April 2011 Snippets

Another month means another issue of Comic Sylph :D I’m a little behind with April’s info but meh ~ I had Spring Break to enjoy ^^ (not drunk and pantless, mind you ~ I may be a college student but I’m a deviant. I don’t do the binge drinking thing nor flash my hooters to strangers and Chihuahuas due to my inebriated stupor – I kid. Only like 1% of college students go out and get drunk on spring break…right? o3o). Ah, anyway, to the usual spiel:

** means these are titles I’m planning on making snippets of.

If you are interested in me writing up a snippet of any of the titles below that I have not chosen, leave me a comment and I’ll more than likely do it (I’m a Sylph fan ;D Thus I look out for other Sylph fans ~). Just a fair warning that if I haven’t been following a series you have requested, I may goof up the snippet a bit due to being unfamiliar with the plot and characters. I ask for forgiveness in advance if that’s the case.

[Actually, I also ask for forgiveness with any of my snippets. I’m still a newb with translating]

Lastly, I don’t provide any RAWs. Sorry guys ^^; If you’re interested in purchasing your own copy, here are some links: akadot, amazon.jp


Color Scans
May 2011 Preview
Other Cover Pages


Shinigami Doggy**
Sora Kara! My☆Nanny (From the Sky! My☆Nanny!)**
Miyako ~**
Yamato Kareshi
Shounen Oujo (Boy Princess)**
Hakase ga !! (Professor – !! )
Hana Ori Soushi (Flower Caged Journal(?))**
Karakuri x Limit (Mechanical x Limit)
Shiro Ari (Snow White and Alice)
Kira Kira Soda Chocolate (Sparkling Soda Chocolate)**
Scarlet Prince**
Zeele Sacrifice**
Cafe, Cafe**
Doukyo Chu!
Koumi and Emi’s Desired Otome Award

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