Scratch Pad Journals ~

Ah, I guess I should have made an entry to explain what Sketch Pad Journals are. It’s just an excuse to doodle stuff. Normally I’d post these kinds of things on my LJ but I don’t like LJ anymore – esp their stupid ads >:/

Quit taking over the screen and forcing me to watch some shitty commercial, LJ!!!!

These journals will cover some event in my life that I found amusing. Included will be a rough doodle pertaining to the event in question. Instead of drawing my lovely self *shot*, I’ll be using some OCs I created a while back ~ They have a story behind who they are but I just want to doodle them for practice :3 (and amusement <3)

Again, these posts are just for fun ~ And more for my benefit because they gives me a reason to doodle something other than chibis (which is all I ever seem to post on DA…whenever I post something ^^;)

You've already met Sultan ~ Next is Pam :3 I have 2 others who haven't been introduced yet but they'll make an appearance soon enough ~


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