Snippets: Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess) Chapter 2 (April 2011)

Boy Princess Chapter 2

[in before bed time ~]

Hoho, you guys are still sticking with me on this series? You all must like the whole women dominating guys thing ;D Or the gender bender part. It’s got to be the gender bender part. If the latter is so, then you will enjoy this chapter  ~

Because in this chapter, Albert only wore girl’s clothing. And make up xD And got glomped by a guy xD

Points of Interest

  • We learn why the princess wants Albert to switch with her – the reason is very…interesting >___>; (explains why this series can be labeled as a comedy)
  • Seems the princess has enemies…in the form of her mom’s sister. She’s one crazy bitch who’s not afraid to let it all hang out (seriously – those boobs are about to pop out of her front and bite someone!)


Last we left off, Albert was told he was going to act as the Princess’s double. Naturally Albert wasn’t too key on the idea. Gii is also with Albert on this – wtf girl!?

As princess of the land, she will be arranged to marry someone from a neighboring country so as to strengthen ties with that country. She knows this fact and has accepted that. However, before that time comes, there is someone she wants to spend her last moments of freedom with.

“Do you…have someone you love?”

Gii freaks at Albert’s words. WTF!? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!? OMG!? OMG!? I’LL KILL THE HORSE THIEVING BASTARD! The princess tells Gii to take a chill pill. She knows her duty as a princess and she won’t do anything to upset that. However, until that time comes, she wants to be with that person. She tells Albert that is why she rescued him – he can help increase this time by taking her place. For performing this duty, he will be released from her care in half a year’s time. Albert is surprisingly cool with this – guess he has the heart of a maiden inside him. Gii is still a little PO’d about this mysterious person. However he and Albert get a surprise when they learn the identity of this “special someone” is actually…


Albert and Gii: (ఠ_ゝఠ) wait what?





I love you Gii

All that tolerance Albert had died with the “mystery man’s” identity. He is very temperamental when Gii tries to teach him how to BE A MAN ~ A WO-MAN THAT IS! Of course, Gii is an S to guys so he quickly pimp slaps Albert into submission.

Gii: >:U I like to pimp slap men and be pimp slapped by women!!!!

Albert: =_______=; creeper

Albert doesn’t understand what are the differences between girls and guys – aren’t they pretty much the same. Gii has a shit fit over this. OMG fairies are not like the dirty savages known as men. They are elegant, graceful, and pure ~ Fairies are a gift from god ~ (I think the boys in DADADADAN! would say otherwise ^^;)

Albert: “Dude…you are totally a perv.” And wtf is up with this fairy crap?

Fairies are what Gii calls those of the female race. He tries to show Albert his picture collection but Albert throws the pictures in the air and gives Gii another label: Loli-con.

Again, I love you Gii (also, wtf to your spin while on your back xD)

After doing some cool flips and shit to grab his pictures, Gii returns his ANGRY attention back to Albert. Oh hell no bitch. Diss my fairies will you? Time for some TOUGH LOVE!

Step #1 of Gii’s whip’em into shape program: If you want to be a female you have to have lots of references – remember them and imitate them.

Albert thinks of the princess. He tells Gii to kneel before him. Gii goes hoho you almost sound like her ~ not bad.


Gii nearly jizzes his pants in shock (omg slap me baby  ( ゚ヮ゚)) – Albert was, just for a second, like the princess! Gii gets over his shock and whacks Albert over the head. No more games!! Time for step #2 of the program:

*cue montage of Albert learning how to be a girl and failing*

The montage stops with education time ~ The princess knows 10 languages. Guess who’s learning 10 languages too?

Albert: D:

And piano. And poetry . And the arts. And –

Albert is shocked – I thought nobles just rolled around naked in their money all day!

Gii:  (ಠ_ಠ) you sad little cross dressing man…

Gii explains that if the princess spent her days rolling naked in her money (Gii: oh how I would like to spend my days watching that <3 in addition to being whipped <3(´) the country would be screwed. How do you expect to run the government if you don’t even know what a government is!? The princess has to be educated because she has many duties.

“Like marriage?”

The arranged marriage is not only important to strengthen ties with a country but also so one can keep an eye on that country.

Gii: “When a baby girl is born, we can’t officially bestow her with the title of princess. Even though she was born, one can never tell what misfortunes may fall upon her. If no girls are born, this country cannot be sustained.”

Albert: “What happens if a boy is born?” (TOTAL FORESHADOWING COMING!!!!)

Gii: “What would you do with an existence of no value?”

Albert: “Are you saying he’s killed?”

Gii: “…I’ll leave the scenario up to you.”


It’s night time. Albert reflects on all that has happened. His conclusion: nobles are some fucked up people. As he rolls over, he curses the fact the bed is so large (basically, he’s missing his old life and friends)

SCENE CHANGE! Gii is applying some make-up on Albert and getting worked up about it.

Gii is getting keep the picture G, I had to crop off certain bits...male bits that is...excited male bits ;D jk

Gii: “щ(゚ロ゚щ) pant pant”

Albert:  Σ(゜д゜;)  uh…Gii…you’re scaring me


Albert: GYAAAAAA!!!!!

The princess, who was waiting in the next room, comes rushing in when she hears Albert’s screams of terror. Rather than be freaked out about Gii bear hugging Albert on the floor, she is shocked by the resemblance the two have.  Gii is also shocked – shocked that he is actually hugging Albert instead of the princess, which makes Albert wonder if it’s safe to have such a creeper around =__=;;

The princess thinks it’s time to see if this plan will work. She tells Gii to take Albert out on the palace grounds.

“Gii. Please protect Albert as if it were me.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

So the two go out for a walk and get nearly shot at by arrows.

Wait, what!?

Yeah, you read that right: arrows. The culprit is some bitch with big boobs. She laughs at her mistake, saying this is the first time she’s handled a bow and arrow.

Those boobs are so large, I except to find a butt hole hidden inbetween them ಠ_ಠ

Gii informs Albert that the big boobed whore is the Queen’s younger sister. And she’s not just big in her boobs, she’s also big in her ambition to rub the princess out of the picture.

Albert: “Ambitious…you mean one wrong step could be my last!?”

Gii: “Naturally, if you want to die that is.”

Albert: D: “I WANNA GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The end ~


  • Why is it always family that wants you dead? (Or the jealous GF/BF?)
  • LOL to Gii being a lolicon pervert
  • But I totally want Gii to get with the princess, even if he’s a lolicon perv
  • WTF to the horse thing. I’m hoping there isn’t anything sexual involved in that relationship. Just saying

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