Snippet: DADADADAN! Ch-Ch-Ch-Chp 1 (April 2011)

The other new series in Comic Sylph is titled DADADADAN! (I remember the manga-ka drew a couple one shots before this in Comic Sylph as well as some  pre-installment of DADADADAN!). What does DADADADAN! stand for? If I were to try and translate into English, it would be this:

(brain) DAmaged
DAng Dorky

(ಠ_ಠ) weird right? (The English language has only so many DA words)

In Japanese, DADADADAN! is a play on words:

DAme (failure, no good – basically, something is wrong with this person)
DAsa (dull – I’m not sure if this is dull as in boring or dull as in dumb. I chose dumb – thus DAft for the English translation)
DAru (dweeb, dorky, geek, etc)
DAnshi (boys)

Each DA- word I think refers to the one of the three main characters in this manga. One of the boys is a fail in the sense he can’t be around girls without fainting or freaking out. The second boy is dumb as  a box of rocks. The last boy is a nerd and is not into girls. He likes his girls 2-D. DADADADAN! is definitely a different title ^^; Guys who don’t like girls. And aren’t BL for one another. How will this series turn out?

Starting from the bottom we have Bashful, to his right Grumpy, and to his left Doc

Points of Interest

  • I actually don’t think there will be any points of interest. This seems to be a title that concentrates on the LOLs. Nothing plot line-ish from what I’ve seen thus far.


Welcome to…whatever this place is called. It’s a school where the boys and girls live separately. Just as our 3 boys like it. See…these boys are special…

The chapter opens with one of the boys rushing in to tell his roommates about a burglar that’s on the prowl. Seems the boys in 102 had their stuff taken! Rather than be worried, one of his roommates grumbles about the situation in annoyance – “Shit man. Go commit your felonies in the girls dorm, Burglar.”


These boys are unique…in that they don’t enjoy the company of the female species. Boy #1 – Shiro – doesn’t like girls because he’s incredibly shy around them. Just being touched by a girl is enough to render him unconscious. Boy #2 – Ryouta – doesn’t like girls period. Why? Not sure. Boy #3 – Mina – isn’t interested in girls unless they are 2-D.

Told you they were special.

[To make things easy on me, I’m giving the boys nicknames: Shiro is Bashful, Ryouta is Grumpy, and Mina is Doc]

So DADADADAN! is going to probably be a story where they get into crazy hijinks due to the female creatures they hate so much ^^


The boys look to their window to see…A FEMALE!


[Told you ^^;]

The boys naturally freak out. The girl signals her desire to be let inside. Grumpy instead decides the best thing to do is ignore the beast lurking at their door (lol to him twisting the heads of Bashful and Doc so they aren’t looking at the window xD). However, when she tries to break the glass with a small boulder she finds (LOL), Grumpy decides that enough is enough.

Do I want to know why a guy who only likes 2-D girls has a life-sized figurine like this...>__> *dirty thoughts* or why Grumpy is utilizing this as a weapon? Really? That's the first thing you grab huh?

He grabs one of Doc’s figurines – some giant creepy…soldier guy – and prepares to take her down with it. However, this fails when Doc tries to stop Grumpy (one of his “girls” (a figurine) had gotten stuck on the soldier guy’s belt) who is stopped by Bashful – basically this causes a domino effect which results in Private Ryan flying out the window, breaking it.

The girl enters (not going to ask why a giant figurine is going out the window huh?) and grabs Grumpy, asking him for something. However, Grumpy tosses his cookies.

Girl: (ఠ_ゝఠ) …

The girl goes instead to Bashful, who crashes to the floor upon her touch.

Girl: >___>

Her attempts with Doc also fail – he’s more concerned with locating his figurine than this chick.

Girl: LISTEN TO ME DAMMIT!!!! (ノ ゚Д゚)ノ ======= ┻━━┻

Guys: Σ(゜д゜;) oh shit! Scary! *takes cover in their beds* (really does happen xD)

See, these guys together are bigger pussies than the one she has!

Long story short, the girl says she saw someone in a hoodie snooping around her dorm room. She freaked out and left before the person saw her. She ran to the next room closest to her…which is theirs xD (Grumpy: You fucking kidding me!? (╬ ಠ益ಠ)).  She asks for their help to which Doc and Grumpy promptly tell her no. GTFO and call the cops :/

However the girl – Netsu – says she doesn’t want to call the cops because she doesn’t want to alarm the girls (there’s a creeper walking around girl…I think that’s enough to scare anyone…). She’s the RA for the girl dorms. She’s going to graduate soon and wants to protect those under her care until the end. Doc and Grumpy still say to kiss off xD Netsu asks if it’s because of the rule – no boys allowed in the girls dorms? The trio scoffs at this – IT’S BECAUSE WE’RE AFRAID OF THE GIRLS! :D

Netsu: Ó.Ò you fucking kidding me???

Netsu tries for another sob story. However, Doc and Grumpy aren’t moved and proceed to throw her out (xD)…however, Bashful is touched by her words and says he’ll help.

Doc and Grumpy: |||>__>) (<__<|||| Good luck doing it alone.

However, some “convincing” on Netsu’s end gets them to join along.

Doc and Grumpy: #=___=) (=___=# damn women…

Sneaking back to Netsu’s room, the trio + one runs into the Punch – some old lady that I guess runs the dorms. I guess she’s the one who will unleash punishment on those who break the rules (like the one where boys aren’t allowed in the girl’s dorms)

Doc wonders how Punch didn’t notice the creepy Netsu described.

Good point but no one cares and they proceed to sneak through the manager’s office to get to the girl’s dorm. In Netsu’s room, she notes that nothing has been stolen – not even the wallet she keeps on her desk (Bashful: ISN’T THAT ASKING SOMEONE TO STEAL IT!?). I love how Grumpy finds Netsu’s test score and notes the horrible grade (“Did the burglar take your points?” xD).

