Snippets: Kira Kira Soda Chocolate Chapter 9 (April 2011)

Kira Kira Soda Chocolate #9

Yay ~ it’s another installment of Kira Kira Soda Chocolate (sucks that this series runs bimonthly in Comic Sylph). What kind of crazy, shojo-tastic adventures will our motley crew of students get into this time?


  • A new transfer student?
  • What’s she doing with the class “bad boy?”
  • Kyun!?

Points of Interest:

  • Introduction of a new character
  • May possibly be a love interest for Koro x3


[Grandma…our class got a new transfer student]

And she’s a cute little thing. Like someone you’d expect to come out of a Disney movie dressed in a flowing gown who sings while doing her chores ~

However, the new girl hasn’t been fitting in well with her new class (and no she’s not one of those “piss off” transfer students shojo mangas tend to get. Nor is she a lone wolf type either  ~). The problem is…

We switch to the Niina’s (the new girl’s) perspective (I guess adding an extra “i” makes the name foreign?). As she’s walking down the hall, students are all OMG KAWAII GAIJIN! AAAAAA! This makes Niina crestfallen – will she be able to make friends like this?


Niina smacks into something and goes a tumbling (it’s amazing how those short skirts just cling to girls in most shojos so no one sees their junk – girls have junk right? ( ̄;uhhh)

“S-sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going…”

Nina’s perspective: (ಠ益ಠ) roar?

Niina: ( ・Д・) my life is flashing before my eyes…and I think I pooped my pants…quite a bit

Love that Niina thinks Koro is a yanki gangster xD

Koro asks if she’s a new student – seeing as how he’s never seen her around. Niina is still afraid he’ll hang her by her underwear from the school flag pole and can only utter “e-er” in Japanese. Seems Niina is still a little shaky with her Japanese, however Koro tells her she’ll get it in time.

Which makes Niina cry.

Koro: Σ(゚Д゚) what’d I say????

Unsure of what’s going on, Koro grabs Niina and makes a break for it before she causes a scene xD

Safe on the school roof, Niina explains her situation. She is really scared of the Japanese students in her class so that’s why she hasn’t talked with them too much. However, Koro is different. He’s not scary at all! (which makes Koro think, wtf happened to my classmates since I was gone =__=; ?)

A cute exchange happens on the roof (involving smiles, chopsticks, encouragement, and Koro removing his mask to eat) that ends with Niina screaming (basically) I FUCKING LOVE YOU MAN!

Koro: Σ(゚Д゚) WHAT!?

We go over to Koro’s class where our gang is wondering where Koro is at. Supposedly he’s well enough to come back to class…and speak of the devil there he is! With…NIINA CLINGING TO HIM? WHAT!?

Koro: ;_____; help me

Niina is smitten with Koro ~ and is exhibiting her love in a way that’s embarrassing the hell out of Koro (clinging to him, calling him by his first name, etc.) much to the amusements of his friends.

Koro: (;____;) I hate you all…

The chapter ends with the class deciding what they want to do for the festival. One classmate suggests a play, which all the students are like, F DAT! THAT REQUIRES EFFORT! Megumu gets the other students to STFU so the classmate can continue her suggestion.

“Yes, a play. B-because, you know. Our class…er, in ONLY our class…three days ago…we were granted…a real blonde princess!”

Everyone: (゚⊿゚) ohhhhhhh!



The gang: o__o really? That’s all it took to convince these kids to do a play?

However, the girls of the class notice there’s something missing: A HOT PRINCE! THERE ARE NO HOT GUYS IN THIS CLASS!

Critical damage!

The self-esteem of all the boys in the class just fell by 10%!

Desire to weep in a corner has increased by 30%!

Guys: OTL

The girls are oblivious to the damage the boys have sustained and are instead freaking out about the role of the prince.

“To tell you the truth, I’ve already decided on who will play that role.”


“I-I think Korohashi-kun would make a good prince.”

Everyone:  (llಠ ,ಠ ) (he’d make a better villain…)

Koro:  (;___;) this just isn’t my day…



SO CUTE!!!!  (⌒▽⌒) <3 I LOVE KIRA KIRA SODA CHOCOLATE BECAUSE IT’S SO ADORABLE ~ Sure it’s got some sad stuff but the power of friendship over comes those hard times ~ I can’t wait to see the cute interactions Koro and Niina will have <3 However, the next chapter won’t be out until the June 2011 Issue. Le sigh ~

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