Favorite Search Words of the Week #3

Seeing as these were surprisingly popular (and Rin brought up a good point – if I’m already getting the hits for these, posting about it won’t really increase their hits much), I bring to you the next installment of Favorite Search Words of the Week ~ Part III.
I forgot what week this covered.
I just copied and pasted those search hits that entertained me and left this post to float around in draft land ~

  • “snow and hope yaoi”

Knew it! I should have known posting that gag about FFXIII would result in a “Snow x Hope” hit xD [Edit – I’ve actually been getting a lot of Snow x Hope hits… ( ̄△ ̄;)]

  • “cat tough love”

This amuses me. I can’t tell if they were looking for stories about cats being Tsun-Tsun or porn xD (hey man, I’m paranoid after seeing all these dirty search term blog hits)

  • “dude thong”

…do I even want to know? [EDIT: I know where this is from! From my post, Rebel Thong 8D]

  • “shota slave”

Really? At least it’s not yaoi bondage….Dx

  • “shoulder a coffin kuro when is volume 3 coming out!!!!”

I love the enthusiasm x3 And the fact it doesn’t have the word nekkid in there!

  • “ciel getting fitted”

プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ I remember this scene. Oh, so wrong haha xD

  • “msocommenthide”

o__o; what?

  • “”cabin boy” raped”

D: I know where this one came from. Awhile back I doodled a character from SLH in this gay outfit. Why? Because @myuniques issued the challenge on Twitter >:3 (the famous CABIN BOY challenge). Everyone kept saying our guys look rapable…apparently they were right…

The thought of anyone raping Cain or Koutetsu disturbs me greatly…one because Cain don’t let no one rape him. He’d turn the tables and rape them! Koutetsu…would actually enjoy it. He scours playpens for children to kidnap! He had a secret underground passage that lead to certain dorm rooms. He ain’t right!

  • “gilbert hana kimi”

For a second, I thought of Pandora Hearts‘ Gilbert. I’m like, what the fo!? Gilbert, what you be doing in a shojo!? xD

  • “rundown jails”

(゚⊿゚)||| huh?

  • “type random thing on google when you’re bored”


  • “不純異性交遊 ilicit sexual relationship”

I remember this from SLH. Still trying to figure out why anyone cared…it’s HS. Everyone is doing it (or at least that’s what smut shojo has shown me xD)

  • “shoujo manga summary chloroform”

o3o; okay…

  • “site:sylphalchemist.wordpress.com kidnap”

Σ(゜д゜;) dwah???

  • “site:sylphalchemist.wordpress.com drugged”

(((( ;゚Д゚))) should I be worried?

***jk, I know what these are from. It’s from my Chapter 18 and Chapter 19 summary of SLH. But I won’t lie, these search hits kind of freaked me out at first.

  • ‘opposite gender of angel”

(ಠ_ಠ) what? Is there such thing as an opposite gender with angels? I thought they were all unisex?

  • “adventures of diarrhea girl”

I have no thoughts on this. The search term is plenty crazy enough.

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