April 2011 Sylph – Color Scans

Wow, fail. I’m so behind on my April 2011 Sylph stuff that I have this PLUS the new May 2011 Sylph to post about Dx (just got my issue today) [Baby steps, Sylph. You can do this]. Forgiveness for the tardyiness of all this. Life and all that jazz.

I find it kind of funny how the scans for April 2011 look almost identical to those in the March 2011 xD Pretty much Hakuouki, Brothers Conflict, Miyako, and DGS xD But they are Sylph‘s biggest cash cows so it’s only natural they’d get love ~

As mentioned in my March 2011 post, I reduced the size of the scans. As a result, WP didn’t seizure up on me :D Yay ~

Advertisement for some stuff: Otomate Party and Natsu Sora no Monologue‘s soundtrack (chances are high that Natsu Sora no Monologue is an otome game, seeing how it’s being featured in Sylph and all ^^)

Hakuouki stuff ~ This time Sylph is talking about the OVAs coming out soon. I like how creepy Saitou is in that rough draft (it’s like he was drawn back in the 90’s xD). One peck from his nose = death!

The last page talks once again about Hakuouki‘s Drama CD and the second volume of the manga adaptation. Do you already have yours?

DGS love ~ These two pages cover the DGS 4LOVERS ONLY event. Also they talk about the furoku included with this issue as well as the furoku to be included in the next issue :3

RANDOM: I like how Ono D’s back pocket says “BUTT LOVE” xD (shiri = butt; but it has other meanings too…just not as prominent as ‘butt” xD). Way to make people think your relationship with Hiro C is anything but professional xDDDDDD

Advertisement for a DGS CD. I believe it’s all the complied dramas on one CD (this is a guess, mind you).

Advertisement for Uta no Prince-sama. Wonder how this anime will turn out?

(won’t lie…the chins kind of scare me o3o)

Massive overload of BROTHERS CONFLICT. The May 2011 Issue of Sylph will show off two more brothers who have not been featured yet (though one brother could actually be classified as a sister .___.|||)

More advertisement – this time for Sylph‘s Drama CD line ~

DGS, Fujoshissu, Himegoto ga Hanazono ~

Last picture ~ An advertisement of Miyako ~ Here we see Abe no Seimei showing off his bishi-ness xD (lololololol to Abe as a bishi)

7 thoughts on “April 2011 Sylph – Color Scans

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  2. DGS + Butt Love eh. I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT.
    AND LOL. HOW MANY BROTHERS CAN SHE POSSIBLY HAVE. though i guess tat doesnt really matter since it means more eye candy for ppl xDDD
    the miyako scan caught my eye, wats it about :O

    thank you for all the awesome scans!
    btw you HAVE to share your furoku!!!


    • I have no idea what is up with the butt love thing!
      I wonder if it’s a pun or something – because LOVE in Japanese is “Ai” (well, one of the meanings) and “Shiri-ai” means to “acquaintance” but that wouldn’t explain why that saying is on his butt…>__> (it’s like saying, “I know my butt” which is creepy but you know the Japanese and their Engrish ~)

      One brother for every stereotype love interest there has ever been – that’s how many!~!~!
      I mean, you now have the gender bender brother and the WORKING MAN brother.
      This game is covering all the fields!

      8D it’s a new serialization in Comic Sylph (I have the first chapter summarized but I haven’t gotten around to taking pictures yet ~). It’s based off an otome game. From what I’ve seen, it’s kind of like the Atelier series. In the Atelier series, you do quests and whatever else the villagers are too lazy to do themselves. These can be mediocre jobs to eventually, ho shit we need to save the world jobs (well, that’s how it was like in Atelier Iris…not sure about the others ^^; ). Along the way you can bond with your teammates to get a special ending with them when you beat the game (such as what happened in the Mana Khemia game, an off shoot of the Atelier games 8D). You do the same thing in Miyako – do quests and get close to your hunky man of desire ~ 8D (sorry for the nerd video game references xD)

      8D I thank you for giving me the idea to do these scans. Best to share the love and spread the interest!

      8U oh snap, I always forget about that stuff! I’ll get a post out to show you the goodies that came with the April 2011 Issue 8D


  3. Oh my Oh my~
    It’s amazing how I can’t even read this but I always stare at your Sylph scans for so long… aaah the power of bishounens ^^ Thanks for the scans! Great quality!


    • 8D hey I can’t really read this part either – I just oogle xD (but one day! One day I hope to have the power ~ and be able to read all this x3)
      Gotta love good looking guys. Even if you can’t speak to them, you can let your eyes do all the looking you need <3

      ^___^ glad you liked them ~


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