Other Cover Pages for April 2011 Series

I only summarize certain titles in Comic Sylph. However, as I was looking at Hakase Ga!‘s cover page, I thought, I may not be summarizing this title but this is really pretty and want others to ogle as well 8D Thus the reason for this post ~

Enjoy looking at the other side of Comic Sylph that I’m unable to get to ~ :3

Pictures were taken using my cell phone ~ (translation: they’re shit quality ;D)

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  • Doukyo Chu!
  • Shiro Ari (Snow White and Alice)
  • Hakuouki
  • Yamato Kareshi
  • Hakase Ga
  • Karakuri x Limit
  • Fujoshissu

8 thoughts on “Other Cover Pages for April 2011 Series

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  2. thanks for covers!!!

    your photos come out so much better than mine! xDDD i always have bad lighting

    the two of curious about is Karakuri x Limit & Shiro Ari, they both look really cool!


    • Photos using a phone are so hard :U But worse it using a camera – I tried to use my camera but I guess I have shaky hands or something because they always came out blurry!

      Karakuri x Limit looks funny – but I’ve missed the beginning chapters which explain everything so I’m a little lost. All I know is the blonde hair guy has been entrusted with a robot(?) (the black haired boy) by this scientist who only the blonde hair guy can see (yeah, it’s a little crazy). Blondie has to teach the robot how to be human (I think) – which I guess is hard for Blondie because he has problems with emotions? (he’s an actor but he has problems with his acting…yeah…from this chapter, we see it might stem from his parents being work-a-holics and never spending time with him).

      I’m in the same boat with Shiro Ari. I’m way behind on the chapters to understand what’s going on. I know it has Snow White and she somehow end up in Alice’s world (Alice is a boy BTW). It’s kind of like Heart no Kuni no Alice, where the world is a little screwy. ^^ Definitely has some good laughs in it though!

      Thank you for your comment ~ Glad you liked them <3


  3. Nice cell phone quality lol. that’s like the best quality i’ve seen from a phone O.o
    And I love your little scrolly-thing. You look like super fancy blogger right now ^^


    • xD Thank you! I sometimes have to take the photo several times because I tend to twitch and screw up the quality xD (thankfully I can preview the picture before saving it!)

      8D I recently found out about it! In that box where you can upload pictures, if you go to the second to last tab that says GALLERY and scroll down, it has the option to submit your pictures in slideshow form 8D How cool is that!?
      (however, I can’t put my usually icon in the beginning or else it’ll get incorporated into the slide show ^^; I haven’t figured out how to exclude certain pictures…yet!)

      Thanks for your comment ~


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