April 2011 Furoku & Snippets: Cafe Cafe #5 & #6 (April 2011)

Since Café Café has such short chapters, I decided to merge that with the furoku post I was going to write up ~
(I didn’t forget @chunkgy ;D)

[And with this post….that means I’ve finally finished allllllll my snippets for the April 2011 Issue @_____@ hohoho]
[Even though I’m like 2 issues behind now]

[I’ll figure out something ^^;]

Here we have the furoku which came with the April 2011 Issue of Sylph: another Hakuouki shitajiki and some sticker thingies ~

The Hakuouki shitajiki is to celebrate the OVA coming out soon.

The stickers are to celebrate some big thing happening with DGS. These stickers are cool because you can put them not only on your skin but also on other surfaces, like the back of your phone! Sylph has a blog post about this that talks not only about how to apply it but also all the cool places you can stick these little guys 8D

Café Café Chapter 5

So how did Kazuno and the Prince meet? Welp, we travel back in time by one month. Cedric and the Prince have arrived in wherever this story takes place. The prince wants coffee. Cedric says no. The prince changes his strategy: he’s going to tell all of his countries secrets to anyone who’d hear him if he unless he gets his coffee. Cedric says he found a quaint little place via google.


They arrive at Kazuno’s café. Seems her father is out in the hospital so she’s running the place in his stead (huh, thought for sure they’d kill him off…). Cedric is a little wary – the café was famous because of Kazuno’s dad. Kazuno on the other hand…he looks to the prince for an answer.

“Is she on the menu?”

Cedric: Σ(゜д゜;) wtf!?

Naturally Cedric is pooping himself over the Prince’s attitude (are you really surprised Cedric? The guy threatened to expose his country’s secrets for a cup of Joe…). And naturally the Prince doesn’t care. He’s too busy hitting on Kazuno.

Cedric: =__= I should have listened to father when he said I wasn’t cut out for this line of work…should have been a male hooker like everyone else…damn me for thinking I’m better than that…

Cedric takes a sip of his coffee (at the same time the Prince does) only to hurl its contents out at a lightning fast speed. Kazuno apologizes that her coffee isn’t the best just yet, to which Cedric is thinking, no words can describe the massive gang rape my tongue just received…

The prince however, says it’s cool – kiss me and make it all better <3 (to Kazuno, not Cedric. I think Cedric would drink more of Kazuno’s coffee to end his life right then and there were the prince to hit on him xD).

Kazuno: Um, no *PUNCH* (#゚Д゚)=○)`Д)、;’.ヘブッ

Cedric throws a hissy fit – you just punched the next in line to the throne of “wherever he’s from.” Kazuno doesn’t care – the perv was trying to do something to her that she didn’t want. Don’t care who he is, he’s not excluded from a good knuckle sandwich >:U

The prince has other ideas. Rather than be in pain from the punch, he’s in…ecstasy!?

Cedric: 8U

The prince has grown up in a world where people did whatever he said and never laid a finger on him. To be punched like this…oh the pain <3 Baby, marry me <3

Cedric: (llಠ ,ಠ ) uhhhhhh

And that’s how we get to where we are now. Everyday Cedric wishes to be back home where things made sense…and there he could hopefully forget about the prince being…M.

Chapter 6

Kazuno’s café has…customers! Seems the prince is actually a popular guy! Some girls asked to join him for coffee and he agreed (better than drinking with Cedric ~ Cedric: I hate you).

Kazuno is shocked by this. Sure, when he isn’t talking, he’s pretty good looking…however, who he is on the inside is an entirely different matter (love the little chibi prince going, It’s not stalking ~ It’s love <3). Upon returning with everyone’s orders, seeing the prince being jolly with other girls…pisses Kazuno off for some reason (oh you Tsundere’s and you’re inability to tell when you’re jealous).

The girls with the prince ask what kind of girls does he like? The prince says he’s already got someone – Kazuno.

Kazuno: ಠ̯ಠ NO!

The prince admires her beauty, her diligence in taking care of her father’s café, and the power she packs in her punches. Whoooa baby <3

The girls: ( ̄△ ̄;) Is this one of “those” shops…

Kazuno: Nope! We’re just a NORMALLY café! (^∇^〃)

Pacified by Kazuno’s response, the girls take a drink of their coffee…and promptly barf it back out. WTF!? The prince on the other hand takes a mouthful, and though in pain, gives them a thumbs up – it’s a favor unique to this shop.

Girls: ( ゚ヮ゚|||) (… oh well…we uh…GOTTA GO!) ε=ε=ε=┌(;*´Д`)ノ run for your life!!!!!

Seeing her customers flee, Kazuno rounds on the prince and blames him for their departure (I think it was you shitty coffee Kazuno…which I still haven’t figured out how you can fail at :/). The prince wonders why they left – all he did was say he loved her.

Kazuno: ///// *doki doki*

Rather than figure out, hey I like this guy, Kazuno instead chooses to ignore the palpuations of her heart (thinking it’s probably due to an oncoming stroke – it’s not love dammit!). She says they left because the prince is a pervert and a masochist. The prince says he’s only M for her <3 (love how Cedric notices the prince doesn’t deny the pervert allegation…).

The chapter ends once again with no activity in Café An. Wonder why?

“That café…I’ve heard it’s a mad house and the products in it will kill you…”

“OMG! No way I’m going in there!”



Oh Cedric, how you entertain me. You too prince though honestly, you creep the f@#$ out of me ~ Go be M with Kazuno ~ Not like there are any other guys willing to put up with her fist…or are there?


3 thoughts on “April 2011 Furoku & Snippets: Cafe Cafe #5 & #6 (April 2011)

  1. thank youuuuuuu!!!!! xDDD sylph seems to love giving out shitajiki, its gorge!! i especially love the stickers ! so cute and generousss :DDD
    btw is the page repeat a boo-boo?
    hope ur having an awesome time!


    • XD This is why you don’t work on blog posts while parents are around! Thanks for telling me about that~!

      Sylph is pretty random in its furoku – sometimes it’s awesome, while other times it’s lacking. Think the Hakuouki ppl slipped Sylph some extra something something to get those furoku to be not only pretty but Hakuouki related xD


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