Going on Hiatus

Just a little heads up (for the ten of you that read this blog <- yay the number increased from four 8D) – Spoils is going on hiatus ~

I got one month of summer break before summer school starts (;______;) and I’m going to spend it doing stuff! Will be going on vacation before heading home to my folks. Thus I’m leaving the computer behind ~

Try not to miss me too much you all jk ;D

Have a safe summer and I’ll see you next month ~

20 thoughts on “Going on Hiatus

  1. haha I’m sure there are more than 10, I’ve been a lurker for awhile so I’m sure there are other lurkers ;). Have fun though, my summer break doesn’t start until exams end and I have classes all summer long…


    • [I find this situation a little amusing because I lurk on your site as well! xD]

      Thank you for the warm wishes *hugs*
      ;_______; sorry to hear you have summer school too. Let’s pull our pants high and get through this thing, my comrade!


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