What be hanging loose from your trousers? Yo yo ~

Yo dogs, what be hanging loose from your trousers? Or however the saying goes. Sorry for not updating in a while. April is apparently KILL EM month in grad school. Papers, presentations, tests ~ oh dear ~ Yeah, it sucks :/

Even though I haven’t updated anything Sylph wise in awhile, I have been working on the summaries in the April 2011 issue! So far I got Miyako, DADADADAN, Shinigami Doggy, Boy Princess, and Kuranoa all finished. I’m prepping for Sora Kara! My Nanny next. Even though I’m an issue behind, I actually like it this way :3 If I have any questions about what happened in April 2011, I flip through the May 2011 issue to clarify any thing. I think I might keep it like this 8D

What else? Oh, I became an ‘updater’ on mangaupdates (it was surprisingly easy!). I plan on updating the Comic Sylph stuff >:D I already started with Sora Kara! My Nanny~! It now has a description 8D And recommendations (bc I updated the categories part) ~ (one being Gakuen Babysitters ~ though the others are a little weird – like the dead brother sob story. Sora Kara! My Nanny is a comedy…wtf >___>; ).

Ah, and what’s a post without something Final Fantasy XIII? Yeah, even though I’m dying in HW, I play VG to de-stress. It’s either that or get in my car and drive on the sidewalk at the mall. I like the VG option because I won’t go to jail for killing people…jk

I came up with this comic when I was thinking about an addiction I have with a certain thing in this game…

I’m really glad this game isn’t based on real time – otherwise I would have failed back in chapter 2 ^^;

But this comic does have some truth in it. Whenever the crystarium opens, I go crazy and spend hours just doing random battles to complete it @________@ I usually do this while chatting with friends on the phone though so time goes by and before I know it ~ DONE ~

But then trying to get through the rest of the chapter is a pain ^^; I think, I ALREADY KILLED ALL YOUR FRIENDS! WHY YOU ALL NO GO HOME???


Sahz’s reaction to finding the shit load of CP I harvested with Lightning and Co (love that CP carries over to those characters not in my party 8D):



Finally finished the chapter where I can choose who ever I want in my part 8D I’m still testing the waters with who my third character is going to be. Really wish Fang had better moves as a Saboteur :/ or maybe ditch Sentinel for Synergist. I never use Sentinel because I have no idea how to use it. I use provoke, the guys go attack Hope.I use Steel Defense, the guys attack Lightning.

Me: =_______________=* ATTACK ME YOU SHITS!

Meh, we’ll see.

I also need to learn how to upgrade weapons. Might explain why I’m barely surviving by the skin of my teeth .___.;

And that’s all for this update ~ fly high but watch out for the ceiling fan, kids! Peace ~

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