Favorite Search Words of the Week #2

Here is part II. This week must have been done during spring break because towards the end of the week, the search terms got weirder o__O.

And it’s sad for me to realize this now but by publishing these posts, I’m probably going to get more hits for these types of search terms. Thus I’m not sure if I’ll continue these posts ~ but since I already went through the effort with these first two, I decided to let them see the day of light and to let you readers see how…creeped out Sylphalchemist gets when she sees these types of search terms…

Also, a little heads up but I’m going to be on hiatus. RL drama has come up so I won’t be able to go on the comp for a few days. When I come back, expect comments and stalkage x3

  • sumomomo momomo boobs

=w=; did anyone really have boobs besides the Horse Girl? It was all pretty much loli-porn fanservice

  • mans butt and woman’s butt

o_____O what?

  • hakuouki yaoi

Wow…what’s this world coming to when a girl wants to pair two hawt guys, who are totally into her, together instead of with herself…

  • “i have a design on a petit four that i would like to take off how do i do it?”

For a minute, I thought this was a porn search term xD

  • “what’s that lassie timmy fell down a well”

Lol, wtf? xD (I totally know where this went to – my Zeele Sacrifice summary on chapter 7. I made a Timmy-Lassie comment xD)

  • “jump off a bridge”

Can’t figure out where this would have hit on my blog…I’m not much of an endorser of suicide here o______O

  • “kuga tickling”

Rather than be sexy, this is actually horrifying to picture Dx

  • “other father creepy face”

Haha, what’s wrong with the first father’s creepy face? xD

  • “tentacle rape in bullet time volume 15”

O__O wtf…
[I know that was a blog hit due to the word “bullet” (which refers to the name of the chapters in Kuranoa) ]

  • “opinion about butterflies”

Poor entomologist person. Was looking for butterflies and got smut instead (in the form of Butterflies, Flowers)

  • “dirty mind comic”

I know I got this hit due to me always saying “I have a dirty mind” xD

  • “tomboy girl style”

I’m so paranoid. I thought this too was a porn search term but it’s actually just about fashion xD

  • “from a manga a boy gotta go pee”

o3o what?

  • “anime face crotch”

Ew…do I even want to know what a crotch face, anime style looks like? :U

  • “she’s scary vol 18”

Lol, I like the title of this series, whatever it is xD

  • “where does word kuga come from”

It means “SEX GOD” in ye old Japanese (jk)

  • “toilet diarrhea girl”

Seems as the week draws on, the weirder the search terms o_O

  • “read bastard boyfriend”

Haha, these titles are just amusing. First She’s Scary now Bastard Boyfriend!? xD

  • “14 year old boys wearing diapers”

wtf…is there…any…explanation for this D:

And with this…unexplainable search term, that ends this week’s edition.
(seriously? Diapers? That’s just wrong…)

**icon is from FFXIII – Serah

9 thoughts on “Favorite Search Words of the Week #2

  1. LOL! I don’t know about Bastard Boyfriend but She’s Scary is a legit manga (well, it’s a manhua) xD I read it and the attitude of the main girl character gets super annoying after a while >.<

    OMG You have to continue these kind of blog posts. It's way too funny and entertaining to not share with your readers! (And Twitter followers!) xD


    • D: wow, maybe the title should be “she’s annoying as heck” instead of scary!

      xD I’m glad you like them. I didn’t realize these posts would get so much love. I might have to continue these after all haha!


  2. Dear lord these are some weird search terms. I don’t think you’ll get more from posting these since you already get weird ones already.

    Btw. Hakuouki yaoi sounds hawt. xD


    • Right? I keep thinking, what in the world am I saying in my posts that I’m getting stuff like this???
      But it definitely breaks up the monotony of SLH and DID HIJIKATA DIE D,: search hits.

      LOL! xD


    • Stick with WP for a while and you’ll start getting some weirdo hits ^^; (in the beginning, I had all these nice, clean hits. It’s like once my blog hit 1 year, WP thought, welp, she’s been with us this long. No need to filter out these weird hits. ENJOY! xD)


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  4. OMG!! that sumomomo one is a Japanese toung twister I learned at camp this year! Except that one is spelt wrong… but I digress. No idea what the boobs thing at the end is about though. o -o


    • Ah, Sumomomo Momo is the name of a manga/anime (but its title is based off that tongue twister you mentioned :3)
      The series has girls in it and since it’s a shounen, it naturally has ample amounts of fan service in it. I think the preson/ppl looking this up wanted some fanservice pictures Dx Thus the “boobs” part… (I believe anyway)


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