Snippets: Miyako Chp #1 (April 2011)

Miyako is one of two new titles to replace the two series which ended in the March 2011 Issue of Sylph. It’s an adaption of an otome game of the same name. When I first saw the preview of Miyako awhile back, all I could think was HAKUOUKI…RELIGIOUS EDITION! XD Seriously, the main guy totally reminds me of Hijikata, except he’s an S xD (lol to the thought of Hijikata acting as an S!). While they may not be the same, I’m hoping Miyako isn’t going to be as difficult vocabulary-wise as Hakuouki was (which I pretty much stopped reading in Sylph because it was getting too intense in all the war terms. Plus I was getting to the point where everyone was going to start dying off and f if I’m going to sit through that. I ain’t no M!). I try to avoid manga that take place in ye old times and talk a lot of about historical events – because that means encountering a lot of kanji and words I’ve yet to master. Having so much in one go hinders the time it takes me to read the chapter/volume, and in the end, reduces my interest in the series. You gotta learn to crawl before you jump over buildings after all ~

Or was it, you can only swallow so much before you choke and die? 9__9 hmmm…

Whatever, basically, I want to encounter new words at a nice pace, not being hammered all at once.

Gah, I always blah too much with these intros. On to the chapter!

Points of Interest:

  • Nothing much to say for this chapter. It’s pretty much an introduction to the series.


The color page has a scene which I believe takes part some time in the future (kind of like what happened in the first chapter of Boy Princess). The main female is telling the main dude, hey you can’t just drop me like an AT&T phone call. I’m sticking with you until the end. Don’t care if I have to stow away in your luggage. We’re in this together >:U

[When I think about it, doing this took determination…it took trust…and most of all, it took love]

(now you all know where I got the words for my header)

The scene reverts to talk about darkness and two lights floating in the darkness – one blue, one red.

[Someone is calling me…who…are you?]

Our main girl opens her eyes to see a fine specimen of the bishi variety staring down at her. He asks her if she can hear him. She answers yes and proceeds to ogle at him xD The bishi mumbles about something being successful. While taking note of his eyes, the bishi leans in to touch her cheek and…yanks on it!

This breaks her out of her scrutinizing. She proceeds to go WTF MAN!? (≧ロ≦) (that better not be your idea of foreplay >:U).

Bishi: Pain receptors are a go-go as well! :D

Her: How about I kick you in the nuts to see if your pain receptors are a go-go!? (#゚Д゚)

The bishi then starts to pat himself on the back. Not only is she functioning properly but she’s just genius – a product of his genius (´∀`) hohoho (he also mentions something about her being a monkey type but I’m not sure what that’s all about…). Once done giving himself accolades, he proceeds to fill her in on what’s going on. Basically, she’s going to be his bitch. And her name is Sangou (lit. Third). Sangou tells him not to name her like he would his car – I’m a person not a thing! Bishi giggles at this. Girl, you ARE a thing.

“I, the great Abe no Seimei, made you – Sangou the Shikigami” *poses* (Abe is the new Cain xD)

Sangou tells him he’s bat shit crazy (ಠ_ಠ unless I shot out of your vajayjay sir, you did NOT make me). Abe asks her about her memories – if I didn’t make you then what are you? Sangou realizes a little late in the game that hey! I don’t have memories :o That’s not good….

“Do you want me to tell you? About what you are? I will…only after you say: “Please tell me, my master ~ “” *poses*

Sangou looks at Abe like he just farted, loudly. What’s wrong with this guy??? is plainly written on her face (as well as ಠ_ಠ why did you have to open your mouth and ruin my fantasies?). But the desire to know WTF is going on spurs her to give into Abe’s demands: PLEASE TELL ME MY MASTER >:U

Abe: プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ PSFFFFFFTTTT

Taking another pose, Abe explains to Sangou that he’s an onmyouji and he stops bad shit from happening. Since he’s a busy man, he needs helpers – in the form of Shikigami. Shikigami come in 2 varieties – there are those Shikigami who are summoned into our world from their…Shikigami world, and there are those who are made from scratch, as in the case of Sangou. Sangou is having troubling believing she was made. She tells him she can’t possible be made because she has a name – Sayuki. Abe is surprised for a moment but then says meh, who cares. You’re my bitch and that’s all that matters >:3

“From this moment on, you are mine~. Never forget that.”

