Sylph Manga Listings for April 2011

To help me forget the shittiness that happened this morning, I’m going to post about the new Comic Sylph manga that have been listed on Also to note: I updated the “Sylph Manga Listings for March 2011” post I made awhile back. The update now includes cover art.

[EDIT: 4/26 – Cover Art Added ~ Enjoy your visual meal <3)


Sylph‘s newest cash cow (sorry Hakuouki, you old now). I’m surprised by how quickly this series is getting released :U I mean, the first volume was  released back in December. Shoots, Kuranoa is STILL waiting to have its second volume scheduled (the first volume was released in June of last year). I have no thoughts on this because this is a novel adaptation of the game. Sylphalchemist ain’t that skilled yet to be tacklin’ no novels. But the pictures are pretty (even though the newest guy to appear is obviously a drag queen (and before you ask, are you sure it ain’t a girl, it’s a dude. I can’t read much yet but I can read the part where he says “I’m not a girl” to the main character. I’m sure the girl is thinking, wtf this guy looks better than me in those heels (ఠ_ゝఠ) even his boobs are bigger than mine…INSECURITY!). He isn’t one of the 11 that Sylph shows so I’m thinking he’s that mysterious 12th brother, though I’m confused because Sylph April 2011 Issue says there are 13 guys…unless I’m reading it wrong…gawd, all I know is that mom’s uterus can double as a weapon! D:)


:D Hakase ga!! is getting a tankōbon release!!! When I first saw the art for this series, I instantly thought this was being drawn by the same manga-ka who draws Momogumi Plus Senki…and it turns out I’m right :U (<- just looked on mangaupdates). Holy crap! I KNEW IT!

**see before, when this first came out, I looked on mangaupdates because I was swearing to myself, this is by the lady that draws Momogumi Plus Senki!!! but mangaupdates said no, you’re an idiot. I didn’t bother to pursuing the subject any further…guess had I been more proactive I would have found my guess to be true ^^;**

I love Hakuse ga!! though I have missed a few chapters and now am confused by wtf is going on. However, I’m still sticking with it because I love the humor ^^ Ah man, it does not fail to make me giggle like a fool. Especially Arioto (Alliot?). That foo is on drugs xD

Heck, now I might get Momogumi Plus Senki! I was interested in the series but blah blah TP rant. However, knowing that this series is by the same manga-ka makes the temptation of buying it even deeper >:3

鳥篭荘の今日も眠たい住人たち(3) シルフコミックス

Torikago-shou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunin Tachi #3

Lastly is Torikago-shou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunin Tachi. Originally supposed to be released in March, this got pushed back one month. Not sure the reason. Maybe to pressure the fans into getting the February 2011 Issue of Sylph to read the ending?

And that is it for this post. Ah, I’m happy to have forgotten about my troubles, even if only for a little while ~

**icon if from FFXIII – Lightning

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