Snippet: Scarlet Prince 14th Blood (April 2011)

Scarlet Prince Blood 14

This chapter amused ~ I kept thinking omg Twilight…what have you done to vampires everywhere!? xD


“Next Edward Cullen!?”



Points of Interest:

  • Twilight forever ruined vampires everywhere…even the Japanese vampires aren’t spared from this horrible fate…


Last we left off, Team Neuter stormed Okamoto’s brother’s room to find…Ronald McDonald smacking his McNugget…jk I wouldn’t be posting this series anymore if that actually happened >___>; No, they find Okamoto’s brother surrounded by their female classmates! Once done staring in shock, Mana takes action: prepare to have this crucifix go up your ass you brainwashing horny sicko! However, she’s stopped by the girls themselves!


Mana: ( ・Д・) whut!?

Seems Okamoto’s bro invited the girls over and gave them pretty dresses and accessories to wear (do I want to know why a man has dresses and jewelry just hanging in his closet…). When questioned about the blood sucking thing, the girls go OH TOMMY! YOU BAD BOY! WHY U GO HIDE OUR MEMORIES OF THAT!? (´∀`)hoho (I have no idea what Okamoto’s brother’s name is so he’s going by Tommy as of this moment). Tommy says he did it so Mana wouldn’t find out. She’d bust a turd out her ass, right?

Mana: (╬ ಠ益ಠ) of course

Mana says that Tommy’s actions could have undermined Okamoto’s desire to be friends with everyone.

Okamoto: (´・ω・`) dwah, pasta…

Now for the big question: Y U NO USE BLOOD TRANSFUSION THINGIE LIKE OKAMOTO, TOMMY? Y U GOTTA SUCK THAT BLOOD? Tommy explains his reason is…because it’s cool.

Everyone: (ఠ_ゝఠ) come again?

Tommy says drinking blood is what makes vampires sexy and attractive. He drinks blood so he can (basically) BE THE NEXT EDWARD CULLEN! He wants all the Bellas to swarm him with their obsessive love for him and his vampire-ness (lol! Look at what you have done Twilight! Even Japanese vampires are pansies! xD). And Bella ain’t attracted to an Edward that walks around with an IV in his arm!

Okamoto: (´・ω・`) but Edward sucks…

Tommy: …yet he’s got the bitches lining up! Right my kittens? Don’t you think I’m sexy ~ biting on your necks and stalking you? I’m even glittering in this panel bitches! (no really, he is:)

Lol shojo sparkles...wrong time to use those xDDDDD

Girls: OMG MY LIFE ISN’T COMPLETE WITHOUT YOU! *bull rushes Tommy*

Anyone wonder why that girl in the right hand side has a >:( look on her face? xD anti-Twilght???

Mana: =___=;  so…you attacked these girls so you can be the next Edward Cullen? Really?

Tommy said he didn’t” attack” any girls. He just wiped their memories so Mana wouldn’t be pissed at him for drinking from the girls.

Girls: After all, you’re the type to get a wedgie over that ~ ^___^

Mana: <___< shut up bitches. Why don’t you go stare at the wall with your mouths hanging open?

See, Tommy explains. He didn’t force anyone ~

Okamoto however sees a flaw in Tommy’s explanation, to which he cries foul and smacks his brother over the head with a coat hanger tree thing – don’t know the exact terminology for that item (don’t ask where that came from because the other characters are asking that very same question too xD).

When I first saw this I was like, OMG IS THAT HIS PENIS???? But then I realized, no...that'd be weird...who smacks his brother over the head with his unusually large pee-pee?

“Mana’s blood! That was taken by force!”

Wataru (lol I like how he suddenly has a line in this chapter) is all, omg I totally forgot about that! Tommy is all, shiz, well…looks like I gotta say this: my bad ;D

Mana: =___=||| not really feeling it Tommy…then again, this chapter has been one giant wtf…

Okamoto: “Do you expect THAT to be your apology to her!? Be serious! Mana-chan isn’t like those other girls!”

Everyone: Ó.Ò whoa…

Tommy: “Akira…do you…like this girl?”

Wataru freaks out about that – what you talking about Wallace!? (lol to Tommy saying: oh, you’re still here. Even Tommy notices that Wataru ain’t getting no screen time xD).

Tommy: “Well, because this is the first time Akira has stood against me…I think it’s because she’s important to him.”

Are eyes are on Okamoto. What is your answer to Tommy, Okamoto?

Okamoto: “That’s right! In the beginning, rather than be like our ancestors, I wanted vampires and exorcists to be friends! However, now…that’s not all! Regardless of species or natural rivalry, none of that matters – I want all of us to get along! That’s why I can’t forgive what you did, brother – not as a vampire, not as your brother. I don’t want you to give her a half assed apology. Do it right!”

Tommy goes ok and does a more formal apology. He tells the girls too that he didn’t mean to hurt them either. They probably hate him huh.

Girls: F no! We want to be your Bella


Mana: =__= let this chapter end already…

Now that the drama is over, Tommy decides to continue his party with his harem. Mana just wants to leave. However, Wataru asks Mana how she feels about “that.” Mana is confused by what he means by “that.” Wataru is all, you know “THAT” – what that SOB vampire said…ah forget it. He instead turns his attention to Okamoto so they can leave. Mana has a moment to think REAL hard about what Wataru meant. SOB vampire = Okamoto. Then “that” = …OMG THAT THAT!!!!

(lol she forgot xD)


[What is this…feeling?]

Apparently you didn't figure it out even at the end of this series =__=;


OMG, THIS HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL! I mean, seriously, where else can you go but confess your feelings for one another and be happy together????
It’s amazing how the last chapter just destroyed that potential…
My GAWD, does Japan have a thing against romance or something unless it’s in a super girly shojo mag????
What am I talking about? I’m talking about the last chapter of Scarlet Prince of course! (yup, this baby has ended…and it could have ended just a smidge better :/ f nakayoshi, I want my some suki suki!). I’ll be getting around to posting the May 2011 stuff here…one of these days ^^;

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      I have no idea if it’s a SYLPH thing or what but…I WANT ME MY CUTE KISSY KISSY SCENE!!!!! DX Not LET’S BE FRIENDS or HEY I’M GONNA DIE K BYE ;D

      ;____________; whyyyyyyyy!?


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