Things look like they were about to get hot and heavy but the ambiance is destroyed by the entrance of two people – a young boy and a talking bird…wearing pants. Yeah, you read that right. This gangster be packing some Levis >:D No longer feeling up to messing with Sangou, Abe heads out and tells the two to look after Sangou. Also to call the boys – they got some work to do tomorrow.

The bird and boy introduce themselves – the bird is Nigou (Second) and the boy is Ichigou (First). >___> Guess Abe isn’t the greatest when it comes to giving out names. I wonder what he’d call his kids?

Ichigo goes all Tsun Tsun on Sangou but is quickly seen through by Nigou. The two banter – mostly Nigou screaming that Ichigou has the hots for Sangou (Ichigou is so cute when he blushes! x3). I love this part:

Nigou: “Look, Ichi…you’re going to break hearts if you keep hiding your embarrassment, you Fail Male. {SIGH} Now, I know you think Sangou is a cutie, that’s why you’re acting so flustered around her ~ Get with the program! Be a man!”

Ichigou: {GRRRRR}  “Yo-you’ve got it all wrong!”

Nigou: “If that’s the case, go hold her hand and say “Nice to meet you ~” If you’re not shy about her, then it should be easy right? ~” {DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!}
“Is your delicate little heart shaking?”

Ichigou: KICK!

Ichigou tries to talk to Sangou but fails xD He only gets around to explaining the layout of the place before he throws Nigou at her to finish. Nigou tells her this is her home now.

SCENE CHANGE! It’s night time. Sangou is staring at the moon. She is a little worried about everything going on: her new status as Abe’s  bitch, her lack of memories, etc.

[I wonder if I’ll be aright from here on out?]

While sleeping, she sees that dream of the darkness and two glowing lights. Only this time, there is a chick with doggy ears crying. The chick tells Sangou to “protect him.” The dream fades out before we can get anymore info.

Sangou wakes up in her room. She thinks, man that bitch was hot! What’s a girl got to do around her to be that good looking? She also thinks how the chick in her dream reminded her a bit of Abe (Me: プッ(※థэథ)∵.*.∵ PSFFFFFFTTTT Abe: (◣_◢)┌∩┐). Apparently, just like Patrick, just thinking about Abe makes him appear! Abe is not pleased to see Sangou still asleep (as the evil waves flowing from him show). Since Sangou has so much time on her hands, she doesn’t mind doing LOTTTTSSSSS of work >:D

Sangou: ;________; you’re weird!

The chapter ends with us meeting the rest of the bishi cast (save the evil guy) – two cuties and some old guy they found wondering around in the streets. Cutie #1 is Izumi. Cutie #2 is some guy who is all, DON’T GIVE ME NICKNAMES OR SAY MY NAME WITHOUT THE HONORIFIC – OH AND MY NAME IS MINAMOTO NO YORIMITSU. NO NICKNAMES! (I totally want to call him Pookiebear just to piss him off xD) Minamoto no Yorimitsu also goes by the name Raikou. Grandpa is your usual tea addict geezer. His name is Genji (seriously, what archeological dig uncovered this guy D:). Introductions done, Izumi decides to get things started by explaining what they do here (since Abe was probably a dick and didn’t tell her shiz. Abe: (˘ε˘)┌ whistles ~ ♪♫). Here at bishi headquarters, they do jobs – all sorts of jobs. Whether it’s to help the world or people, they will do it! And from now on, Sangou is one of them!

(Izumi: We’ve done stuff we’re not proud of…both clothed AND naked…good luck Sangou…here’s the name of a doctor I go to…you’ll need it…he doesn’t ask questions…not after the first time he asked and I told him….shook him up pretty bad…).



