Snippets: Sora Kara! My Nanny Chapter 9 (April 2011)

Sora Kara! My Nanny! Chapter #9

In case you can’t tell, my brain is a little screwy right now ^^
But one more week and I can hopefully enjoy my one month of summer vacation
Before summer school starts…


He’s an S!

Jigglypuff rejects

You bad boy

Points of Interest

  • Leo is about to lead some kind of revolution against the Poppins Academy (I think…)
  • Jigglypuffs are weak against an angry mama


The chapter starts off with Leo floating in space along with some faceless kid. He’s trying to grab the kid’s hand. For some reason the kid’s head morphs into Allen’s and he pretty much says F U. Leo wakes up and finds it was all a dream.

Leo: (ಠ) When I find Allen, I’ll kill that little punk for what his dream-self did to me

Allen: D”: wtf!?

Rather than ride on the meaning of the dream (and delve into the sob story that most likely turned Leo into the cold man we see today), the chapter says F U to Leo and instead concentrates on talking about the Poppins Academy, where nannies pretty much go to…be trained to be nannies. Think of it like…nanny boot camp (weird to envision I know).

Leo: (ಠ) I’ll kill you too chapter! And the Poppins Academy!

Oh, I mentioned this before but I totally missed a couple chapters of this series so I have no idea about Leo’s BG history. I know he has beef with the Poppins Academy – I’m just not sure if he wants to take it down or if he suspects there is some sort of conspiracy going on (lol Mary Poppins be a taking over xD). The reason I mention this is because Leo is having an I KNOW YOU’RE HIDING SOMETHING AND I PLAN TO PULL YOUR PANTS DOWN AND EXPOSE IT monologue going on right after the explanation of the Poppins Academy occurred. And he thinks Victor is somehow tied to it all.

 Victor: :¬) I like cheese


Paranoia aside, Leo gets ready to leave for the Baggin’s estate (he lives up at Poppins Academy rather than at the estate like Victor).  Once he gets the all clear, Leo skates across the runway and takes to the air with his umbrella. As he’s flying, he passes the town of Adolf Pool whose inhabitants are breaking out in song. I just wanted to mention that because it amuses me that everyone is singing like a Disney movie xD

The scene switches to Victor getting into his usually hijinks with Jonathan there to give him tough love. Allen comes running in waving a letter over his head. I’M OLD ENOUGH TO GET CREDIT CARD APPLICATIONS 8D YAY FOR BEING 12~! The letter is from their parents! The boys quickly gather around the letter and read the contents.

The other helping hands (I keep forgetting their names) appear from secondary character space to explain to Victor that the boys’ parents are scientists, or something, who do experiments for the government. But apparently the stuff they do is top secret because no one knows where the parents are. The only contact the Baggins Estate ever really gets from them is via these letters.

(random scene of little Victor crying as shredded paper falls down. Yeah, I was like, wait what? Way to make this all about you Victor jk)

The boys are super happy about the letter but it turns out the letter was pretty short so the mood sours. Allen tries to cheer up his brethren by saying he’s going to learn all kinds of magic so they’ll never be sad again (dwah, what an awesome older brother). Leo appears and ruins the moment by dragging Allen off to study – Victor tries to get Leo to be merciful since the boys are still a little emotional about the letter but Leo says F U.


Jonathan mumbles that Leo is a turd but Victor tells him Leo’s not that bad of a guy (when he keeps his mouth shut…).

And who is this outside the window? Why it’s Lynx!

Lynx:  ( ゚ヮ゚) Imma gonna cuz mizchif biyaches

The scene switches to some old dude pulling on his cart next to the Baggins Estate (FYI I literally mean he’s pulling a cart. It’s not a metaphor for masturbating okay – this is a kid friendly manga).  He comments on how jovial the residents of Baggins Estate are when a giant shadow eclipses the land.

