Do you want to be experimented on? :D

This is a little ghetto but it works >__>

I’m sorry to have to use my blog like this but I’m too much of a technology failure to know how to get a Microsoft Word document to show up on DA or LJ. The reason behind this post. Yesterday in Research Methods, my prof made us students complete some survey about our social networks. After what should have been a 5 minute survey taking over 45 minutes (because we couldn’t understand him or his crazy directions), he told us to go and have other people complete this survey. Strangers are better (go down those dark alleys children! Leave no scary person untouched!). Now, I may not be a wallflower but I’m no creeper who looks to the person next to me on the bus and says, hey, I think you may be interested in something I have. Got a minute….?

I’d rather just use the internet for that stuff. Since I’m linking my DA journal to this blog post, I hope I can convince my friends there to complete this survey *bats eyes at them while simultaneously holding her phone in a threatening manner – I WILL spam the crap out of you all with my texts >:3* However, since I’m a fail at technology, I have to put the survey up here (thus the reason for this post’s existence xD). If any of you all want to take the survey, the more the merrier (I would love to see the nicknames you all  make xD) ~


7 thoughts on “Do you want to be experimented on? :D

    • He said something about the 1s and 0s in the end relate to your social network’s heterogeneity and the 1s and 2s relate to the strength of your social network.
      Sorry I’m not too clear on the details.
      (I seriously think in some manner and way, he’s using us students in another one of his experiments…he’s done it before >__>;)
      Thank you though Rin for looking at the survey :3



        • This guy is definitely…not on my LOVE list :/
          That’s all I’m going to say (because you never know, he might be scouring my blog right now because he was searching the internet for “Uryuu nekkid” (<- one of the search terms I had gotten in the past) and got my blog)


  1. So I looked at the survey. But I decided I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t decide on 5 people who i’ve shared stuff with. I’m very personal so people don’t really know about my problems. Is this weird? I felt like a loser or something when I could only think of my Mom of whom I share personal information with >.<


    • He relaxed the restrictions to say it can be someone who we conversed with and talked about something – that’ll count. For example, talking with someone in your class and complaining about a test or assignment. Or you can include your internet friends ;D EX. You talked to us about that creepy comment you got from work (seriously, watch out for that guy. That’s not right) so that’s something “personal” :3

      I know where you’re coming from. There are only 2 people who I talk about real personal stuff about, one being my father. So that’s not weird at all :D (well, if it is, we’ll be weird together ~). I’m more comfortable talking to these 2 people about my problems because they will 1.) Care 2.) Know how to console me (in a manner I like) 3.) Help push me on to get back up and succeed :3
      It’s rare to find people who you can just tell anything to (and know they won’t tell others or tell you to STFU and get over it <- unless that's how you like to be consoled ^^; nothing wrong with that). When you find people like that, they will be your greatest treasure in this world (lol, I sound like a self-help book OTL sorry…).

      Thank you for looking at the survey though ~ :D *hugs*


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