Snippets: Kuranoa Bullet #15 (April 2011)

Kuranoa Bullet #15

OMG this series! D:
Stop killing off the bishies
And get that psycho emo Shiori some STOP BEING PSYCHO pills!

Woman, you gotta stop being crazy and let go of Kuranoa already!

You can’t hide forever!!!!!!!!! Dx


Death by Memory

Annihilation of Reality

Assisted Suicide

Even though he's a butt's fart, I like his overall character design.

Points of interest



This is a REAL quick chapter. We start off with Bird-man bitching about having only one bullet in his gun (when Nana died, he took most of the bullets with him). Shiori isn’t too fazed by this. She just wants to die.

“But if I destroy this body, I’ll end up killing Minori along with me.”

Bird-man apparently is an advent believer in assisted suicide because he tells Shiori he’ll help her out.

Switch to Minori – she’s back in Kuranoa and she has figured out everything (about Kuranoa, about Tooko, etc.).   Tooko, being the barrel of sunshine she is, tells Minori she didn’t think she’d be the first to remember everything.

“Yeah. But…I won’t forget now.”

Minori says she needs to talk with Shiori, who we see has actually been waiting for Minori.

“*haha* Nana is gone I see.”

Naturally, Minori is looking at her twin like she just took a dump right there. WTF BITCH!? As Shiori walks to Minori, she tells her that everything here in Kuranoa are just toys – they can do whatever they want with them.

“Break them, make them disappear – it’s our will to decide.”

Minori uses shojo speech! (where she pretty much tells Shiori they can’t hide in Kuranoa forever – they need to live in the real world)

It was ineffective!

(ah sorry, I’m in a sort of Poke’mon mood xD)

Shiori’s respone: “Well, wanna join me in destroying reality?”

(ಠ_ಠ) okay seriously, how did no one notice how mentally unstable this girl is?

Now that they are close enough, Bird-man grabs Minori and hurls her over to where Shiori is. Before Ichi can react, Bird-man has his gun pointed to Minori. Bird-man tells Ichi to give him his gun – if Bird-man shoots Minori with Shiori’s memories, who knows what will happen. Not wanting to take the risk, Ichi hands his gun over to Bird-man…who promptly shoots Ichi in the face with it D: (Ichi: OMG, YOU CAN DIE FROM MEMORIES!!!!).

Oh fuck no D: NOT ICHI! (Nana I could handle but not my bunny boy!!!!!) Screw you bird! May you slip on your own shit and shoot yourself!

The chapter ends with Minori screaming bloody murder and Shiori looking like this at Minori: (ಠ_ಠ)

(seriously, her expression seems to say, bitch, chill. I just killed him. Omg, talk about dramatic *rolls eyes*)




That pretty much sums up my feelings…

22 thoughts on “Snippets: Kuranoa Bullet #15 (April 2011)

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  3. Oh my, this is a huge difference on what happened to the recently released drama cd versus this that I have to go back to your Ch 14 summary. If my memory serves me right, the 3 guys in the real world, they had a huge part on it and also the psychiatrist. And also it shows how much Shiori treasures Minori so much. Interesting.


    • Really? :U
      There’s a psychiatrist????
      And the other 3 guys do stuff???
      (mostly they’ve just been there for eye candy)

      Oh wow, so Shiori probably isn’t as crazy as she is in the manga. Interesting. Still don’t like her manga counterpart through >___>


      • She (psychiatrist) didn’t have an appearance in the manga at all? *surprised*
        Shiori told Chihiro about Kuranoa – he’s the only one in the real world who knows about it.

        Also, if I remember correctly Chihiro and Yuuichi knows how mentally unstable Shiori can be but then Minori didn’t knew about it all along.


        • I skipped a couple chapters but I don’t remember there being a psychiatrist.
          As for Kuranoa, Minori randomly remembered it after seeing a car drive by. She fainted but while she was unconscious, she remembered everything about both Kuranoa and Touko. When she woke up, Chihiro was there. He said she was talking about Kuranoa in her sleep. All he mentioned about Kuranoa was it meant “don’t cry.” Then he got kicked aside to secondary character land :(

          I think some of the boys know how crazy Shiori is – because Shou nearly crapped himself one time when Minori came up to him after Shiori was walking around in the body. Also Yuuichi looked liked his pants needed a good changing too during a random scene where Minori and he bumped into one another (again after Shiori was walking around in the RL). As for Chihiro…he never mentioned it (but it could have happened in the middle chapters I missed).

          Wow, I’m interested in seeing how the ending differs :U


  4. wow !!!!! i’ve already read all !!!!!!!! so touch !!!!!!!! but i don’t want NANA died !!!!!!!!!! and at the last bullet, where’s ICHI going ??????????


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