkles if hit by sunlight, but because of that last resort thing mentioned earlier in this summary. You’ll see what I mean in more detail towards the end of this summary)

Before Chikage has a chance to decide, Yuiko appears. He rushes over to her concerned. She shows her appreciation by stabbing him.

Chikage: D:

Yuiko: BTW I have testicles…because I’m really a guy ^__^

Chikage: WHAT!? Σ(゜д゜;)

Turns out this Yuiko was actually one of the Shota clones. The real Yuiko appears just in time to see Chikage get stabbed.


Cue epic light bursting from main character scene. Clone Yuiko explodes from the light. Diamu and Shota are shocked – wtf, how is the Sohma blasting people with light!? It’s not complete yet!

Well, whatever ~ let’s get back to kicking each other’s butts 8D

Somehow Diamu has the power to use chains (I seriously don’t remember him having this ability, but then again, I forgot who Kikuichi was xD) and wraps up Shota. But Shota isn’t like Rhianna – chains and whips don’t excite this boy. He twists around to plunge his blade into Diamu, yet somehow, despite the fact there was like a couple of inches between the tip of the blade and Diamu’s chest, Yuiko somehow managed to not only squeeze into that space but move Diamu enough that he didn’t get stabbed by the blade when it poked THROUGH her.

Yeah, Yuiko was just skewered…

And despite the fact the blade probably sliced her heart (I mean, it’s going through the left side of her upper body – normally where the heart rests), Yuiko is still able to stand and talk.

“Just stop! There is no meaning to this!”
“Diamu-san, you’re alive! You’re alive…you’re ALIVE…please stop killing each other!”
“I want to show you so many wonderful sceneries. And the beautiful sky! The moon! Flowers! People! Kindness!
“Let’s see them together.”
“Let’s keep living on together.”

Yuiko’s feelings are transmitted to Diamu via the bracelet connecting them.

Shota not only doesn’t like chains but he also doesn’t like shojo heroine speeches. He rips his sword out of Yuiko and begins to scream about how he can’t let something like that happen. Chikage appears (lol zombie?) and pulls a lightsaber from his chest (lol what!?).

The chapter ends with Kikuichi telling Shunran it’s go time. Some chained up swords, orientated in a circle, start to glow and light blasts into the air.


Yeah… >___>

6 thoughts on “Snippet: Zeele Sacrifice Root #19 (April 2011)

  1. Haha this manga is geting funnier Even the tragic moments turn comedy style with ur comments.
    count me in as the 11st lurker…err reader of this blog! XP


  2. Okay i just have to add i am just too stoned with the ending . Forgot to even say thank you for summarizing this and all the oher snippets that i’ll have fun reading.


    • You’re going to enjoy the fail that is the final chapter…it’s really out there. All I’m saying is for some reason, God makes an appearance >___>;;;;

      ^__^ Thank you for your comments! I’m glad you like my crazy snippets xD I’m happy you’re getting exposed to Sylph’s titles 8D (by titles, I mean the manga titles, not its wee wee…sorry, whenever I heard EXPOSE, I think BY A PENIS! xD)


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