Old man: I just dirtied my loins… D:

Giant…Jigglypuff rejects have surrounded the house! WTF!? Everyone in the house is panicking, except Leo because he’s a stoic character. Instead he looks out the window to identify who in the world is screaming the following:

“I, the Great Lynx, have summoned ye beasts using these incense! [Although honestly I didn’t think 5 would come…but whatever!] Now, Victor Smith…what will you do? Your children are in danger ~ “

The scene switches to the helping hands trying to use their magic to stop the Jigglypuffs. Even Victor is trying to help:

Victor: “Please stand behind me, Jo-kun! I’m going to hold them back!”


*trips over a stone*

*gets sat on by the Jigglypuffs*

Victor: “It’s no good, Jo-kun!”


Allen and Leo are chilling in the library. Rather than help, Leo thinks this will be a good opportunity to see Victor’s magic first hand.  But on the other hand, he should help out to protect Allen…

Leo: Hmm…decisions…


When one of the Jigglypuffs decides to head butt the spot Leo and Allen are at, Leo decides protecting the kid is probably the more socially acceptable thing to do. Using mad jumping skills one learns at nanny bootcamp, the two take safety on the roof. However, Allen wants to help. He jumps off the roof and, despite the fact he just jumped off a roof 2+ stories high, hits the ground running. He puts his hand to the closest Jigglypuff and tries to do a gust attack. Leo comes in and does a mega kick to the Jigglypuff, sending that bitch flying. His friends aren’t happy with this and double slap Leo into submission (omg I remember these Poke’mon moves xD).

Leo: Ugh, double slap was super effective gah…. (wait…normal attacks were never super effective against anything…fail Leo)

Leo scolds Allen for his behavior – just because he has the ability to use magic doesn’t mean it can be used to solve everything. Look around at everyone flipping out trying to fight the Jigglypuffs.

Allen: So basically you want me to do nothing while Victor ends up doing all the work?

Leo: It works in video games (・ε・)

Allen: Good point…lazy fucking villagers….╬ >__>

Leo thinks that only Victor can save the day (despite earlier he was doing flips and shit and kicking giant Jigglypuff butts all over the yard…). AND THAT’S JUST WHAT VICTOR DOES!

Using his magic: PUNISHMENT MAGIC, he unleashes a new spell: YOU BAD BOY!


“I’ve been watching you, you naughty children. If you keep acting up…you know what’s in store for you boys. Now, leave. I’m telling you nicely.” [said with a “mother’s stern” look <- actually script xD]

Jigglepuffs: OAO *shits themselves*

(love how on one side, Victor looks badass: )

(but when you look from behind – courtesy of the old man from earlier – you see this: )

So yeah! Day saved! Lynx sneaks over to Leo and they talk about the conspiracy with the Poppins Academy and Victor. However, before Lynx gets to finish, Allen comes over and apologizes to Leo about rushing into the fray like that (I’ll make sure to be a good bystander and let others do all the work :9). Leo says that’s cool and promises to teach Allen magic in the future.

[Tomorrow…I’ll make my decision…]

It’s night time now. Victor is writing a letter to someone about today’s adventure ~ Not only did they sit on my face but they also farted in my mouth 8D I’m having a great time here ~ Leo is still at the Baggins Estate. He’s thinking about if they should throw the revolution or whatever now or later. On one hand he has people depending on him, on the other hand, he’s a nanny.

The chapter ends with him singing a lullaby about his younger days. I guess Leo was an orphan who hid out in graveyards?

Far far away
The moon of my birth place
Your glow is a lake
The wheat fields
Twinkle like glass
A deep blue like the water’s surface
A horizon of glittering gold
I yearn
For tonight’s moon

Far far away
The moon of my birth place
Shining down on the children quietly sleeping
Your light falls on their soft hair
A lullaby which caresses gently
I too will sing it
With tonight’s moon

Far far away
The moon of my birth place
A lullaby from a time long ago


I love Victor. He’s such a fail but he makes me laugh. Especially his spells – YOU BAD BOY? LOL!!!!

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