Snippets: Shinigami Doggy Chapter 7 (April 2011)

Shinigami Doggy Chapter 7

Now that we’re back with the main story, you’ll see my lack of understanding what’s going on be more prominent with this summary. I really need to read the earlier chapters…

One day.

This arc is definitely amusing. The spirit for this arc is a fujoshi so I was greatly amused by all the BL going on xD (no, they didn’t actually do BL but they joked around with it – comedy is my favorite genre <3)




Woof ~

Points of Interest

  • Start of a new arc – the fujoshi arc
  • A new teammate joins …team Shinigami x Doggy –


“We have 3 players. What game shall we play?”

Before the jk chapter, the series left off with some dude making his reappearance. This dude, from what I remember before, is a shinigami too and for some reason he was fighting against our main duo. Why? I don’t remember because I haven’t read the past chapters…yeah, you read that right. And anyway, that’s not the point. The point is now that he’s back, does that mean he’s out to kick some more ass?

Ken (finally found out his name 8D) tells us the situation: this dude doesn’t know Ken is supposed to be dead. If he finds out, Ken’s soul is going to be reaped! Basically, this situation is akin to a mob of people surrounding you with sticks whose ends are covered in poo. One wrong move and crap is going to happen.

The shinigami decides it’s time to explain the situation, to which Ken is thinking DID YOU NOT READ MY MONOLOGUE??? KEN’S TRUE IDENTITY REVEALED = KEN DEAD!!!!!

“He’s my dog”


Comedy aside, the trio get comfortable, and decide to cover bases with one another. Well, it was a trio until Ken’s mom comes and drags him away with her ^^;.

Basically dude (who has officially been christened with the name SPANKY) and the Shinigami work out an agreement – keep quiet about this from the higher ups and Spanky gets something in return ~

Flip over real quick to Ken whose mom is holding his hand, much to his obvious displeasure. Poor guy. Mom says there’s no age limit when it comes to holding hand and not to worry because she doesn’t feel anything like that for him, since he’s her son and all.

Ken: (ఠ_ゝఠ) what?

Once at his school, mom bids Ken farewell. Ken tells her not to walk off with strangers in return (lol wtf). As Ken turns he bumps into someone. It’s…uh, Mizuno. Some guy from Ken’s class. He’s pretty gregarious with everyone (hey I’m just reading what’s in Ken’s thought blocks). However, he’s not the type of guy who would likely be around Ken. Ken thanks him and leaves. As Ken leaves, Mizuno remarks about Ken’s mom – didn’t know you had a mommy complex ~

Ken: (#゚Д゚) you little turd #

Welp, Ken isn’t a happy duck. And he’s definitely not a happy duck when at school, Spanky is there!

Spanky: “Looking forward to working with you, Spot ~” *ass shot xD*

Ken: Σ(゜д゜;) oh gawd no… *why are you giving me an ass shot????*

Seems the deal the shinigami and Spanky made was that Spanky would join them on their…whatever it is they do! Spanky says the duo looked like they were having so much fun that he wanted in ~

“Regardless, I’m letting you live so do your best not to bore me. If you don’t, I’ll deliver some swift punishment. Bark ~ Bark ~”

A noise catches the trio’s attention. There is someone in the shadows! This person apologizes for watching the scene unfolding.

“Calling him Spot. Saying you’ll punish him. Going bark bark….the scenario is so detailed…”


Ken: Wait…wtf do I mean by that? >___>;

Spanky walks over to the stranger. It’s an O-men (I’m guessing those are the souls of people that have regrets and can’t move on till they resolve them?). Spanky decides swift reaping is in order, but he’s stopped by the shinigami (“HOLD YOUR HORSES, DIPSTICK!”). Putting on his charm, the shinigami asks the girl what is the regret she’s harboring. But rather than answer, the girl asks if they are cosplaying for something. Are they doing some sort of movie or play?

Everyone: ( ゚ヮ゚) huh?

Girl: “Ah ~ I’m so sorry for interrupting ~ Please go ahead and continue your BL ~”

Everyone:  (ʘヮʘ) W.T.F.!?

“I know about this. She’s one of those “fujoshis.” Fujoshis are girls who favor media such as video games, manga, and novels about gay men and their relationships. Source: Wikipedia”

Thanks Spanky for clearing that up. The girl apologizes for thinking they were all BL-ing on one another, just because they’re guys and talking to one another xD (I seriously think that’s the only qualification needed to turn characters BL… ^^;). However, the fact she’s writing stuff in her notebook with a blush on her face makes the shinigami and Ken think, what is she writing in there? (Ken: oh gawd no…don’t BL me…please don’t BL me…).

Creepiness of the situation aside, the shinigami decides to try and use his charm again. What regrets do you have? I’ll do anything to help you ~

Girl: “Are you sure?”

Shinigami: ^___^ yes ~

Girl: “Anything?” (///¬_¬///)

Shinigami: ^___^;;;  “almost anything…”

Spanky reads the situation as the girl wanting to see some studs doing the BL. So he shreds up Ken’s clothes. Girls like it like this right?

She scolds him. Seeing the boys naked isn’t the only thing! Spanky shrugs and embraces Ken. Like this?

The girl says if you say it like that it’s not real.

Spanky: =A= …

“I don’t friggin get it!!”

*chucks Ken*

Spanky demands the shinigami show him what she means. The shinigami declines – who wants to hug a mutt like him???

Ken: I hate my life…

The girl apologizes – her intent wasn’t to get the boys to BL with one another. She’s actually looking for a book…


TO THE BOOKSTORE! There was debate about going to Akiharaba or Ikebukuro but since Ken doesn’t have money they settle for the next best thing – ANY BOOKSTORE NEARBY! While perusing the shelves, the girl finds a series she has been reading. A new volume is out ~ Establishing this is the book she wants, the shinigami grabs the books and throws it at Ken. Buy it!

Before Ken can say he doesn’t have the money too, we see Ken’s mom! She’s shocked to see Ken here. She notices the book Ken is clinging to – does Ken want that book? She’ll buy it!

Ken: D: oh dear gawd no mom!

Every boy's nightmare - except change the BL to porn

But mom won’t hear it. Ken never says he wants anything. Thus buying this for him makes her happy (I wonder how mom would act if she knew what the contents were like inside? ^^; )

As mom leaves to pay for the book, some girls appear and make fun of the BL books, much to the ghost girl’s displeasure. Before the girls can make more fun of the genre, some other chick appears. She tells her posse she wants to check out something in the reference section. As they leave, the shinigami notices the change in attitude the appearance chick had on the ghost girl.


Back at Ken’s house, Ken finishes the book – he acted as a page flipper while the girl read. Ken stares at the girl for a few seconds but it’s confirmed – reading the newest volume of her favorite series wasn’t the regret she was holding on to.

Making small talk, Ken tells the girl that it’s true his family is poor and they can’t really afford stuff. The girl feels guilty making Ken buy that book for her.

Ken: “But it was fun right?”

Girl: “Yes!”

Ken: “That’s good ^__^”

Had to include this because Ken looks so cute <3

Not liking that Ken is hitting it off with the ladies (lady), the shinigami appears. After some inveigling, the girl, whose name is Anna, spills her request:

“Will you help me rob someone?”



Why are my snippets turning into summaries D: I’m having way too much fun summarizing this!

Also, I like Spanky. He entertains me ~

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