002 Ivysaur (doodle)

Man I’m a slowpoke! @myuniques already has her three starter poke’mon up and done D:
Go check it out here
(but let it be known that Torchic is MINE! >:D)
I should have been smart and drawn all three guys in the same picture but my guys are camera whores. They each wanted their own picture to show off their stuff xD
Squirtle especially is a little whore o___O;

Here we have Ivysaur as a dude 8D The theme for him was “stylish” and “grumpy.” However, he looks like he should be back in the disco era getting his funk off xD I blame his hat! I wanted to get something to represent that parasitic flower growing from his spinal cord but having a flower on his back was weird to think about. I thought, ok, I’ll make the flower a hat. What kind of clothes go good with hat like this? *doodles* o_______O; uh…


>_____> I’ll roll with it…

As for the vines, I wanted someway to have them in the picture (since Ivysaur has them hanging out…his vines I mean…the plant kind, not his balls). Somehow they ended up wrapped around him instead of chilling in the BG. Oh well, Ivysaur was always the dumbest of the three. I can see him getting stuck in a tangle of vines.

This doodle was my first time attempting to do line art shadowing. Definitely not as easy as it looks. But it was fun messing around xD (I think I did it totally wrong but I like how psychedelic the picture looks xD)

Little by little I’m getting these requests and challenges done ^^

4 thoughts on “002 Ivysaur (doodle)

    • xD haha, I told you the starter poke’mon boys are all being butts and want to out pose one another!
      I blame Charmeleon for starting this whole battle!

      Charmeleon: ;D don’t hate me for being sexy <3
      Ivysaur: I'm stuck…
      Wartortle: Imma gonna beat you all with meh sexiness!


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