Now that they’re here, it’s time to start operation “Battlefield – I Won’t Let Go of You Until I’m Dead!” (don’t ask about the name…I think it may be referencing something but I’m not sure ^^; I’m not that hardcore in the anime/manga fandom).

Part I: HACKING! Doc hacks into the campus security using his amazing genius that I didn’t know he had. Netsu recognizes her creeper from one of the camera feeds. Part II: DEPLOYING PRIVATE RYAN! Remember that figurine from earlier? He gets another cameo. This time he’s been taped to a remote control…skateboard(?) and has a mike attached to his neck:


Creeper: OH SWEET BABY JESUS WHY????!!! (இ(ェ)இ) *RUNS*

The plan seems to be working until Netsu and Grumpy fight for possession of the mike – they both want to say stuff to creep out the creeper – which results in Netsu saying her name over the mike. The creeper realizes something weird is going on and darts around…towards the direction of Netsu’s room! But how does the creepy know which room is Netsu’s? Unless…the creeper is after Netsu herself! Hearing Bashful’s deduction, Doc and Grumpy decide it’s a good time to abandon ship. Good luck Netsu! Don’t drag outsiders into your problems next time!

Netsu: (#゚Д゚) what’s wrong with you fail males!? GET BACK HERE AND HELP ME!

Love how Doc is punching her hand - yeah, we're fails. Now if you'll excuse us...

Not sure why but Doc has a change of heart and says it’s time to implement part III of their plan…

Creeper comes in and looks around.

“Your heart? You forgot it long ago.”
“That’s why, we must defeat you”
“This planet’s final resort – its Last Heroes”

Creeper: ಠ̯ಠ the &#*$?

Trio: ◉ε◉; this isn’t working out as we planned…

The trio try instead to escape with Netsu but Netsu has thrown her back out…

Grumpy: Are you fucking kidding me!? (╬ ಠ益ಠ)

“What are you doing here?”

Creeper is a girl!?

Grumpy loses it right then and there. He does what he believes they should have done in the beginning: KICK SOME ASS! >D

Creeper: D: but I’m a girl… OH SHIT! DID HE JUST TRY TO ROUNDHOUSE KICK ME????

Netsu: “He’s smiling as he’s fighting her…” 0__0;

Doc: “He’d probably be the happiest person on earth if he could get rid of every girl on this planet.


While these two are watching Grumpy’s fight, Bashful decides it’s time to unleash his special powers – DEDUCTION! By piecing together the melodies of logic / chaos (nerd points if you know what shows those came from), Shiro has figured out the mystery with our creeper!


Everyone: o3o what?

Turning on the lights reveals the person is in fact a teacher – Netsu’s teacher to be specific. WTF up with scaring the kids Teach??? Teach says she was wearing hoodie because she was cold. Since Netsu has such shit scores on her English tests (remember when Grumpy mentioned it earlier?), Teach was going to help Netsu out – SINCE NETSU WAS THE ONE WHO ASKED AND TOLD HER TO COME!

Everyone: …

Boys: (╬ ಠ益ಠ) Netsu-senpai…

Netsu: ^^; Hoho, well…isn’t this embarrassing ~

With the mystery solved, the boys go back to their room. Grumpy is glad the teacher didn’t turn them in. And that the person who was sniffing around Netsu’s room wasn’t the burglar. Doc however is unusually quiet. Is he angry?

Doc asks more about the burglar situation as they enter their room…only to find…PUNCH TAKING THEIR STUFF???? WHAT???

Punch yells at them. She’s taking their stuff as compensation for the broken window.

Guys: D:

So basically, the whole burglar thing wasn’t real. It turns out Punch took the stuff from 102 because they broke their wall somehow. However, when friend A comes in and asks, hey, where is your stuff?, the boys in 102 told friend A that they were taken, which lead friend A to think, taken? OMG BURGLAR! HIDE YOUR KIDS! HIDE YOUR WIFE!

Guys: =_____________= this day SUCKED!


Definitely interesting. I think I like Grumpy the best. I love his lines. However Doc comes in at a close second ^^

That’s it for this chapter ~

14 thoughts on “Snippet: DADADADAN! Ch-Ch-Ch-Chp 1 (April 2011)

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  3. HAHA. was grinning like an idiot while reading the whole post xDDD
    sounds like a good gag manga! the story and its characters actually reminds me of shounen manga.

    i find the art rather adorable xD
    oh yes! thank you for deciphering the title !!! interesting trivia xD!!!


    • It’s definitely interesting, I’ll give you that xD
      I love how messed up these dudes are!
      I’ve been needing a series to read to keep my spirits up (damn finals) so this was perfect :3 I love the art ~ it’s cartoony and wacky, just like I like it ~ x3

      Oh man, you don’t know how long I was looking through the dictionary for DA words xD I’m happy the English vocabulary had at least enough somethings that could be related to the Japanese words!


  4. I love Dadadadan Series!
    I didn’t know you were summarizing this, The trio is so hilarious XD but Grumpy is the best (who is your favorite character?)
    I’ve read 1st chapter already but reading from your point view is funny too XD

    it’s still unusual manga because there is no BL and three types of male characters are united in one manga plot, that’s what makes this manga interesting X3
    I hope there won’t be any BL too much, because it will be too cliche and ruin the series.


    • I was back in the day but now that a group has picked it up, I’m debating whether to continue or not once I’ve finished off a few other things ~ After all, DADADADAN is a series best enjoyed with visuals rather than words, I think.

      Don’t worry, there is no BL in DADADADAN. At least there hasn’t been any for the past 4 volumes. Thankfully Hakase Ga!! sucked all the BL to its side xD


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