Wow, I went full out summary on this D: Sorry guys! I just had too much fun with this title. I’m looking forward to more Miyako. It’s definitely an interesting title. Plus I like Nigou and Ichigou :D They are an awesome duo! Gramps sorts of weirds me out. Especially since he’s doing a Brock and keeps his eyes close o__O; Brock always scared me, so this is like a childhood monster rearing its head again. Hopefully we don’t see too much of him >3> But I would like to see more of S ABE!!!! xDDDDDDD

11 thoughts on “Snippets: Miyako Chp #1 (April 2011)

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  3. LOL. HAHA. thanks for the snippet !!!
    when i read the beginning about how abe created sanjou i thought it was an introduction to some incest-y sort of relationship xD
    the artwork seems rather serious and it seems like its gonna be some epic period story then suddenly theres a talking bird which blew that thought away xD

    fav character so far after reading ur snippet: ichigou!!!!!

    thanks so much!

    so…is the old dude one of the romantic interests?


    • Not a problem 8D Sorry it took so long to post!
      xDDD I think Brothers Conflict has poisoned your mind. If it’s got cute guys, it must be incest! xD
      The art is wonderful <3
      And yes, the appearance of Ichigou and Nigou ruined the whole atmosphere (though S Abe started it xD)

      Isn't Ichigou just a cutie???? x3 I wanna hug him ~

      Strangely…yes o__O; Not sure why though. I'm totally betting he's wearing adult diapers because he's that old (well, okay, he isn't OLD OLD but he sure ain't no spring chicken!). I guess he's fills that niche some players have where they want to date an older fellow? I'll stick with Ichigou thanks….


        yes ichigou is just asking for hugs. even his name! ichigou!

        let’s call the old dude the ‘mature’ dude to make him sound more appealing to the younger demographic. least he’s rocking some bling bling, the rest aint got no thing on his bling . maybe we might eat our words when he rocks his stuff


      • Haha xD
        If Brother Conflict ever get popular, it’ll turn into Poke’mon – more locals, more brother! (bc dad like to spread his seeds xD)
        (you’ll have the exotic bishi, the afterlife bishi, the magician bishi, the animal lover bishi, etc.)
        (oh man, the lists go on…)

        Lol, it’s like we’re describing him as a bottle of wine. He’s not old, he’s fermenting xDDDDD

        OMG did you know there’s an otome game out there where a love interest in some SEVENTY FIVE YEAR OLD GRANDPA DDDDDDDDD: OMG, WHY DON’T YOU JUST GO DIG UP A CORPSE AND HUMP IT! PROBABLY YOUNGER THAN THIS DUDE!!!!


  4. Hey Thanks so much!!! I just discovered your website today while i was looking around for SLH chapters…and I really like your website…and Im very intrigue by your wallpaper the one with the guy who as a mask is that from a manga? if so please would you tell me the name of it…

    Have a nice day and thanks for keeping your website updated…when i saw the comments from SLH were from 2009-2010 I was pretty upset that i discovered this site too late, thanks God i was wrong…Nice Job you just gained one more follower


    • Hello there, sorry it took so long to reply to your comment!

      (school…le sigh)

      I found the wallpaper on I’m not 100% sure but it said this came from the series Book Girl or Bungaku Shojo :3

      Haha xD Yeah, my site is a bit old ~
      I’m glad you like my random summaries where I pretty much just grumble and bitch the whole time haha (any stuff that may seem remotely interesting comes from the brain – all credit goes to the brain xD)

      Thank you for your comment!


    • OMG no xDDD I don’t want to picture Abe no Seimei with a vajayjay

      Wow…I bet you the real Abe is thinking, really? Really? First you bishi me, which I honestly don’t mind but then you make me a S and now I’ve got bitches shooting out of a clown hole that I never had in the first place? Oh fools, I’m going to be haunting some ASS here soon if you ruin my good name even further, dawgs. xD


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