Preview for May 2011 Issue of Sylph

Yeah, this is kind of backwards. Normally, I’d start with the color scans, then do some snippets. I was meaning to do a “preview” for the April 2011 Issue of Sylph but stuff happened and then I was like, meh. It’s already been 2 weeks since this issue was released. No point in doing a preview. However, this time I wanted to be different!

I want to post a preview dammit!

BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTT the May 2011 Issue of Sylph was just released yesterday so waiting until the end of my snippets seemed kind of pointless. SO I’M DOING IT NOW! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA

…I don’t know why I laughed evilly. I believe the sugar is finally kicking in from those chocolate cheerios I ate… >___>

**sorry that some of the pictures are kind of blurry. I was talking to a friend on the phone while scanning these. We were tearing apart a manwha she had read recently called SAVER. I was laughing my butt off at the stuff we were saying. Each time I laughed, my hands would sort of jiggle the page which affected the scans. Sorry again**

[RANT: I’m sad that SAVER turned out to suck in the end. I was interested in getting the series but since TP stopped releasing the volumes, I didn’t get it. Now I’m glad I didn’t! D: WTF man…I’m starting to see a pattern. Don’t read Korean manwha that is based in a magical world…Queen’s Knight, Little Queen, SAVER, 11th Cat, Masca...their endings blew!]

The cover for the May 2011 Issue will feature Brothers Conflict (though I find it amusing that Sylph posted on their blog before this that they weren’t going to use Brothers Conflict as their May 2011 cover page, despite what rumors said xD I can’t tell if they were lying or if they caved in).

This page shows the furoku that will be included with the May 2011 Issue (it’s going to be kind of similar to April’s furoku – a DGS artsy-craftsy item and a pencil board of Hakuouki – with the OVA coming out soon, Sylph is whoring out its cash cow for all its worth xD).

Himegoto wa Hanazono and DADADADAN will have color pages ~

;__________; I can’t believe 3 series are going to end! I thought Zeele Sacrifice would go on a little longer! Same with Scarlet Prince. I haven’t been reading Yamato Kareshi but from the few chapters I have started to read, it’s definitely amusing (though I’m still confused how a series based on an otome game can have a manga adaptation without the female protagonist ^^; )

That’s it for this post. Sylphalchemist out ~

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