Favorite Search Words of the Week

I forgot about these! Hello all, Sylphalchemist here. While trying to clean out some of my drafts, I found this post xD (and Part II!). I love how on wordpress, you can see what keywords/searchwords people have used to find your blog. Sometimes they are normal things like “Brothers Conflict” or “Stray Love Hearts” but other times I get some REALLY random stuff. I usually post this on Twitter but for some reason I collected them here instead (maybe because I want to be able to look back on this and go WTF…).

I’m not sure when this was made but it says the draft was saved around the beginning of March so these search terms are probably for the week of March 4 – 11

Here you go ~ enjoy ~

  • “i hate aoi tokyo majin’

Lol, I love this one because a while back on my site I totally did a bitch rant about her. OMG, just remembering makes me angry. Stupid whore. Her brain cells must have died upon learning they were inhabiting her cranium.

See, Aoi was one of those, “LET’S LOVE NOT FIGHT!” characters, which by itself would be cool but how she executed her beliefs was just messed up. While fighting monsters that were obviously bat shit crazy and killing things, she’d tell her team mates “DON’T HURT THEM! WE NEED TO TALK!” and her team mates would be all “STFU! THEY’RE KILLING US! LET’S BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THEM FIRST SO THEN WE CAN TALK TO THEM WITHOUT HAVING TO WORRY ABOUT THEM CLAWING OUR EYES OUT!” Then, for reasons only the man upstairs knows, she would throw herself at the monsters. Yeah, like totally saying HIT ME! And guess who had to save her stupid ass and get mauled in the process? – her friends/team mates. What was even sicker? Even though her friends on are the floor with their organs hanging out and limbs missing from protecting her, she’d still be spouting that “WE GOTTA TALK TO THEM!” shit.

Bitch? Do you not see your friends bleeding there? I think it would be best to beat the daylights out of this guy first and – oh dead gawd, she’s throwing herself at them again…NOOOOOO TETSUMA!!!! NOT HIS FACE!!!! D:

There is other stuff (like her going evil, her forgetting about her awesome ju-ju powers for a fucking season, etc.) but I’m getting too long in this post. RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE

  • “wolves kissing”

Do wolves kiss? (ಠ_ಠ) or does this person mean “licking?” The thought of two wolves doing the French is a little creepy…just sayin’

  • “is there any gay action in silver diamond manga”


OMG, could I have gotten a more random search word hit?

  • “anime wedgie girl”

(ಠ_ಠ) Just cut your balls off right now. If you’re into seeing panties going up a girl’s ass crack, it’s a little creepy. What’s even creepier is how this search word hit ended up leading to my blog…I assure you, I have no interests in wedgies, whether on myself or others. Them bitches are annoying (and hurt if they get you right)

  • “كوز بلاي انمي بندورا هيرتز”

I have no idea what this says, but I’m guessing “yaoi bondage.”

  • “anime rape by soldier”

I looked at this for a second and was thinking, how do you rape an anime? But then I broke it apart and instead thought, who the fuck would be interested in an anime that has rape D:

  • “smart hot guys manga”

I just like this one because it says hot guys xD

  • “zombie-loan (yeah it’s by peach-pit)”

Lol, who did you think it was by? xD

  • “final fantasy 13 nake”

(≧ロ≦) you honestly want to see Sachz and Snow nekkid!? D: (Snow is pretty much nekkid! – he can’t unzip any more of his shirts!)

  • “mammary glands of fairy”


**icon comes from FFXIII – Hope x Lightning

2 thoughts on “Favorite Search Words of the Week

  1. I find these funny. And that Arabic. I put it through Google and got “Cuz anime Pandora Playstation Hertz”. It probably makes a little bit more sense than “yaoi bondage” and I’m certain it might relate to Pandora Hearts.

    Btw. Silver Diamond. Love that shit.


    • o3o ahhhh, that makes a lot more sense (a Twitter follower pointed that out too). Guy must have been really looking hard for PH if his hit got to my blog!

      I’m behind on Silver Diamond ^^; I need to catch up now that I’m finished with Mad Love Chase.


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