Snow…what are you suggesting? O__O

I’m finally playing FFXIII again :3 (F you Naughty Bear and your gag inducing camera). Unfortunately, just as I restarted my adventure, I got stuck with my least favorite character…Snow Dx I knew I was going to have control over him when, once again, the fool jumped into a crowd of enemies then gave me control of the battle.

Snow: I’ll let you handle this :9

Me: =____________= I hate you Snow

The only redeeming part is I have Hope with me. Bless you Hope, for you are the only reason I survived with this fail monkey. Anyway, a lot of interesting things happened that only my weird mind could consider as weird. One such event was when Hope and Snow got done fighting some bright red mofo – no idea what the thing’s problem was but it mauled my face good D: Anyway, Snow notices how pooped Hope is and suggests the two rest a bit. But how he said it was…a little weird ^^;

I couldn’t help but doodle it…then mess with it xD

"If you need a break, then let's do it over there" <- HIS ACTUAL WORDS!

XD I was like, wtf!? What are you suggesting Snow!? when this happened. I wanted Hope to be all, DANGER DANGER! (thus the reason Hope is punching 9-1-1 into his iPhone, because yes, Apple exists in this world. It’s EVERYWHERE! xD)

Here is the alternative scenario that came to me as well :

Since Hope is always toying with Light’s dagger (lol that would sound weird if Light had been a guy xD), I figured he’d be speeding up his revenge plans now that Snow has announced a…creepy proposition that any little boy would freak over xD

I find it kind of funny that when I was looking up a picture of Snow on the internet, the first hit I got for ‘final fantasy xiii snow” was “final fantasy xiii snow yaoi” xD I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED THE CREEPY VIBES SNOW GIVES OFF WHEN AROUND HOPE! BE CAREFUL HOPE! GUARD YOUR BUTT!

**icon is of FFXIII – Hope

5 thoughts on “Snow…what are you suggesting? O__O

  1. Haha! Snow used to drive me crazy, too. Until you get to the point where they rest at Hope’s Dad’s house and he has his shirt off. (At that point, I decided I liked him) ^^
    Actually Hope drives me crazy!! Now that i’m nearing the end of the game, he grew on me a lot. But at first, Hope was my least favorite character. Always with the pessimistic whining!
    Anyway, I’m glad were both playing this (for the second time >_<) Gotta love FF~


    • I think I’m about to get to that point :3 I’m with Lightning and Fang right now (they totally make the best BFFs xD) but before I got this scene where Snow is all fml…my ribs are sticking OUT my back…ah crap…Hope is out cold…up you go kid…OMG MY SPLEEN JUST FELL OUT D: And here comes the cops! Great…well, I’ll just put this organ in my pocket…drag Hope and GTFO here…Snow the hero…isn’t doing too cool…is that my stomach trailing behind me? owo;

      LOL It’s funny you mention Hope as a pessimistic whiner because that’s what my dad said about him when he watched me play a bit.
      “Isn’t he just Mr. Positive?”
      I guess I’m more sympathetic to the little delusional monkey than others are xD For some reason, I really like him, though I agree, Light needs to give him a wedgie and straighten that boy’s negativity out ~ (it’s funny – if he were older, girls would be screaming after him because he’d be the emo hottie xD).
      It’s so cool that we’re both playing the game :D Are you playing the PS3 version or the XBOX? I’m betting XBOX since everyone tends to love on XBOX more than PS3 ~


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