Favorite Search Words of the Week #4

Here is the 4th installment into this series.
This week was pretty dead in terms of search terms.
Doesn’t help that I wasn’t too active on this blog either ^^;
Darn you school!

(I’ve got one more of these – yeah, I’m trying to clean out my DRAFT folder ^^; Sorry for the spam on your timeline, guys)

  • クラノア-blow up

When I first read this, I thought it said Kuranoa – BLOW UP DOLLS xD ohhhh, my dirty mind

  • Isamuisamanhiji

Wtf xD This was the gibberish I named one of my pictures for my summary of the Hijikata Arc. I was getting frustrated and just banged my fingers on the keyboard. Lol, who went and tried to look this up???

  • hijikata route chizuru walks in on him changing

Lol – perv ;D

  • chloroform manga +summary

<__<; what’s with all the chloroform hits recently?

  • penis for a nose


  • honest guy manga

Looks like someone was tired of their Bastard Boyfriend (a hit I got in a previous FAVORITE SEARCH TERMS installment)

  • anime milkshake

…ten dollars says this has a hidden innuendo…

  • adventures of diarrhea girl

wtf who is this that keeps looking for this girl and her explosive adventures????

  • anime girl watches lesbian pee


  • wild hawaii naked girls had their ass hit hard blood was out

(llಠ ,ಠ ) dude…wtf…

  • manga thong

This is totally due to my entry, Rebel Thong!!!!

  • hijikata okita spanking


4 thoughts on “Favorite Search Words of the Week #4

  1. tears are coming out…of laughter, incredulity, despair and other and mixed emotions …(ಠ_ಠ)
    Human race is a goner…


    • Haha xD love your comment!
      “The human race is a goner…”

      I wonder how these pervs looking for girl porn felt when they clicked on the link to my blog and HOT MAN MEAT greeted their eyes instead??? xD I wonder if any shrieked in shock? Lol, that would be funny.


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