005 Charmeleon (doodle)

I haven’t done a doodle post in forever :U Man, what have you been doing to me life???

Story behind this doodle. On Twitter, I was randomly talking about an upcoming otome game, Brothers Conflict. In this game, you have a shit ton of “step-brothers.” Since you have so many, the game has been divided into 2 versions: Passion Pink and Brilliant Blue (lol, sounds like a name you’d give a perfume line xD). I related the game to the Poke’mon games, since not only were they divided into 2 versions but also because there are a shit ton of critters to enslave and trap in your balls… (xD that didn’t sound right). My bud, @myuniques, saw my comment and we began goofing around with the concept of capturing hot guys like one would Poke’mon. That’s when she got the idea: POKE’MON BISHI CHALLENGE

Me: >:D yes!

We both got introduced to Poke’mon at different stages. I’m an old fart and I started with Red/Blue. She started with Ruby/Sapphire. So, the challenge is to draw the starter Poke’mon we started with as cuties <3 I have Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. She has Torchick, Treecko, and Mudkip ~

I started with Charmander first (because I ALWAYS chose Charmander in the games. F the others xD) but he came out too adorable. When I think of the starter Poke’mon, I think cute little kids. But then somewhere in their life, something goes horribly wrong which leads them astray and turn into delinquents. This delinquent stage is their second evolution – I mean, look at them! They look so angry and punk-ish!

Instead, I decided to draw Charmeleon instead:

I had the themes “delinquent” and “punk” when drawing this picture. I’ll be honest: I hate his hair. However, since Charmeleon has that tumor coming out the back of his skull, the closest thing I could do for his bishi version was tie his hair back into a high pony tail (bc f if I’m going to draw a tumor coming out of my guy’s head >:U). While he looked cuter with his hair down, he actually looks more deviant with the hair up like that (actually, he looks more like a rooster but we’ll not go there xD)

No idea why I have him eating a lollipop. Now that I look at this picture properly, it looks like he went to a candy store and stole some candy before setting the place on fire >__>;

Here are some rough doodles I used before settling on the above picture:

This was so I can see what outfit I wanted. Don’t ask why he’s running from the paparazzi xD

Random doodle of Ash as a chick. He’s probably thinking, wtf is wrong with this scenario…


8 thoughts on “005 Charmeleon (doodle)

  1. Your so quick! I’ve barely started and my computers a little dead right now…

    He’s a sexy beast! Live the ” I’m so badass that I’m eating candy” thing he’s got going on there ;D

    I agree they frist start off all cute then bad boy then sexy and caring


    • xD And here I’m usually the slow one! It’s only one guy but at least that’s one less on my list :3
      I had Squirtle but he decided to be creepy so I switched to Bulbasaur. He’s quite the poser is all I’ll say ^^;

      8D I’m glad you like him Meni ~ I love doing all the challenges you throw out ~ they are so much fun <3

      xD Good, I wasn't the only who thought, why do you look so angry? WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE CHARMELEON?????


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